Your Guide to the Perfect 'Royal 15'

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What Happens at my Royal 15?

First of all, dinner. This is a closed dinner for the family. No friends, family friends, and no co-workers. Just family. At this dinner, you will be the one making the meal. Since you are becoming a woman, you now have responsibilities, which includes cooking for your family. If you don't know how to cook, one dinner guest is allowed to help you. This should be the dinner guest that you are closest to. (not physically)
After dinner, everyone will gather for your opening ceremony. First, you will sit down in a chair while your closest family member removes your flats from your feet. After your flats are removed, your family member will give you nice high heels that you will wear for the remainder of the party. Whether you choose the shoes or not is your choice. If you would like to choose what heels you will receive during your Royal 15, you will need to buy them before the party. After you have received and put on your new heels, you will stand and one of your friends will help you put on your sash as well as crown you 15. (Basically, your friend will put your sash and crown on you. This crowning is 'crowning you 15.' If none of your friends are attending, your sibling, cousin, or family member who gave you your heels will replace them.)
After the opening ceremony, music will be played while you open your gifts. There are no requirements of what the gift is, as long as it was thought out just for you! When you have opened all of your gifts, your attendees will sit to be served cake. You will serve cake slices to your attendees, and you will serve yourself last. Your cake doesn't have to be two-tiered, but it is preferred since this is the second tier of your life. The cake should have 15 or Royal 15 somewhere on the cake (not just the candles) and should be topped with either another crown/tiara, the number 15, the words Royal 15, or a young woman in a dress cake topper.
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