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"you know, most girls beg for this" he yanks me by the waist to meet his excited member. "and here I am giving you for free" he unbuckles his belt then goes for my underwear, ripping it at his grasp. "Hunter p-please" please. someone, something... just... please. He gave a breathy laugh that sounded like I just cracked the world's lamest joke. "haven't you learnt that begging gets you no where?" he growled and the intensity made me shrivel. Satisfied with the reaction gotten from me, he smiled to himself then positioned at my entrance. With one last pleading look from my eyes, I tried to beg silently, but the windows to his soul seemed clouded with the fog of desire. All it took was a few seconds and I felt him slam hard into me, without caring about the barrier of pain I would face. ******************* Iris Shawn was a girl who's seen a side of life she'll never forget. Being a victim of a bully. A typical example of a broken girl with a broken heart, she tries to pick herself up again. But then, he made sure to tear down every wall of courage she'd manage to build. Hunter McConnell. The schools very own bad but golden boy. The one who's family owns the most of Saint Alamos. Her bully. Iris was about to give up, but then she didn't. Instead she thrived. He broke her but she survived.

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My First ever completed book, so it's really special to me 😁❤️

This book will have a sequel and probably be in two or three parts. Depending on how the spirit leads.

The characters of this book are fictional, I apologize in advance to whoever may seem in line with this story.

This book was from an original idea of mine, which means I did not copy any ones work. Any story that may have resemblance to this is a mere coincidence.

All Rights Reserved... please do not copy, duplicate, translate or create a spin off/sequel of my book in any form without my consent.

Comments are needed... #no_hate_comments_allowed. constructive criticism is highly required.

Like i said... this is my first book so expect a whole lotta mistakes, but I plan to be better and edit it soon. ( You can also help and point out the things that seem off and errors as nicely as possible)

This book was started on the 17th of July 2018.


Please.. this book has an aim. Before I took up my laptop/ cellphone to even conjure a draft, I knew what plans, lessons and key points I wanted to lay out at the end of this series.

What I'm simply trying to say is, I wrote this book with a reason. So I don't want anyone telling me they don't believe my books or complaining why the author is doing something's they dislike or hate.

It's all to get to my main point and reason for starting The BULLIED Series love. Everything I put down had/ has a correlation to the main aim.

Hence; the only time you can truly enjoy this book is to KEEP AN OPEN MIND. You need to read this book in the light of REALITY , and in reality anything is possible. Anything can and would happen and most often you can't do anything about it. So please don't be judgmental by saying ' if I was Iris' or ' it's not real' or ' I would never ' ... sweetheart it's reality. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

And no, I'm not trying to stop you from commenting, there are some comments that fall within those lines that are really funny and entertaining.. I actually do love them❤️️ but when your comment comes with an undertone of ' THE AUTHOR COULD HAVE DONE BETTER ' it's actually hurtful cause it makes me feel like my efforts aren't good enough.

With all that said.. you may proceed if these terms are comfortable with you.

As you've read this far, do me a favor and press the star button at the bottom of your screen to vote. Thank you 😊😊.

I love you all... and I hope you enjoy this book.

okay now the beginning...💨💨

The darkest hour of the night is closest to the morning.....

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