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This ,,book" is place where I will be writing my dreams in. In bad English, cuz it's not my main language, but it's mostly for seing how bizarre and long dreams can be and how bad it can be for person to remember them.

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0. Welcome

I will write just some rules and close ups. You can skip but don't break them.

1) Yes. All of those dreams you will read about are really dream. It's nothing made up while I am awake.

2) Yes, I remember my dreams because before I wake up I'm half unconscious and I find out I'm in the dream. While I'm there for those few seconds, I sit down and think about everything what happened before, it's like an autosave, because after that I fall asleep again sometimes, when I have time x3

3) please, don't ask me questions like: what does it mean, i don't get it and why is it like that. I don't know. Repeat after me: She Doesn't Know. Good~

4) I love you guys, I'm your simp from the very first time you show up xD

And last 5) if you don't understand because of my bad English, no problem, text me with particular part of the dream and I will try to remake that part to be more understandable.

I think that's enough for now, see you in first part!

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