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The Writers Lift

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Hey there! Welcome to the Coalition Community’s Writers Lift Book Club Our goal’s simple: writers helping each other out. To find out how our WRITERS LIFT works, keep reading.

Coalition Community
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The Writers Lift

Welcome to The Coalition Writers Lift, a bi-weekly reading book club.

The goal of this reading club is to help LIFT each other and provide genuine readership, and a community within the vastness of Inkitt that works for you.

The Coalition Community [Inkitt chapter] is managed and moderated by:
@JJiawei -
[on hiatus]


▣ This goes without saying, all books must adhere to Inkitt Content Guidelines.

▣ You can only enter one book into the club at this time. If this changes in the future, we’ll let you know.

▣ Your first two weeks with the club will be a trial period before you’re let in as full-fledged members of the club. This is to weed out the serious members from the ones who’ll go MIA.

▣ Just FYI, if you go MIA without notice either during your trial or as a full-fledged member, you will not be let back into the club if you reapply.

▣ Our Book club is cross platforms. If you have a book on Wattpad as well, we have a Coalition Book Club there that runs a weekly reading rotation.

▣ All books and communication must be in English and books entered into the club must have at least 10 chapters, excluding the author’s note.

▣ We accept mature and LGBT. If you do not read mature and or LGBT, let us know on your application form.

▣ We accept all genres, except random, poetry and oneshots.

▣ You are required to follow the moderators of the Coalition Community. Their handles are mentioned above.

Follow this account and add this book to your library to receive all of our b1-weekly reading updates.

▣ Be active and communicative, and if you ever require time off, let an admin know as early on as you can.

▣ The Coalition Reading Log will go out every other Monday at 9:00 AM EST and reading deadline is Sunday 10:00 PM EST.


▣ We will be operating a one group reading club, and depending on how many members sign up, we will eventually adopt the Coalition Book Club FOUR HOUSEPARTY method we’re currently running on Wattpad, with the houses split according to genres.

▣ For now, all members will be in one house; SENTINELS.

▣ Every 2 weeks, we’ll select a member’s book at random [Cell Pick], and all club members are to read three chapters of the selected book.

▣ Members are required to like the story, and leave at least two comments on all three chapters.

▣ Once done, return to the Coalition Log [Chapter] for that rotation, and leave a ‘done with chapter 2, 3 & 4’ comment. You’ll also answer the question of the week in regard to the book you’ve read.

▣ Only when you’re halfway through a book in the club will a moderator instruct you to leave a review on the book.

▣ If you’re the Cell Pick for any rotation, you’re exempt from doing any reading that week. You’re however required to respond to whatever questions and comments members leave on your work.

Whenever you need time off, kindly let us know. We understand there’s a real-world outside Inkitt. Hiatus only lasts for a month, and it’s best to request hiatus before a new weekly log goes out. After a month on hiatus, you’ll be removed from the club’s log.

Extension requests are allowed, however, we require at least 24 hours notice before the reading deadline. Deadline across the Coalition Community is Sunday 10:00 PM EST. If you require more time, let an admin know prior to the deadline.

▣ Ours is a 3 strike rule. Once you get three consecutive strikes, you’re out and will not be allowed back into the club.

▣ You get a strike when you do not complete your reading before the deadline and don’t request an extension or aren’t on hiatus.

▣ You will be suspended from the club once a strike is recorded. When on suspension, you get a week to do your reading plus one additional chapter as a penalty.

That it all. To join the Coalition Book-Club, check out the next chapter.

Ⲧⲏⲇⲛⲕ ⲩⲟⳙ ⳨ⲟⲅ ⲥⲟⲛ⳽ⲓ𝖽ⲉⲅⲓⲛG Ⲥⲟⲇⳑⲓⲧⲓⲟⲛ Ⲃⲟⲟⲕⲥⳑⳙⲃ.

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