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Reading Break

Hi everyone,

How's everyone doing in their nooks of the globe? We've got news for you.

More than half of our reading group is currently on hiatus. There are presently two members who are not, so we thought it'd be best to take a well-deserved break that may very well run into our holiday break.

If enough members return from hiatus before the holidays, we can pick up where we left off.

But then again, we're only three more logs away from our annual club break for Christmas, so we may only be able to do one log reading before going on break; if enough members return before.

We will keep you updated, and you're welcome to share your thoughts about this with us.

If you've fallen behind on your reading [extensions or overdues], kindly take this time to get them done, so when we're all ready to dive back in, we will all be on the same page.

Once we're ready to resume, we'll put up a roll call on our wall to take stock of who's active and who isn't before we carry on with our bi-weekly readings.

Have a great rest of the day.

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