The Lycans' Queen

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The rise of the war brings to life prophecy promised by the Moon Goddess a once fallen queen will again rise to lead the forsaken decendants of her children. Jessica thought her life would be normal. Find a mate, get married and have pups, simple. As her 16th birthday approached Jessica was about to find out just how complex her life really was. Her destiny had been written long before she was born. Kidnapped, Hybrid creatures, love, and loss. Can the Alpha's daughter handle what she was born to do? Is it possible the Moon Goddess made a mistake?

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Dana Houston
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The Alpha's Daughter

I slapped my hand on top of the blaring alarm. Rubbing my eyes I tossed the blankets off me, and headed to the bathroom. Sighing as I stepped into the hot water I began my mourning routine. After scrubbing my hair, body, shaving, and putting in conditioner. I wrapped a towel around my hair then another around my body. I brushed my teeth, put on my coco butter lotion. Then got dressed in my lacy bra and panties, ripped skinny jeans blu converse to match my blue tank. I put on some eyeliner, mascara, and finally threw my hair up in a messy bun. I stood taking in a final look of myself. I was rather on the short side only reaching a total of five foot 4 inches. I had an althletic build, golden tan, fiery red curly hair, and emerald green eyes. What I lacked in hieght i definetly made up for in bust and rear end. After making sure that my messy bun contained my curls properly, and my eye liner was just enough to make my eyes pop. I Grabbed my book bag to head down to breakfast before school, Just as I was about to open my bedroom door there was a knock at the door. I swung open the door to find my Father's Beta (second in commamd) Daniel. " Your father wants you in his office immediately." " Okay," I responded confused as to why my father wanted to see me. He turned and headed down to the first floor where the offices were located.

Let me pause here to explain. (My name is Jessica McBrian of the Blue Moon Pack. We are the largest of the 3 Lycan packs left. There are several were-wolf packs, but they are smaller in size. As well as even though we are decendants of the same bloodline we are very different. My father is the Alpha of the Pack or leader. My mother is the Luna or Co-leader. We live in Northern America in the valley of the Smoky Mountains. The center of the valley has a willow tree that looks to be centuries old. Legend has it the land we live on was given to us by the Moon Goddess herself. Our pack house is large. on the first floor is a massive kitchen, Dining Hall/ Meeting room and a tv room. Well technically its a theatre. The second floor is the Alpha, Luna's, Betas', and Gammas' offices. On the 3rd floor are unmated wolves of the age 16. The fourth floor houses apartments for the Betas and Gammas. Finally the 5th floor is home for the Alpha, Luna, and their children.)

Daniel opened the door to my Father's office. I stepped in with him pulling the door closed behind me. My father was seated at a table breakfast for two in front of him. I could tell this wasn't going to be a quick have a good day at school talk. which made my nervous and a bit on edge.

It was highly unlike my father to request me for anything formal. Evdn though I was the eldest out of his two children. I was his daughter, which meant no matter how much he loved and adored me, and believe me when I say I am a thousand percent a daddy's girl, I would never hold any rank in our pack. Lycan law stated the son of the Alpha would become Alpha at the age of eighteen if he had found his mate. If the Alpha was unfortunate to not have produced a male pup, then it become the position of the next in rank to produce a male pup. With that being said most formal meetings were between my father and brother Anikan.

Anikan was 14, and had been preparing for the Alpha role practically since he was born. There was no doubt in my mind that he would make a great Alpha one day. Even though he wont be able to shift until he is 16, Anikan's wolf awoke early. Hes been able to communicate with Goliath for a year now. My father says that the early wakening of a Wolf is the sign of a powerful Lycan.

Although, we truly have high hopes and believe in Anikan fully. No one will know for sure for another two years. When he turns sixteen, Anikan will shift allowing Goliath to present himself to everyone. I believe he will be massive Anikan himself already stands at six foot two with jet black hair, peircing blue eyes, and a fair complexion. He is nothing short of a charmer. The young female lycans already swoon over him. I know what your thinking, but believe it our not despite our drastic differences in appearance. We both share the same mother and father.

There was a time where even we didnt underatand how. Unfortunately, for us my mother had video proof of who birthed us and didnt mind providing it. In these disturbung documents Dad was present and accounted for smiling from ear to ear like gigantic goof.

Mom says i took after her side and Anikan tiim after Dad's. Which coukd explain the body build and hieght, but not one Lycan in our pack or the Crimson pack of which my mother came from was their a wolf born with my hair or eye color. Atleast not to my knowledge anyway.

At one time I even searched both famiky trees to see what I came up with. It ended up leading to a dead end. Legends state that the first Lycan had red hair and green eyes. Apparently its the reason she was called Queen Red. A name claimed to have been given by the Moon Goddess herself, but Legends are something that held truth and was stretched out with fiction so cant really go by any of that.

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