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Amanda is an innocent girl who is nothing but the apple of her parents eyes what happens when tragic strikes and her parents die in an accident to top it off she marries the man she admired for a long time only to become a slave as the man she yearned for didn't have eyes for her but her cousin Jenny in the hands of her husband Harris she suffers multiple assaults emotional and physical trauma her family the Williams Want nothing to do with her as she was only sent to entertain Harris while Jenny studied over seas what happens when Harris divorces Amanda the same way he married her in secret. Whose going to save her from the hands of Jenny and her minions. What happens when Amanda falls pregnant before leaving what will happen to the child of the man she hates the most will she keep the baby or kick it out. Whose going to have the last laugh. Follow Amanda on this journey. .

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Talie dreamer
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Chapter 1

My name is Amanda Williams but most people know me As Mandy Scott Peters the ruthless woman I do get why they call me that it's not my fault I become heartless life's Scheming ways made me who I am today let me take you on a journey hopefully u will understand why am so cruel enjoy the show.

Chapter 1

"Wake up you useless piece of trash what makes u think u can sleep all Day long In my house When will you fulfil your duties as my wife get up you lazy woman", yelled Harrison. Despite him abusing me all night long even when I told him I was sick he still wanted more what could I have done my own uncle sold me to him in there eyes I was just a bargaining chip. I felt pain in my heart ever since I graduated from college I was forced to quite my job so as to take care of my husband by the way this husband of mine was the CEO of a well know jewelry company but not once did he ever buy Me a set of jewelry he had multiple affairs and when I complained to his parents they said I was even lucky he married me that I didn't deserve there darling son funny right.well that's not all he never took me out to meet his friends he called me ugly a million times and I was always locked up in the house while he was out there having fun. After a few hours of being in a daze I got up from the bed Which was filled with torn pieces of clothes and the memories of the night where still fresh, when he beat me up and raped Me I long got used to it that even crying was now impossible I told myself never to cry For worthless people even if I loved him for so many years he never loved me back.

She went to the bathroom soaked Herself in the tub for an hour Amanda was busy reflecting on Her life that She didn't notice Harrison standing by the door Her mind went blank and She looked at him." Harrison what do u think ure doing here haven't you had enough can you at least let me rest a bit I promise I won't disobey you any more ".cried Amanda. What do u think said Harrison aren't u my wife can't I take a bath with you. Before She realised it he was already forcefully kissing and touching Her. Let me go! u bastard let me go!.cried Amanda. "Wow U still have the guts to resist me I will show u whose the boss between you and I how dare u think ure special ure just a slut gifted to me your job is to give me what I want when I want it you have no choice u cheap slut''.roared Harrison he kissed her forced her until she passed out when he was done he slapped her face and turned on the cold water I see ure still alive hurry up and clean yourself up am not going back tonight u can rest don't even think about escaping ure my slave Harrison said before Slumming the door amanda didn't know what to do next she felt weak after an hour of Scrubbing violently her skin turned Red she slapped herself pulled her hair till she felt she had cried enough she got out of the tub and walked to the bedroom She lay down like a corpse with tears in her eyes she had never felt so humiliated in her she felt like a tool a stupid useless woman she didn't know how long it took but she had fallen asleep by the time she woke up it was already 10mp and her stomach was grumbling.she remember she didn't have lunch or dinner.amanda raised her bruised body she still had a good shape even though she lost a few kilos she start up got out of bed and walked to the wardrobe and wore her pajamas When she was done she sat down by the mirror and touched her face there was a small cut on the left cheek and five finger print on the right .one could tell from afar That this woman was slapped fiercely after observing herself one last time she got up and walked to the door she tried pulling but the door was tightly shut she knocked on the door and a voice came from outside "Miss Williams am afraid I can't let u out".said mark who was one of Harrison's minions."are u mad what do u take me for so u plan on let me starve atleast let me come out and eat am begging you".creid Amanda her voice was a Bit hoarse due to crying for hours. Mark felt sorry for this woman his boss was just too cruel. "fine miss I will let u go down stairs but promise u won't run away u know how Mr Harrison is he won't spare my life if u leave

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