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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

When he got to the presidential suit he took a shower and focused his energy on work while scrolling through facebook he came across a video in the video the girl was being accused of seducing another woman's husband she was being called a slut who seduces married men and a title was given to her as queen of sluts. one thing caught his attention when he zoomed to check the face of the girl in question he was beyond shocked . It was her the girl he saved when he saw the couple involved he roughly guessed what had happened having heard stories about the Harrison's CEO. Mean while Jenny claimed that Amanda stole her wedding necklace which was a gift from her parents and that she was injured when she confronted the bi*tch. Amanda was getting multiple insults On social media while Jenny was being praised some people offered to deal with Amanda on her behalf once she's found. Kelvin was beyond shocked What kind of woman did he save is she what people are saying it it's just a misunderstanding she looks so innocent I must find out from her once she's awake he said while looking for Walton's number then he quickly called Him and Instructed him to stay on guard and that back up will be coming Amanda's room was heavily guarded.

The next day News spread out that Amanda hooked up with a man Who saved her and Was currently admired at Saint Mathews hospital tonnes of reportors and Jenny's fun's rushed to the hospital like Swams of bees Kelvin already expected this would happen so he had her transferred That very night to his suite where she was being monitored by the same doctors. Mr Peters her condition is now stable she should be awake tomorrow announced the doctor. "Thank you doctor". replied Kelvin "Walton will show u them out". With that being said he walked back to his office and called his sister.

Naomi: hey bro what's up why ain't u here yet

Kelvin: long story kiddo. I need a favor can u prepare a room for a patient in my private apartment am bringing someone over don't tell the family yet I will let u know when I get back but I have a feeling she looks similar to our aunt the one who chose a man over her own family I heard she died in a car crush along with her husband anyways let's not talk about that for now prepare the room. Take care we might come tonight depending on her condition bye love u.

He didn't wait for her to reply naomi can be a little immature she's the only girl in the family. Laura Peters had three siblings she Was the only female and second born alick who is (Kelvin and Naomi's dad) Is the first born then laura followed by Drake who is is married and has two boys mich and Micheal. Naomi is the spoiled grandchild she gets what she wants all the time. Kelvin called Walton and gave him instructions, go and find out where she lives don't forget her passport as well as Any important things u might find In her house do u get that he commanded in a deep godly voice And send someone to bring me breakfast it's already 9am. Yes boss replied Walton before walking out. After breakfast Kelvin barried himself in more work and time went by Amanda was still Unconscious it was evening when she showed signs of gaining Consciousness the doctor came to check on her progress and notified kelvin every step it was 7:30 pm when Kelvin heard a commotion outside Walton who the fu*ck is out there and he got no response he got up from the desk and walked to the next room amanda was still sleeping but the noise was some how disturbing her people where outside yelling get that slut out here. Apparently someone leaked the news about a man staying in the hotel with a sick woman. Kelvins patience was running out his face was as black as the dark clouds when he stormed out of the room stood behind Walton and gave off a sinister grin before staring at Haris and Jenny from head to toe he looked at haris and said. Mr Harrison what do u thinking ure doing making noise outside my suit u do know trespassing is a crime right and one more thing u do not want to get on my bad side just from the look Harris terrible and sweat began to drip from his back then he said Mr Peters let me take a look if I don't find what am looking for I will bare the consequences. Kelvin gave him a sly smile and allowed him and Jenny to pass when the duo entered they turned the place upside down.

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