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Chapter 11 away from the pain


After scattering the suite like brainless fools Hari's and his wife left with there faces dropped down due to the embarrassment and the deal that was involved. Mr Harrison befor u leave u will receive a law suit first thing tomorrow morning for trespassing without permission with that being said Kelvin slammed the door on their faces and walked to the secret room after making sure that Amanda was fine he took his phone out and made a few calls before turning to Walton

Well Walton get everything set we are leaving this fu*cking place. Said Kelvin with an evil smirk. He turned to his his room changed and packed up before meeting Walton on the rooftop of the hotel they boarded a private chopper from there to the airport where they got on to the Peters family private jet

Amandas pov

I have been walking aimlessly in this foreign dark land called fear I don't know where am heading or if anyone out there can Hear me the memories of my parents are still fresh I guess that was the only thing that kept me alive all this time how I wish they never left me alone I don't know what state am in I can't move but I can hear voices in my head am I already dead I my eyes feel so heavy I just want to rest forever.

Sir! Walton lightly tap on Kelvins shoulder who was resting leaning his head backwards he was busy dreaming about how stressful country A had been when his was interrupted by a tap on his shoulder yes Walton what is it mr Peters we have arrived and the patient is not awake yet. Thank u call naomi she knows the plan am going to the company I have alot to do replied Kelvin.

2 days later

Bro she's awake yelled naomi through the phone I will be eight there replied Kelvin an hour later he was staring at the closed door he slowly opened the door and saw a confused pale little woman she was staring at the wall before turning her Sad eyes Filled with fear and confusion towards the man in front of her She squirmed a little and moved back then she said I want it out take it out of me Please I dont want it His going to kill me Or better Please kill us both She weeped miserably please she panicked and cried Begging the man to take the child out and take away her pain . Calm down Kelvin replied making his voice as soft as he could No one will hurt u ure safe now and so is the child in your womb Just try to relax while I call the doctor he turned towards the door and yelled whose the doctor in charge make sure your Ass in there And sedate her before she does something to herself and f*cking hurry up I don't have all day after saying that he walked over to naomi Who was standing outside waiting. hey kiddo I need your help can u stay wither her till I get back Yes sure thing bro where are u going asked Naomi I just need to talk to someone she needs help am afraid she might try to kill herself I need u to watch her very closely till I get back also call grandma and grandpa I need to tell them who Amanda is with that being said he gave Naomi a hug and walked towards the elevator and exited the hospital after an hours drive he arrived at a beautiful villa outside the city Kelvin stood outside for a few minutes before making a phone call,hello Derek it's me am outside your house open the gate we need to talk. The heavy metalled gate Immediately opened and he drove in a maid was waiting for him she ushered Kelvin in and went upstairs to the sturdy room and called her master, master scout Mr Peters is outside waiting without wasting a minute the handsome well built man behind the desk stood up and followed the maid down stairs where he met his long time childhood friend Kelvin.

Derek: Buddy long time no see

Kelvin :hey man what's up I need your help with something important

Derek:what. Could be important that the almighty CEO of the Peters group drove extra miles just to get to me tell me am all ears.

Kelvin:well man it's my cousin get names Amanda she's currently pregnant I know u hate bring up this subject but can u be her therapist even though u left that job a long time buddy ure the only one I can trust he narrated the entire story about him suspecting Amanda being abused by that bastardization Harris to Derek who didn't look good after hearing the entire story his facing was booming with anger giving off an aura of a tiger.

Derek:am going to kill that bastard I might not know her but that's pretty sick man who does that to a woman don't worry I will help in anyway I can even though I stopped being a psychological therapist I will help u can I might her now I need to know all the details.

Kelvin :sure thing we can leave now man thanks alot I owe u one after chatting and sharing a snack the duo drove to the hospital as soon as they stepped in they saw people rushing towards the roof top after noticing the panicked expression of the doctors Kelvin had a bad feeling something deep down felt like the entire commotion had something to do with Amanda, he quickly snapped out if it and rushed towards the eleven while Derek followed behind with a serious face they both got into the lift and pressed the buttons five minutes later the arrive at the scene a woman was standing at the edge of the building looking down she looked so innocent and pained she looked fragile like an egg awaiting it's fate she stood there debating on whether to jump or not she was surround and yet she paid no attention her hand was caressing her tinny bump while tears kept flowing down her cheeks anyone witnessing the sight would be heart broken. Kelvin quietly tipped toed over to her saying calm words which had no effect till Derek's stepped in.

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