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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

. Amanda said in a calm tone I wont run am just hungry after being assured by the woman mark opened the door and let her out. Amanda quietly walked down stairs she went strait to the kitchen and prepared a simple meal after eating she washed the dishes and went back to her bedroom up stairs Harrison owned a huge villa in one of the best private areas in Country A it was said he was the richest eligible bachelor since he married amanda in secret it's like she never existed to the world as for her family her parents where long dead and the properties they left behind were Seized by her evil uncle and his wife ella Anderson she only married her father's older brother out of interest The Williams family was quite famous in Country A her grandfather passed Down the company to his second son who was Amandas father Andrew Williams and Her mother Laura Peters she was from a very famous family in Italy who owned a winery And perfume company but due to family disputes Her mother was disowned because she got pregnant at the age of 19 and was banished by the elders she left Italy and settled down with Andrew in Country A were they both worked in the Williams company as for Amanda even though the Peters did not acknowledge her they still Knew they had an heiress somewhere. after being in a daze For a Amanda got To her room and slept in the morning she got up freshened up went down stairs had breakfast and took a walk in the garden this continued for a week and she never bothered to worry about him since he didn't return to the villa he was probably having fun in some club somewhere Amanda enjoyed her alone time "at last some alone Time that man can really be overbearing "she sighed softly leaning on the swing by the lake she took out her phone and decided to look at the latest news she came across an article about her supposed cousin's return from studying abroad Jenny Williams She was tall slim and fair skinned she was beautiful but not compared to Amanda she probably had billions of plastic surgeries she looked like an imported Chinese doll it was said the Williams were going to host a banquet to welcome there daughter and like wise Amanda was not invited who cared about her she was just a girl with no family and she never attended banquets after the death of her parents she Was forced into hiding in the eyes of the entire world she never existed. After a few hours of Internet surfing She logged out of facebook and went back to her room amanda was a skillful designer aside from that she loved coming up with ideas of perfumes and wine to make even though she never had resources she still wrote theM down in her diary since she was in A good mood the past few days she wrote down a few formulas as well as designed a few dresses and carefully hide the book In her bag and Payed down to rest a bit she stayed in there and had lunch from there After lunch she continued with her work and eventually fell asleep she slept till it was Dinner time.

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