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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

when the door was suddenly pushed open "what do u want "said Amanda "madame Mr Harrison just called he said he will be back after 11pm and that your things should be moved to The maids floor because his Bringing a special guest later on who will stay in this room. She was dumbfounded by marks word who was it that was more important than her Amanda shook her head picked the baG containing the books and stepped aside to give way for mark A few minutes later more maids and gaurds Came to help in moving everything since her room was on the fifth Floor and she was being transferred to the second floor Amanda had no objections this wasn't her house after all she obediently went to the second floor and mark showed her the new room it was small on size but everything was standard a small bed and a table and chair even though the pain was ugly it was still fine even if the room was much much smaller than the previous she still had to bear with it cause that's what Harrison wanted she couldnt afford to offend that beast after putting her emotions together she turned and thanked mark then closed the door and sat on the bed she spent a few hours thinking then went down to have dinner after that since she already had enough drama for the day she decided to go back to sleep she slept softly like a new born the previous week with Harrison and horrible it was time to rest who would have know that the joy wasn't going to last long Amanda was in the middle of a perfect dream when she heard a loud noise from outside rubbing her beautiful eyes she got and wore her black robe and went outside the moment she stepped out she was welcomed by a slap accompanied by a push Harrison pushed her inside and locked the door He threw the little woman on the bed and jumped on her like a beast before she realised what was about to happen Harrison was already tearing her robe piece by piece then he whispered into her ear "it's your fault that I lost a few dollars today so I will make u pay for it with your body if u serve me well tonight I might reconsider and spare your life he laughed with an evil smile he was so drunk that he looked like a maniac devouring her over and over again he was like a possessed demon feasting on an innocent soul.once in a while he would flip the poor girl into different positions over and over again he repeated the same actions the night felt so long for Amanda she was beyond exhausted and yet the man on top did not seem to get tired she fainted a few times this beast was still on to her from 11pm when he returned till 4 am in the morning Her body was covered in new bruises making her white skin look terrible before Harrison left her room he kissed all over her body and shouted you better eat well and dress well tonight we have a special guest and u will love this surprise he laughed and went to his room

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