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Chapter 4


Amanda was so tired that she fell into a deep sleep it was unknown to her but the dream felt so Real she saw her parents calling her but they seemed to be far away in her dream they told her be strong and fight but she whispered in a wimp mother am tired take me along the maid who was standing be the bed side felt sad such a beautiful youno girl was made to suffer aunty Mary took out a towel and put it on Amanda's forehead she had a very high fever it was beyond normal after noticing that there was no changes in the temperature the maid decided to call Harrison. " master Harrison miss William has a very high fever why don't u call for a doctor"aunty Mary said what's wrong with that woman can't she handle a little fun I don't care if she dies she might as well just die am tired of her tonight the new madam will be coming just call for a doctor yourself and stop bothering me about her if u don't want to be fired have I made my self clear now go and don't disturb my sleep". With a sad look aunty Mary rushed to the second floor Amanda was still muttering to herself in her sleep aunty mary had no choice but to call for the family doctor. When doctor miller got to her room he was beyond shocked. "what happened to her why does she look so pale tell me when Did u find her this sick"miller asked aunty Mary was short of words she couldn't tell outsiders what the master did to her she could only make up a lie To cover up for her boss doctor miller knew exactly what was wrong but he couldn't involve himself in the matters of other people after observing her for a while he wrote down a prescription and gave it to aunty mary he then injected some medicine into the iv to bring the fever down. Please look after her she should be up in a few days don't let her do too much work I will take my leave First said Doctor miller. Only aunt Mary and the sick Amanda where left in the room the poor little girls brows where slightly frowned her lips were dry and a tear drop was lingering at the corner of her eye. She suffered so much but yet she couldn't do Sighed aunty mary. Amanda slept for three days straight unknown to her Jenny had taken over her role as the madam Harrison. She was being kept as a slave and Harrison barely came to see her Amanda had long gotten tired of waiting so she stayed in her room all the time and aunty Mary brought food for her. When she finally had strength Harrison came to see her. Well Amanda am glad ure awake there's Someone I would like u to meet before she said a thing a woman walked in dressed in the finest design it was Jenny she gave off a sly smile and said hello dearest cousin I heard ure now a slave how pathetic of u she laughed Amanda couldn't help it but cry what did she do to deserve such treatment she was the kindest sweetest girl in college what happened.

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