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Chapter 5


She Gathered some courage and replied yes am a slave so what what does that have to do with u, She suddenly felt her right cheek hot Harrison had slapped her. Why did u slap me Harrison why don't u just kill me already am tired cried Amanda. Harrison did not say a word he took a few documents and a Pen then he yelled "listen Bi*ch sign those damn papers and scrum I don't want to see your ugly face again after today we are finished Amanda signed the papers quickly because she had no choice either way . The room Fell Into silence For a few minutes not even a person's breath could be heard Amanda suddenly broke out into a mocking laugh it was a terrifying kind of laugh the kind that would send chills down your spine she then looked at Jenny and said I wish u all the best u two deserve each other then she turned to Harrison and said Mr Harrison I will leave first thing tomorrow morning I hope u won't regret it one day with that being said please leave me alone. Harrison wanted to refute but for the first time he felt sorry so both Jenny and Harris left the room. After sleeping for three days she still didn't have much strength she picked her bag and checked for her design draft luckily they were still intact she then picked a few dresses and packed them up in her bag and slid the bag under the bed and layed back motionlessly on the bed she was silently crying and thinking about where to go aunty Mary brought her lunch and encouraged her to eat a little more.After lunch Amanda had no strength to get out of bed so she stayed in bed till evening when aunty mary brough her some fruits and pills to drink.afterwards she asked if Harris and jenny where still around after finding out they went out to make arrangements for there wedding which was scheduled in a few days time Amanda felt bitter and went to the bathroom. After taking a shower she decided to go for a stroll she walked around the garden and admired it's beauty for one last time she walked around deep in thought when she felt the urge to throw up she quickly rushed to a nearby flower bed after squatting down for 30 minutes she sat down to get some fresh air then walked back to her room she curled up into a ball and fell asleep the moment she closed her eyes she quickly forgot about her stomachs sudden reaction. Amanda had a beautiful dream where she was living like a queen and not a slave with no value. Tomorrow was the day she was going to leave the Harrisons mansion she was going to spread her wings and fly but to where the Williams never liked her whose going to save and protect her where will she go Harris didn't want her any more "I guess this is good bye I just hope I survive this fight". muttered Amanda in her sleep it was unknown how long she slept but a loud knock interrupted her sweet dreams, she frowned while rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand befor she could see clearly Jenny walked in alongside Harris. Hello cousin I guess u enjoyed your sleep too bad this is the end Amanda u witch pack your bags and leave this place yelled Jenny shes right u slut ure not fit to be Mrs Harrison so kindly show your sorry looking ass out of my villa and ure only allowed to carry that small bag over there don't take anything that belongs to me said Harris

Amanda said nothing but tears streamed down her cheeks she cried silently and when they slammed the door before leaving that's when everything sunk in she was just a nobody with no objections who knows what kind of fate awaits her.she got down from her bed and went to the bathroom she looked in the mirror and noticed she looked a little pale I guess am just stressed this early morning nothing too fear all will be well she encouraged herself before grabbing her bag which contained all her designs and formulas and walked out it was quite early in the morning . Harris and Jenny where making out in the dining area when they noticed a slim figure walk in Amanda suppressed her edge to cry and dropped the ring on the table along side Harris and walked out without looking back she didnt want them to think she was weak.unknown to her there was a new life growing depending on her.

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