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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

It was a Friday morning when she was woken Up by a phone call From one of her long time friend trisha she stretched her left hand and searched for her phone under the pillow and answered.

Amanda:hey Trish it's too early why the hell are u calling me.

Trish: hey madam did u have a memory loss or what let me tell is it true that your good for nothing scum of a husband Is getting married to that cheap loose trump Jenny how come u never told me aren't we friends or should I say sisters where are u I need to see u asap.

Amanda: am sorry I didn't tell u it slipped my mind I guess I could use some company u should visit me I will text u my address we can have a sleep over today what do u think.

Trisha: alright I will be there by noon I love U I was worried when I didn't hear from u for almost a month I just got caught up with too much work I guess these few months we weren't in touch must have been hell for u am sorry amanda try to forgive me always know that I love u and I will always be there for u no more secrets see u later love u. Bye

Amanda : thanks and I love u bye.

After chatting for some time with Trisha she ended the call and went back to sleep it was so comfortable sleeping through the Entire morning But the Time she woke up it was already 11Am she rushed to the bathroom took a bath went to the kitchen and made breakfast after eating she rushed to the store and bought everything needed for the sleep over.she was quite excited about the whole thing when she got home she threw the keys on the table and got busy with sketching and writing new formulas around 1pm she started preparing lunch and baked some cookies amanda was an exceptional cook she enjoyed baking with her parents before they died ever since she got married to that animal she lost entreat in cooking or doing anything fun a sad smile was starting to appear on her face. Shake it off Amanda be happy Trisha is coming she encouraged herself. If was already 3pm when Trisha showed up at the door step carrying alot of bags she put the bags down and pressed the door bell when she heard a soft voice Voice saying coming give me a sec answered Amanda.

When she opened the door she was surprised to see her besty she threw herself over Trish and hugged her tightly the two ladies embraced themselves before pulling apart and stepping into the small apartment the two had lunch Did make overs and beauty masks Trisha works as a manager in one of the top cosmetics company in country B she just took a two hours flight from there to country A to see her best friend she was given a one week holiday after lying about a serious sick sister,the two of them spent the entire day laughing and joking It was already 8pm when they went for Ice cream at a near by ice cream store Amanda was craving for vanilla ice cream. Amanda can I ask u a question. Sure u can replied Amanda u look different is something wrong with your body.

Am not sure I feel fine although I feel weak some times but my wounds haven't healed completely I will have them checked next week I need to look for a job as well u know.alright. iF u say ure OK then thats it I hear tomorrows theres going to be a wedding of a century I also heard My boss say alot of hot shots are coming including a representative from the Peters group how exciting anyways let me not spoil your mood let's go home and order Pizza said trisha after getting home they ordered for Pizza and watched an amazing action movie blank panther. They both laughed and cried then shared more stories until 1am in the morning. I think we should get some rest they Both Said there good nights and slept till 10am which was a Saturday trisha Made breakfast for both of me Then they decided to spend there day at an orphanage they wanted to help out .

meanwhile in the Harrison mansion the place was busting with noise and cheers for the newlyweds they decided to host there wedding at the villa ella and Amanda's uncle had wide smiles plastered on there faces there daughter Jenny caught herself a rich husband thank goodness that stupid Amanda stayed as his prostitute till our daughter returned laughed Ella at least she brought some benefits commented her husband before they both walked to the door and continued welcoming guests. The entire day was spent in high spirit Jenny and Harris entertained the media and guests they were to stay for a week at one Of the famous hotels before flying out for there honeymoon. They earned a name for themselves as the power couple every teenagers kind of dream couple Jenny was quite famous she worked as a model abroad and studied accounts she was ready to take over the Williams company after her parents so automatically she earned herself some fans as well as respect in the eye of the media she was a goddess a beauty with brains unknown to them everyone has skeletons hidden in there closets.

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