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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

A week went by quickly and news of the wedding had now died down Trish was escorted to the airport and they said there good byes she had done so much for amanda including finding a job for her since she had some connections . Amanda was now working as a sales lady in one of the Clothing stores at a mall She was busy stocking new products when she saw two Familiar figures walking in holding hands it was Jenny and Harris dressed in matching outfits Jenny was donning a white t shirt withBlue Jeans,black vans and grey hoodie,harris was wearing the male version of her outfit they looked happy Amanda avoided making eye contact and signaled her work mate Monica to handle the customers while she went back to the store room to avoid being seen unknown to her Jenny already knew She worked here and hatched a devious plan to make her suffer and let the public deal with her she deliberately delayed at the entrance and asked the manger to let amanda be The one to serve them. Excuse Me your name tug says Monica good do me a favour sweetheart she said mockingly like a sly fox she is I don't need your pathetic service I want Amanda to serve me where the hell is she yelled Jenny. Calm down Harris tried to cool her temper he went behind and hugged her he kissed her ear and whispered that bi*tch will definitely serve u my queen shes just a stupid foolish woman. Those words automatically put a smile on her face and she smiled like an idiot , Monica directed them to sit down as she went to call Amanda who was wearing A work attire a short black Skirt with a black jacket and a white shirt,with a small blue scarf, she's was just about to step out of the room when Monica called out hey Amanda Mrs Harrison has requested for you to serve them at the mention of there names she turned a little pale but manage to hide her disgust and hate she walked out with her hair tied in a pony tail she looked extremely beautiful with a minimal amount of make up she walked out on her heels with a Wide smile and Approached the couple Mr and Mrs Harrison what can I do for you asked Amanda. When Harris heard the soft voice he looked up to see Amanda staring at them with a wide smile but her eyes were cold with a little bit of fear and a high percentage of rage he looked at her from head to toe and showed a mocking smile well Miss Williams my darling wife wants a beautiful dress help her choose one.he made an emphasis on the word wife.amanda unaffected by the sudden public display of affection simply said Alright Mr Harrison I will do that with a mocking smile she turned and told Monica to finish the task in the store room.

They spent 3 hours roaming around the store It was already past lunch and Amanda was hungry but Jenny just wanted to make Her suffer she enjoyed seeing her cousin miserable. Harrison Was seated smiling With a Sinister Look he had already Planned on sleeping with Amanda today how nice would it be to embarrass this trump once more again he thought to himself He waited for them to finish roaming and asked Amanda to bring some wine what could she do Harrison was a very important man in country A she could only abide by the rules.

She walked To the managers office and got the wine after which she served and turned to leave befor she even walked further Harris approached and poured The entire wine on her uniform he did it deliberately just so she could go and change then he would take advantage of her once more again. Instead of him apologising Amanda said,"am sorry Mr Harrison I won't do it again I won't stand in your way next time if u would excuse me I need to get this cleaned up".with that being said she walked out of the store and went to the ladies room to get cleaned up minutes later he made an excuse and followed behind

He went close to her and wrapped his hands around her waist and whispered I didnt think u Would be this attractive in such an attires how about I strip u naked and fu*k u right now what will u do he continued kissing her neck before she turned and gave him a slap and yelled pardon me Mr Harrison we are no longer married so stay far away from me just leave me alone I beg of u befor she could finish her words a slap landed on her face and she hit her head against the wall u cheap woman yelled Harris he forcefully pulled her close to him and kissed her but she bit him then he slapped her again befor he could do anything further Jenny had been standing there observing to her Amanda was the first one to approach Harris she looked outside the door and yelled to her girlfriends ladies come and see she then turned around and pounced on Amanda like a mad dog You cheap trump you slut how dare u seduce My husband what did u think that I wasn't going to catch u in action ladies make sure u strip her naked am making a video to teach her a lesson not To mess with married men yelled Jenny her friends immediately joined in and each slapped her . Amanda was short of words her body was trembling with fear her tears were streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably. her hands were sweating Her breathing was quick to the point of suffocation she was dragged out of the mall to the underground packing lot where she was insulted and slapped her cloths were torn leaving her with nothing but a bra and skirt no one helped her out. Her workmates where all laughing having hated the new girl who seemed to charm all the customers they felt like this was pay back Monica who stood afar could not help but feel pity how did such a nice girl offend these people she could never do want she's being accused of doing.knowing this man rumor has it that his a womaniser sighed Monica before walking away.

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