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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

After being slapped and scratched amanda decided to look for a way to escape she pretend to pass out and when the mob cleared up some space she got up and run as fast as her legs could carry her even though she was injured and famished she managed to use the little strength and walked out of the car park. She stumble along the way with no idea where she was heading. She came across a group of men who worked for jenny .

isn't that the woman madam and sir are looking for let's go after her one of them said when Amanda heard this despite not having enough strength she still ran. she ran so fast as though she was being chased by a lion. She was running with out Knowing where she was going she didn't notice that she was running towards the busiest road in town and the men had long lost track of her by the time she realised where she was It was Already too late some cars where Trying to avoid hitting her and some drivers where insulting hey crazy woman get out of the road freak one of them shouted. Her head was buzzing with different car honks coming from all direction just when she took a step away she heard a loud sound seeming like someone stepped on emergency brakes and the Car came to halt just befor it Could hit her but due to the fear she fainted. "Walton what the hell is wrong with u Why did u suddenly stop the car like that are u trying to kill us all".yelled Kelvin Peters who was Resting in the back sit after having countless meetings with Several business men around country A He was rushing home in Italy He was scheduled to take his flight around 11pm The time was 10:30pm it was a 7 hours flight If he doesn't get to the airport within 30minutes he will miss his flight ." Sir am really sorry I don't know Where she came from she's just a crazy woman lying in front of our car what should I do with her. '' replied walton. Have u checked if she still alive u know very well I have an important meeting around 8am at home right get the f*ck out of the car and check on the damn woman damn it. Amanda was lying still faced down she didn't know what happened but before she blacked out completely she managed to say a few words to Walton "sir please help me it hurts alot save me please". She weeped before she closed her eyes shut when Walton saw this he rushed back to the car "sir. he shouted he hesitated a lolly bit beige continuing "I might not know this woman but she looks innocent sir please help her u can cut her expenses from my salary sir just go take a look at her u will understand his words were cut short by a rude Kelvin. '' fine let me see replied Kelvin when he stepped down and saw the bruised weak lady he was moved he thought to himself what must have happened to her when he lowered his eyes and saw that she was bleeding could she be Having a miscarriage he thought to himself before he snapped out of it and yelled "Walton get your ass behind the back before carefully lifting Amanda and placing her in the back sit he rushed to the drivers sit and sped off at the speed of lightning along the way he called the nearest hospital and assembled the best doctors saint Mathews hospital was a very prestigious hospital which common people like Amanda could not afford a common check up lucky enough it was near to the mall so it only took them 15 mins to arrive When they got there Kelvin personally carried her in he didn't want to lose this lady he had a feeling she looked familiar. Mr Peters we will all do our best to save her put her on the bed so we can begin the sick little woman was carried into the operation room and the door was closed Kelvin took out his phone and called his grand parents.

Kelvin: Grand PA I think I will return tomorrow I have a bit of an emergency here I might be delayed for a day or two I promise I will explain when I get back

Grandpa peters:alright son I will let your mum and dad know take care of your self I will ask your sister to represent u at the meeting.

Kelvin: thank u grandpa love u

And he hung up it was only after Three hours that the doctors returned with several reports there faces were full of worry

Mr Peters the chief surgeon called to Kelvin who was busy on his phone.

Yes doctor what's wrong he replied. The doctor felt nervous and stammered while explaining for starters this young lady has injuries on her legs hands and waist she has scratches on her back,face and neck but the most shocking Part is that the girl is actually pregnant It's very lucky in this case for the baby to survive she has been injured badly and lost alot of blood shes going to need a blood transfusion. After listening quietly he asked the doctor. Whats her blood type if it's O then u can have mine. The doctors were beyond shocked who is this woman that has managed to get favoured by the famous CEO of the Peters group Kelvin is known for his bad Temper and rudeness. He was brought to a different room were his blood was drown out and given to the pale Amanda after which he booked a room at a hotel near the hospital he instructed Walton to keep an eye on her till he got back.

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