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Crying Laughter

By Lulunopia All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Other

Chapter 1

It was an early morning as light shown into the classroom. The only sound was that of chalk hitting a chalk board as the teacher, Mrs. Macaw, wrote down today's lesson. The class bell rang as students filed in. Among them was a short girl. One with long, straight blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her name was Megan Fallon.

Quietly she walked smoothly to the back left corner of the class and took her seat. Megan was a shy girl with anxiety due to her father beating her. As the class took their seats Megan pulled out her diary and began to write. Once the students were all seated the teacher started today’s lesson.


It was lunchtime, the room was filled with loud noises and laughter as students chat among themselves. Hana sat in a far corner of the cafeteria reading her diary when a shadow cast over her blocking the light. Looking up she saw her two ‘favorite’ bullies, Jessica and Anna. “Well, well look what we have here.” sneered Anna.

“Looks like the little dork has a diary,” Jessica stated as she ripped the diary out of Megan’s hand. “Shall we read it?” Jessica asked looking a Anna as Julia tried to get her diary back.

“Please, just give it back!” Megan shouted catching the tables attention

“Let’s see...Oh here’s today’s!”Jessica shouted flipped through the pages until settling upon today’s page.

‘Dear Diary,

Today started off great! Mommy and Daddy haven’t fought yet.’

“Awe, mommy and daddy fight? Poor you!” Jessica teased her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Just give it back!” Megan shouted  trying to get the book, but sadly Anna stood in her way.

‘Before I left I made sure mom was okay and that dad was passed out on the couch.’

“Please! Don’t read anymore!” Megan cried getting past Anna and pushing through the crowd that had formed.

‘If he were awake I’m sure he would have stopped me and-’

Before Jessica could read any further Megan ripped the book from Jessica’s hands and ran. The teachers yelled at her to stop but, she kept running at least until she got to her secret spot under one of the stairs. Quietly she  sat there in the fetal position hoping that teachers won’t look for her. She didn’t quite understand why people were so mean to her. Never once had she done anything wrong to these people. All she ever did was write. She wrote short stories about her life. Posting them on various sites and never returning to them, afraid of the feed back. Not once has she posted on the same site twice.

The hall was desolate, not a single teacher or person in sight. Quickly she got up and sped walked to main office. Occasionally she came into sight of people but, they ignored her, only glancing briefly to see where she was going. Opening the office door walked into a bland room with a large half wall went from one wall to the other. The walls were a light brown while the floor was white with blotches of black. Slowly Megan walked up to the main desk and asked to use the phone so she may call to go home.

“Of course, it’s right over there. You know how to use it?” The lady behind the desk questioned. With a nod Megan picked up the phone dialing her mom’s cell and waited for an answer. Not long after the first ring she heard a, “Hello?” from the phone.

“Hi. Mom? Could you come get me?” Megan said in a quiet cautious voice. A sigh was heard through the line as Megan’s mother replied, “Okay, but this is the last time.”

“Okay, bye” Megan said before hanging up the phone and letting the office people know she’s going home. The bell rang as Megan stepped into the hall. All class doors opened and out came the other students. Some pointed and laughed at Megan while others looked in pity. Honestly, Megan thought, I don’t want their pity. Turning Megan walked down the hall occasionally getting nudged by people as she walked. As she approached her locker she could see Jessica and Anna waiting for her. Jessica was a good head taller than Megan, with Curly red hair and bright green eye’s. While Anna was the same size as Megan just with short black hair and blue eyes. “Look it’s the dork. Didn’t see ya in class. What think you're better than everyone else?” Anna sneered, anger in her eye’s.

“N-no” Megan squeked in fear. She didn’t want to deal with this but, knew if she said that to them she would get beat. Cautiously she opened her locker, filling her bag with everything she needed before, closing it and turning to walk away.

“Where do you think you’re goin?” Jessica questioned grabbing the handle of Megan’s backpack.

“H-home,” Megan stuttered looking at the ground hoping they would let her go. Though she was almost certain they wouldn’t.

“Home? Again?” Anna asked before looking her up and down saying, “Fine go...but you won’t be so lucky next time.” With thank Megan turned and quickly walked away from them while listening to there laughter. Weaving her way through the crowded white hallway she made her way through the main doors and out into the courtyard. Megan went to a private school due to her getting bullied at every public school she went to. Though she wish they’d let her go to this cities middle school. At least then she wouldn’t have to deal with Anna and Jessica. Today was a cloudy, bland day with a few drops of rain here and there. As she exited to court yard she could see her mother’s old F150 sitting not to far from her.

“Hey sweety. How has your day been?” Her mother, Jane, asks as she hops into the truck only to get a ‘you’ve got to be kidding me look.’ “That bad huh?” Jane asks with an apologetic look.


As we pulled up to the old one story house Megan called home she couldn’t help but, wish it wasn’t her home. It was a light brown house with vines going up on the sides in random places. The windows were chipped and cracked making the house look abandoned. The door was wide open with her father standing there with a bottle of liquor in his hand. His gruff face and shaggy clothes made him look homeless compared to her and Jane. “What took you so long?” her father, Greg, grumbled.

“Sorry. I went to pick up Megan on my way home.” Jane apologized looking down as Greg walked up to them.

“What’d she do wrong this time?” Greg asked not knowing of the real situation.

“She didn’t do anything. She was being bullied again,” Jane explained. Though her tone just made Greg even more mad.

“Bullied again? Why was I not informed?” Greg questioned with anger in his voice.

“Well, um...I don’t know.” Jane said looking up only to look back down as she saw the fury in Greg’s eyes.

“You don’t know!” Greg shouted causing both Megan and Jane to flinch. Grabbing Jane’s arm he forcefully dragged her into the house while drinking from a beer bottle. Megan ran past them and into her room closing the door and flinching as she heard the front one being slammed. Walking over to the blankets on the floor she called a bed she curled up into a ball, rocking back and forth as she listened to the banging and sounds of bottles being broken as she slowly fell asleep.


As Megan woke she could hear talking in the next room meaning either someone called and complained or her father was arguing with her mother. Peaking out her room she could see two policemen, one talking to her mother the other putting handcuffs onto her father. Another police officer walked into the room as one of them took her father outside.  “Is there anyone else living here?” The policeman questioned her mother.

“Yes our daughter, Megan,” Jane answered looking over a said person. As Megan heard her name she cautiously opened the door fully and stepped out. The officer looked at her in pity as he saw what she was wearing. covering her was raggedy old dress with patches here and there.

“Hey no need to be shy. Here wanna see a police badge?” The officer asked holding out a gold/bronze looking badge. Cautiously Megan grabbed the badge and looked at it. To her it looked plain and old, like most the town.  “You going to press charges because I will personally help you get a lawyer.” The officer asked with a pleading look. Megan looked at her mother’s shocked face as she handed the badge back to the officer.

“ we don’t want to press charges, but thank you for the offer,” Jane said apologetically. The officer nodded before turning and leaving. As the door closed Jane let out a sigh before it opened again revealing Greg who looked extremely angry. “Jane go to our room. I’ll be there in a minute” Greg was seething in anger by now. Slamming the door behind him he advanced on Megan as Jane quickly walked to her room.

“Now we have to move again and it’s all thank to you. I know you called the police! Just like you always do!” Greg screamed as he pulled back his fist.

“Thanks to you getting in trouble all the time we now have a cop around the house daily!” Greg shouted as his fist slammed into Megan’s face causing her to fly into the couch behind her.

“I’m going to give you what you deserve.” Greg grumbled as he grabbed Megan and pinned her to the couch. What happened next was a blur but, all Megan remembered is pain.

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