Coalition Awards 2020 - closed

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For those who would like to apply as judges please fill in the form in the comment section.

We’re hiring two judges per genre. This is so each story gets two sets of eyes.

Judges get a permanent follow from the Coalition Community account, and the opportunity to become a permanent judge for the community based on their performance.

We work with google sheets. So once you’re accepted as a judge, kindly update your Inkitt profile to include a public email you can be reached at, and we will email you your genre sheet. Or if you would prefer, leave your email along with your form in the comment.

Those who are on discord should indicate on their form so the link to our server can be forwarded along with your judging sheet.

Kindly respond to the questions below to enter your application:

▪️Have you ever judged before?:
▪️Which genre would you like to judge?:
▪️Which alternative genre are you willing to judge:
▪️Are you able and willing to commit to this role?:


Fantasy [2/2]

Action/Adventure [2/2]

Romance [2/2]

Science Fiction [2/2]

Teen Fiction/Young Adult [0/2]

Mystery/Thriller [2/2]

Poetry [2/2]

Horror/Paranormal [0/2]

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