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Tentative Tales - A Collection of Short Stories

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This is an ongoing series where each chapter in this consists of a new story with different genres and lengths. Mystery, Action, Wholesome, Drama, Thriller, Teen Fiction, and of course, Horror. Refer to the Table of Contents chapter to get a brief prompt of the story in case you wish to read it or not. --- Please be aware that this novel will be updated on random occasions and not on a set schedule. All stories, art, characters, and some concepts were created by me. If a concept wasn't created by me, I will state it. The cover will also be frequently updated to display the new current read that was released until the next.

Other / Thriller
The Beaked Rookie
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The Bounty Hunter - [Mysterious]

An elderly woman begins making a walk back home after late night shopping. However things turn for the worst as a mugger looking for a wealthy outcome of his deeds, closes the distance between the two. But as things begin to look dire, a mysterious hooded figure makes his presence known.

Monster on The Inside - [Mysterious]

A teenage boy sleuths about on his younger little cousin, realizing that she is holding a much more surreal secret than he originally anticipated. With “Family Day,” coming close at school, he realizes that it might be best for her to reveal her life altering secret for the better, and he knows just how to do it.

Beyond The Door - [Wholesome Fiction]

A young man recites a peaceful relationship he has had with a woman when on his free time. Returning a package, he is greeted by a gentle voice behind her front door in which she refuses to open. Despite the unusual encounter, their relationship grows and she eases him into a secret she has. One that leaves him nearly speechless.

The Netway Predator - [Mysterious Thriller]

2 Seniors participate in a yearly school game, one that tests their speed, focus and commitment. However as the nightly game progresses, the antagonist that they are set against in this game is much more real. Seeing no other option, they come to terms that they must finish the game to end this nightmare.

Heartbeat of The Damned - [Mysterious Horror]

A family of 2 return to the woods where one of their family members went missing, for work, only for the daughter to be harassed by the forest’s urban legend. Searching for her father, she keeps being stalked by the shambling creature, all while being mocked by an easy heartbeat that echoes in the forest.

Off The Beaten Path - [Horror]

2 high schoolers walk the woods for a school project late at night. Purchasing their snacks from a nearby gas station, they make their way down the nearby trail, however they soon meet a questionable female figure who holds a much more uncontrollable and beastly secret.

Flicker - [Horror]

A little girl attempts to lock down her house from a grotesque, titanic spectral creature that has been stalking her for ages.

Preyed - [Horrific Thriller]

2 friends get together to watch a horror movie, only for one to realize that his friend holds a beastly secret.

Wreathed in Gratitude - [Wholesome]

A wandering boy finds a homeless girl in town and gives her possibly the best Christmas gift she could ask for.

Starved With Desperation - [Modern Fantasy]

Cole, a highschool junior, is awakened at night in his room by a vampire seeking for hungry satisfaction, but he soon comes to realize how serious desperation can lead others to do unspeakable things.

Cat Call - [Dramatic Horror]

A Freshman kid named Chris helps his aunt with a garage sale. While rummaging through some box, he comes across a hulking animatronic cat that is the size of a child, named Kitriene made by his inventive much older, now world crossing cousin, who threw it into the closet after his younger sister’s suicide. After taking it home and getting it to work, it is revealed that Kitriene takes voice commands of retrieving things at night and laying them on the commander’s bed in the morning. However after further investigating, Chris comes to realize what this custom made toy can really do, and why his older cousin threw it into the closet all those years ago.

Trail Tailing - [Thriller]

After an argument about his courage with his mother, Jace goes for a ride in the woods on his four-wheeler in the night to relieve the stress. However upon stopping, he realized that the trail he went down isn’t familiar to him and finds out what lurks in the dark woods. With his four-wheeler stalling out and the danger steadily approaching, Jace has no choice but to prove his mother wrong.

The Insomniaretta - [Suspenseful Thriller]

A highschool girl named Zara struggles to achieve sleep after being tormented in her dreams countless times by a winged beast. However fabricated fiction becomes reality, when the creature suddenly materializes into reality, and Zara soon comes to realize that she will need the strongest of wills to banish this evil back to her dreamscape.

Dodge This - [Teen Fiction]

High school senior Clancy accidentally provokes the leader of a large and competitive dodgeball group named, “The Strikers,” after winning against them in a game with his friends. With his opponents looming over him he has no choice but to undergo his adrenaline to get him out of this predicament.

Broken Lights - [Horrific Thriller]

A determined but fearful mother named Sasha searches for her two missing kids, emits a nightmarish night in a locked down town devoid of any electricity or communication to the outside world. Fleeing to a warehouse to avoid certain death she continues her quest to find her missing kids, hoping her fear of the dark doesn’t get in the way.

A Cure of Knowledge - [Mysterious]

A struggling student visits the back of the school after hours in search of guidance on his work after his friends told him to do so. In following their instructions the student comes across a mysterious, plague doctor clothed figure, who says he is aware of the school’s full knowledge on their assignments.

Hellish Habits - [General Fiction]

Discussing their interests of the past at the back of the school near the track, sophomores Damien, Zoe, and Ryan go into detail about their old habits but Damien refuses to speak up about his. However things turn for the worst as they are assaulted by 4 seniors ready for track, who soon are forced to respect that some old habits tend to hold hellish tendencies.

The Stone Crow Statue Out The Window - [Horror]

Kelsey grows uncomfortable from a large, emaciated humanoid crow statue that his mother obtained from his deceased grandmother, who her opinion of him was rather distasteful. It doesn’t make matters better that it erected right outside his bedroom window. It also doesn’t lower Kelsey’s worries anymore when it seemingly begins following him, or even turning its head to peer through his window.

Insatiable Hunger - [Building Horror]

Being friends with a vampire isn’t something Axol considered in his life, but he doesn’t want Mahria hurting anyone and neither does she. So, he proposed a plan, and it seems to be working. It’s an idea that should work, but it doesn’t seem to be any longer. Her appetite is getting the better of her. Her morality is deteriorating. Her behavior is rapidly devolving. Axol is now starting to think that maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.

Playtime - [Horror] -

A cute harmless, rotting plush purchased from a senile old man at a garage sale. Six year old Benny takes a liking to the toy. Though at bed, the charming life it presented becomes more vibrant and wild. The toy isn’t just a toy. It’s an invitation. A manifestation glides past the bedroom window with piercing green eyes. A creak of the bedroom door that is supposed to be shut. Yowmi is here to play and he’s here for entertainment. Though who said it had to be for Benny’s entertainment?

Relic of Another - [Mysterious Thriller]

Flabbergasted by a surreal find, Dr Yenzo is called in to work to view an unnatural surprise found by one of the expedition teams. While examining it’s bio-mechanical appearance, Dr Yenzo concludes it’s bizarre nature. It’s unworldly. It’s far more advanced than anyone can imagine, but yet it somehow has a sense of ancient to it. But before a more finalized answer could be fabricated, it’s sleep suddenly stops and low digital nonsense screeches from its throat. It’s awake and it is still following it’s orders…

Corrosion - [Hopeless Tearjerker]

Turned away for just a moment, tragedy struck in the blink of an eye. Donavon can’t help but feel the love for his own little brother begin to burn away unwillingly as the once hyper-active and quick to respond child becomes contaminated with an unknown, volatile corrosion, rendering him now a mute, slow to react being of unreadable emotion and intent. The cries of Kona’s own remaining existence feels as though itself is beginning to corrode into the abyssal void of his body. Whatever corrosive substance that has infested him is eating away at the brotherly kinship that the two once had and Donavon is beginning to wonder if that truly still is his little brother anymore...

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