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These are the roles at Coalition and the departments you can join.

Discord is required for community members as all of our discussions and planning happen on our server. It’s a very easy to download and use the app that brings the community closer, and gives us a platform to work together and get to know each other.


Graphic Designer: They are responsible for the eye-catching graphics on our profile, and they dabble here and there in their departments. Are you a talented artist? Would you like to join and learn? Our reverie awaits!

Reviewers: Are you an avid reader? Do you enjoy providing in-depth reviews and clear feedback? Or recommending awesome books to the community? Are you interested in reviewing stories, giving advice or swapping reviews? Well, come on in.

Judges: Those interested in becoming permanent judges for our Coalition Awards and contests.

Promoters: This team is responsible for promoting all community events and promoting the community.

Social Media Agents: Our Social Media team handles all communication and activities on all of our social media accounts.

Public Relations: As a PR agent, you are part of the team responsible for responding to all inquiries on our Inkitt page. You’re also our community outreach team responsible for welcoming new members.

Interviewers: This team interviews contest and award winners, and community members as instructed by the moderators.

At thιs tιmᥱ, mᥱmbᥱrs ᥴᥲᥒ oᥒᥣყ apply тo ᥲ mᥲxιmᥙm of tᥕo Roles.

All Moderator roles are advertised on our discord.

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