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His queen

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Chapter 2

Lea's POV

I closed my eyes waiting for the pain to come but after a while I felt nothing . I opened my eyes and the beast himself was holding the gards hand .

"Don't you dare touch her !"

I was speechless. Everyone was . I looked around me and all the villagers were looking at me. I turned back my attention to Caleb ( the beggar) and took him away from the scene . After I left him I was walking back to find my sister when a rough hand stopped me . I looked who it is . Omg ! The gard ! Please god don't let him hurt me .


"Come with me ." Rude much !

"W..what ?where ?"

"CAN. YOU.FOLLOW. ME . WITHOUT. ASKING . ME ! The prince wants you."

I felt tears in my eyes . What will he do to me ?? Somebody helpp!

No one will hear you .

Yeah thanks for saying so .

Great now I'm turning crazy .

Once we arrived to the castle I was led to a cell. I don't know why. The smell of fresh blood was so strong. I felt nauseous.

I was shoved to a cell where there was blood on the floor and walls.

"Please I-I did n-nothing !" I yelled .

"SHUT UP " the same gard yelled at me.

I began crying. Where's my sister. She is surely searching for me .

After a while the cell was opened and the gards held me by my arms and led me to an office .

One of them knocked the door and seconds later came a rough voice.

"Enter !"

"Your highness here's the girl ."

"You may leave."

"Yes you majesty" the gard courtsied and left me alone with the beast .

"What is your name ?" I looked at him afraid.

"Are you deaf ?? I asked you WHAT'S YOUR NAME ! ANSWER ME !"

"L-Lea" I said while looking at the floor.

"Look at me." This time I looked at him fearing he would yell at me again .

I admired him. He was tall muscular. I can see the six packs under his shirt. His chocolate eyes were captivating.

I came back to reality and waited for my fate .

"Please your majesty I-I'm s-sorry ."

"Sorry won't help you anyways here's the deal. I will become king after my father. I need a wife so you will be my wife or you will be kille . Your choice ."

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