As Time Goes By

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What's gone can't come back... Time that flies by can't be taken back. Memories are fading but I try my best to remember them. People leave. Those good and happy days won't ever return. I don't want to move on. I miss the good memories. I want to go back in time. I wish things didn't change... so unlike before. — Thoughts and feelings of a girl (me) about changes and what those good memories mean to her. Also my opinions about life in general and some common issues.

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Author's Note

What's gone can't come back...

I wanted to finish this short story before I leave and I want to express a lot of my thoughts and emotion on time that goes by and the two things that constantly revolves around us in our lives today Happiness and Hurt.

I definitely hope this will be a meaningful book for you and wish for your support on this by commenting and reviewing, thank you so much.

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