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This story is all about a young teenage girl who realised she had been living with people who were not really her family and therefore decided to look for her real family....but will she succeed with all the turns around her?.....read to find out

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Chapter 1: The truth revealed

"Am I really your daughter!?" I said sobbing."Am I really your daughter!?" I said sobbing.

"Honey, why would you say that, you know you are our love.....don't you ever say that again baby."

"Argh come on....you have said the same words since I was a little child....don't you get it...i'm all grown up now....you and papa have no other choice but to tell me what you are hiding behind these pictures."

"I need answers right now this instant!"

"Honey," mother started.

"You know what Jessica, I'm also sick of standing up for this lies every single time!" Papa said as he stood up to mother.

"What do you mean!" I exclaimed as I gave both mother and papa a gawk.

Mother fixed papa with a beady,malicious eye.

"There is something fishy about this woman,I said to myself."

"We are not your biological parents....we actually found you laying on a busy road as cars passed you...we were so worried and so we decided to pick you up, since we never found your parents we took you and decided to stay with you and make you our daughter," Papa continued.

"I cannot believe you freaking twits, why didn't you look for my mom and dad....you hooligans thought you would hide it forever from me, huh?, didn't you?Well now that the truth is out you will never see me ever again in your life.Do you get me!"

I looked up at their scrutinizing expressions.

I took to heels and hurriedly entered my room.

I removed every single thing of mine and threw them in the suitcase not caring where others were landing.

I ran down the staircase and immediately approached the door without even looking one of them in the eyes.

"Baby, please don't leave!"

I stood for a bit and let out a contented snore to reinforce the assurance.

I opened the door and let it close with a loud bang.

I entered my car and left for my best friend's place (Bianca)


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