Those Pretty Pink Shoes Really Changed You

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Charlie was best friends with a girl named Ellie. They were best friends until. A new girl came in and took Ellie away! Find out how it happend?

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The New Girl?

I woke up to eggs and bacon. The first thing on her mind was Ellie. Ellie’s real name was Ella but Ella wanted to have a cutesy name. If your names Samantha Ellie would call you Sam Sam or Sammie. In my case Charlie would turn into Char Char. I never liked cutesy names but I would do it for Ellie. I hitched a ride on a taxi that went to the bus stop. I heard a voice saying “Char char!” I knew it was Ellie. I said, Call me Charlie!” Ellie shook her head and laughed saying, “No!” “I will not!” Ellie said, “Hurry we might be late!” I chuckled and got in the taxi. Ellie yawned, She had big eye bags. I turned to the window and thought. I soon asked “Wait...How did you get on the same taxi as me!?” Ellie chuckled and said, “ I have my ways” and turned to the window silently. We finally got to the bus and hopped on. Me and Ellie held hands to get on the same seat. I felt Ellies hand slip away quickly like it had been yanked on of my reach! I looked over and saw a girl our age pull Ellie away and say “I’m new can you sit next to me!?” Ellie of corse said “Sure!” Ellie turned over and said, “Sorry gotta go!” I felt left out but soon got over it when I got the window seat. I watched the clouds cover up the sun over and over again focusing on one cloud at a time. Stretching my head until it hurt! I heard laughter from Ellie I turned over and she started to say. Can can! I knew the little girls name was Canna. I sighed and looked over and started to grunt.

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