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So this is just a bunch of stories ideas and maybe starts of books that I'll probable never finish

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Baby Lupa

Lily kept inside most of her life but what happens when she moves in with her mother who remarried years ago to a man who is a stranger even her mother was a stranger to her now and days. Public school is her only opinon with this move her mom won't let her stay inside all day. outside thou without somebody watching her move espially when the bad boy with a lot of jail time starts becoming friends with her and starts having feelings for her. They start a relationship but what happens when her father comes back sooner then planed and wants her back online. will she change her fathers mine? will the bad boy keep fighting for her after all he's been thru

Lily (Baby Lupa)
Lily parents divorced when she was five her mother cheated on her father because her fathers job had him barely home. she stayed with her father spent her time inside being homeschooled moving often sometimes after three months to a year and a half once. camras in every room bodyguards at every door. Then moving into her moms three bedroom house small and middle class home compared to what she'd lived in. Her mom doesn't really care thats shes there, just wants her fathers money and for the school year to speed up. Lily shy and not knowing or lived the life of a normal teenagers. what happens when the bad boy helps her on her first day of school and starts getting to know him. she's sees the good in him

Xander (Haze)
Xander basically raised himself after his father left and his mother started using guys to get money for drugs and alcohol. He started stealing so he can sell the stuff to get money to buy food. why he even goes to school who knows he fails every class he has. Most of the school stays out of his way as best as they can but not his two best friends Andy and Kick who also shared his demons and been thru there own kind of kind of hell but together they pulled thru each other out and kept each other line. But what happens when the new girl Lily runs into him and catch's his eye and invades his every thought until he can't stop thinking about her. He try's to stay away not wanting to blacken her sunshine but what if faith keeps making them run into each other until he can't stay away and wants to protect her. Just when he's falling in love with her her father wants her homeschooled and to move to New York will he fight for her or walk away
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