The Mona Lisa Sisters

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Chapter 11

It is the strangest event I’ve ever observed; muses Joseph.

The following day, Lura is out touring the city with the girls. I have a difficult time following her. The carriage she is riding in moves rapidly about town. In the afternoon, she, the two girls, and the carriage driver are walking. They are eating candy when the two men from the Louvre appear between them and me. I wonder, “What do these ne’er-do-wells want?”

As we near the hotel, the two men increase their pace as though they intend to accost the group. Closing the distance, I grab the two and pull them into an alley. They are hollering at me in French. I understand nothing they say. “Shut up. Do you speak English?”

The taller one says, “Oui Monsieur, I speak little Eng-gah-leash.”

“Why are you following that woman and the girls?”

“No monsieur, we follow no one.”

“Don’t lie. You are the same two who accosted them at the Louvre. Why are you following her?”

“Monsieur is mistaken. We have not seen the Madame before.” I let go of their collars and strike the man. The other cowers as the first tries to strike back at me. I use my pugilistic skills and with blows knock him to the ground where he remains. As I turn to the other man, he cringes and drops to the ground next to the first.

“Let this be a warning to you gutter trash. If I find you near the woman again, I will break your bones.” Lura’s carriage driver is returning, so I leave quietly, but rapidly.

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