14 pages for the Wimps

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Not everyone knows that each figure corresponds to certain words, certain concepts, certain colors, that is, the figure is not abstract, but it carries denotation, information. For example, the phone number for the emergency services is “911”.

“1” means “beginning” and the fastest number.

“9” - means “end”, that is, the full coverage of the time cycle. And another “nine” symbolizes the strengthening of the previous figure).

As you can see, this is not a random number at all; it contains the meaning of a quick reaction, a change in the situation. Repeat to yourself: “91” - and you will find time for everything, it will be enough.

The old Russian “forty times forty” is known in the meaning of multitude. That is how a large number of churches was called in old Moscow. “Forty times forty” is a symbol of multiplication, and “14” is a symbol of change.

The figure “1” is the beginning. The beginning of any process. If there is no beginning, then there is no movement, but where to should the movement be? Only towards stability and strength in the development of the Universe! The figure “1” corresponds to red. It is not a coincidence that among many nations a bride wears a red dress - she begins a new life - a new family is created. This is the strongest figure (the image of a striking arrow) and it is the strongest colour, bright, provocative, protective (red cars are less likely to crash)!

The figure “4” is very similar to the lightning discharge and means a “square”. The figure “4” means stability - a chair on four legs is more stable than a chair on three legs, a car is more stable than a tricycle, an animal walking on four legs is much more stable than a two-footed creature, etc. The figure “4” corresponds to the green color, which is more associated with maturation, with studies - which is what you have to do, dear readers!

Put it simply, the figure “14” can be described as the beginning of studies!

In the sum 1 + 4 = 5. The figure “5” means a change, but this change will be for the better, as you will learn something new that has until recently been a mystery for you.

The figure “5” corresponds to the blue color - this is a symbol of not a selfish person, also striving for spiritual achievements! Gays (blue) have chosen this figure – they are illiterate, they do not know which way to go, to which gender - they have split personality, but we will try to help them and we hope they will understand that families are formed only by a man with a woman – this is what Creator proclaimed!

We hope this text on 14 pages will start in the reader the process of destroying of his habits and stereotypes - a change in his thinking. This process will cause a thirst for knowledge. Consciousness will come to a World Understanding, which is unified for all people. Unified knowledge leads to the unity of people.

Today, this unified knowledge of Truth about ourselves, about the World, about the Space of different energies, in which we stay and which is Everything and for all, has become available. Take this Energy as much as you want, live 120 years, improve your Consciousness, your involvement in God, because it is His Energy in you.

And then you start to understand that you are not a wimp at all by origin, but you have made yourself a wimp.

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