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Knowledge is our salvation

We are proud to say that we are people of the beginning of the 21st century who achieved a lot. How do we differ from people, for example, of the VI or VII centuries? We all believe that over the past 1,300 years we have come a long way in our development from a person of the VII century. What are we far ahead in? Scientific and technological progress? Yes, this way is far ahead. But, generally speaking, all the results of scientific and technological progress are reduced to the comfort of a person’s life and to his persistent desire to lead, enslave other persons.

As a result, today the number of people over the past 1,300 years increased critically, but the relationship between them (groups) remains the same - wars and confrontations continue. This means that the improvement of living conditions (scientific and technological progress) hasn’t resulted in improvement in the spiritual qualities of a person.

Recall the definition of Aristotle: “A human is a social animal.” Let’s find the meaning of these words.

An animal, that is, the processes of a person’s biological existence are exactly the same as of an animal (to eat, to drink, to breed, to feel, to aspire to improve the conditions of own existence).

Social, that is, compulsory interaction with other people, joint social development, joint culture of relationships in life (so as not to interfere with others - at least). All this requires an internal understanding by everyone.

Today, if we proceed from the generally accepted (after all, in no century and no one has refuted this definition) definition of Aristotle, an “animal” in the person of the 21st century remains, and the “social” is not fulfilled, because everyone does not have an understanding of the fact and responsibility that he is a social “animal”.

It makes no sense, existence of just an animal in a human doesn’t look promising, for he will perish anyway. Nature does not need a human-animal, but it needs a homo sapiens, a spiritual person. And it has a very good reason proved by science (see the details in the books “The Basics of Personality Development”).

V. I. Vernadsky was the first to discover the concept of the noosphere - the sphere of mind. His merit is that he filled this term with a new, materialistic content. And today by the noosphere we mean “the highest stage of biosphere, connected with the emergence and development of mankind, which, by showing the Laws of Nature and improving technology, begins to have a decisive influence on the course of processes on Earth and near-Earth space, changing them with its activity”.

(Vernadsky V.I., Philosophical Thoughts of a Naturalist. Scientific Thought as a Planetary Phenomenon).

Today, various sciences have already discovered many facts, patterns, the conversion of matter into light (wave energy) and vice versa, but no one took the trouble to bring it all together and understand a lot:

– that a long time ago we were told all the same in the Ten Commandments, which explicitly state: “... know the Truth ...“;

– that we are told the same again in details in the teachings of Jesus;

– that we lost a lot of time, lost millennia, spending this time allocated for knowledge and development, in wars, choosing the thing - money, wealth as the meaning of our life;

– that we are running short of time, and global alarm should be declared, and all efforts should be directed to the enlightenment of people, understanding that knowledge of the foundations, the Laws of the Universe, is the ABC of spirituality and this knowledge is our salvation. In the literal and figurative sense. That is - salvation is in change of our consciousness, and therefore – in a change of life guidelines, the purpose of life.

The bottom line of the change of consciousness is that man reveals the truth: the material is always secondary. Spirit is primary, energy is primary. God is energy, and human is also energy. Different types of energies have different densities and different polarities - plus or minus (the great thinker Mikhailo Lomonosov told us the basic law of energy exchange).

And what should we escape from?

In short, from ignorance. For ignorance leads to death.

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