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We all are relatives, brothers and sisters

Heredity from parents to children is transmitted through genes. Genes consist of a DNA chain that has been decoded, and now “genetic engineering” gives us genetically modified plants, vegetables, fruits, as well as cloned animals (remember Dolly sheep). All evolutionists and those who are skeptical about the divine origin of a human need to understand that a monkey has different blood.

The scientific area “DNA-genealogy” has appeared. Scientists have found that in the genes there is one Y-chromosome, which is transmitted only from father to son. Women do not have a Y chromosome.

In this Y chromosome, there are certain sites where mutations accumulate in nucleotides gradually, once every several generations. It is the only one of the 23 pairs of chromosomes that the sperm bears, and it is transmitted to a son - not to a daughter. And then it is transmitted to each son along a chain of tens of thousands of years long (the period of life of the civilization).

Son receives from father the Y chromosome, exactly the same as he received from his father, plus new mutations if they occurred. But this happens rarely - one mutation in 22 generations, that is, on average once every 550 years.

Thus, through a natural marker, it is possible to determine completely precisely your origin and the movement of your clan on the globe. So, it is proved that the ancestor of the clan of the Eastern Slavs (inhabiting Russia, Belarus and present Ukraine) lived 4,825 years ago, much earlier than the Exodus of the Jews according to biblical legends. And they left Egypt 3,500 – 3,600 years ago. That is, their common ancestor (marker, R1a1 haplotype) lived 1,000 years before the eruption of the Santorini volcano in the Mediterranean Sea, which destroyed the Minoan civilization (including Atlantis). Apparently, the biblical Exodus of Jews from Egypt, who constantly saw the “purple sky”, also occurred at that time.

The early Bronze Age was 4,825 years ago. Excavations of the ancient settlement of Arkaim in the Urals showed that it was built by descendants of the Proto-Slavs, the Aryans (having the identical R1a1haplotype) 3,800 years ago. The Aryans left Arkaim in 200 years and moved to India 3,600 years ago. According to this R1a1 label today it is proved that: the share of Slavs - Aryans in Indians throughout India is 16%. And in the higher castes - 50%. Castes in India are brahmanas (clergy), kshatriyas (warriors), vaishes (merchants, herders, farmers) and sudras (workers and servants). The Indian caste system was also created about 3,500 years ago. The Aryans were included in the Indian epic, many similarities are found in the Old Russian and Indian languages and writing. According to the R1a1 label it was proved that the common ancestor of the Slavs and Indians lived 4,300 years ago, and the ancestor of the Slavs – 4,825 years ago, that is much earlier.

According to the R1a1 label it became clear which route and when the Aryans followed from Arkaim to India, and then to Iran, Anatolia (Turkey), Europe, and part of them - to the Arabian Peninsula.

Currently, the share of Aryan Slavs (R1a1 haplogroup) in Russia is 48% (in the north - 25%, and in the south - 75%), in Ukraine up to 54%, in Belarus - 40%, in Latvia - 41%, in Lithuania - 38%, in Iran - 16%, in Germany - 18%, in Sweden - 16%, in England - 11%, in Armenia - 13%, in Turkey - 11%, in Qatar - 9%, in Palestine - 9 %, at the Crete island - 6% (800 years earlier than the Santorini volcano).

Science concludes: the Proto-Slavs lived in Bukovina (Carpathians) 6,000 years ago. This is the late Stone Age with the transition to the Eneolithic age. Chernovtsy is the center of Bukovina. It was from here that the Aryans went east, to Arkaim - India - and then everywhere. The DNA genealogy has identified that quite accurately by the R1a1 marker. The Proto-Slavs, Aryans, “Indo-Europeans” are one and the same thing, these are our common ancestors (Anatoly Klyosov. Boston, Massachusetts, 02459, http://aklyosov.home.comcast.net).

If people have a common ancestor, they call each other by the word “relative”, emphasizing that they are all of the same clan. Based on the scientifically proven fact, we are all relatives, brothers and sisters. At the same time, God is one for everyone. And everyone admits it. Then the question is: what should we fight for? Shouldn’t relatives agree among themselves?

A Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Muslim, a heathen, an atheist - all these men are relatives by a common ancestor. And this is the fact: they all have the same Y-chromosome in their DNA - the same R1a1 marker. And it is completely unimportant – whether they are cousins or fourth cousins. It is important that they are brothers, of the same blood, from one ancestor. And this is a very important fact.

God’s mark (marker) is one of the 46 chromosomes (Y - chromosome) lives according to special rules:

– is transmitted only from a man to a man, from a father to a son. We emphasize that women do not have it;

– mutates independently and especially, not paying attention to the mutations of the remaining 45 chromosomes occurring according to a single technology;

– has its own special mutation rate, which is very different from the mutation rate of the remaining 45 chromosomes (2–3 generations versus 22 generations for the Y–chromosome).

This situation can be achieved if one constructs specially and thoughtfully a mechanism for the transmission of hereditary and acquired qualities for a person. The Y - chromosome could not appear in evolutionary way, this is excluded. As it could not choose only the male line of its eternal life. It remains to recognize that Someone thoughtfully gave a human a marker.

What is a marker, what does it serve for? Personal example: each owner of sheep paints a mark on their wool so that no one can confuse his rams with others before sending them for grazing. And this sheep marker tells everyone that it belongs to this particular owner. People will not confuse sheep with such a marker, and will not argue or fight for property (rams), because the marker excludes a dispute. The marker is evidence that this property belongs to this owner.

All men are marked with a marker. And not with paint that can be dissolved, for example, in kerosene. Men are marked by a permanent eternal marker. For what and for whom? After all, every man is free from birth. And others do not see this distinctive sign (marker). For whom is it then? There is only one answer - for the person himself. For his consciousness: since you, a person, in your development have come to the identification by a marker of a chromosome, then you have come to the level of understanding of the objective fact - all men are created, “born” from one Father, constantly connected with Him throughout their life. And dependent on Him - his wise fatherly advice and decisions. So today, in every clan, as in a large family, they listen to elders, fathers, for they are carriers of Truth for this clan.

Thus, today science, and the practice of survival of the clan, and religion have come to a single and unambiguous conclusion, which cannot be interpreted, since this is already a fait accompli:

- all men descended from one Father, therefore, all of them are relatives, brothers;

- all men are subordinate, listen to the Father, listen to His words, use His Absolute Knowledge. It is impossible not to respect the father, not to love him, not to trust him. The Father is present in you, in your mind all life long, till the last moment.

This is a very important and undeniable conclusion. It is essential for the life of every person and all civilization. Every person should know it. This conclusion is the beginning and the main core of the spiritual component of a person, without which he is not a human, but an animal that resembles a human only by appearance. News? Not at all!

A.S. Pushkin knew about it, although science of that time did not distinguish a chromosome-marker, with which God (our Lord, our Father) marked all his sons:

“My lonely heart athirst, I trod

A barren waste when, so ’twas fated”,

that is, man is only then man when his consciousness supports the feeling of thirst for knowledge, His thirst for belonging to Him...

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