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Quantum transition is very serious

Murderous news.

There is news that kills. Everyone knows this, therefore they do not immediately spread it, for example, to their parents about the death of their son, but “prepare” them for this terrible news. Quite often there are cases when they say: “Died of a heart failure”.


Special services usually alert people of mortal danger in the form of a storm warning: a tsunami is coming, there is flood, there will be bombing ...

And then everyone takes measures to save his life.

However, in this case there will be no alert!

Special services do not know this deadly news, and most people on the planet do not know ...

What is the mortal danger?

Leading scientists of Russia L. I. Maslov, V. T. Zhukov, G. E. Lazarev, V. I. Leshtaev, V. D. Plykin published a number of articles in the journal “Science and Religion” for 2007.

According to the scientists’ calculations using the data of instrumental measurements of energy potentials, and according to warnings of the Supreme intelligence, received by many of our contemporaries at different points on the Earth, the “background vibration frequency” will become higher than the vibration frequency of consciousness - and visible changes (quantum jump) can be expected in the first decades of the new Millennium (in the early 40s of the XXI century).https://losej.net/book/index

The frequency of vibrations of the Earth’s magnetic field increases, the frequency of vibrations of that part of the general spectrum on which the human consciousness “works”, generating thoughts, increases.

What will happen? From the school course of physics, everyone knows about the phenomenon of resonance. If the vibration frequency of the “background” is greater than the vibration frequency of a person, then there will be no resonance. And, therefore, a person will lose the ability of self-identification, he will stop to understand who he is, his life will become the life of not even an animal, and a sharp degradation will lead to death. You can laugh at those who think that they will hold tight in the bunker ...

They may say that the 40s are still far away, why should they “fuss”? Scientists do not exclude a jump, not smooth, as it is now, but a sharp increase in the frequency of background vibrations. Because the state of the planet energy-information layer is constantly deteriorating. The mass emission of low frequency vibrations thoughts (war, hate, deceit, envy ...) condenses the negative egregore (accumulates the number of thought forms, forming powerful centers of negative energy).

Secondly, the process of human consciousness improvement is a very slow process, it takes years and years.

An example of today: yesterday he was an exemplary family man, and today he hacked his whole family to death with an axe (N. Novgorod); son killed his mother; yesterday they were perfect students, and today they broke a weapons depot and started shooting at police officers and neighbors to become popular around the web. Today we see in reality the surge of aggression and stupidity in people - it is a real example of the premise for turning off of consciousness. And tomorrow your child or neighbor may become dangerous for you!

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