A Leap and a Fall

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First, I want to say thank you to thee one and only GOD. It is because of you I see to Enter Eternal Positive Progress in the pure light.

Next, I want to say thank you to my grandfather, Harvey Johnson, who granted me a home as a child. You were the only one who could speak to me, physically. REST IN HEAVEN

Mom, Arva Johnson, still today, I love you dearly. You offered me the world if I could learn position to grasp what is truly mine. REST IN HEAVEN

Sister, Tracey Johnson, you left me way too early. I wish for the friendship we were beginning. I love you always. REST IN HEAVEN

Dr. Sebi,

You enlightened millions. We will continue to research to find the proper answers. God bless your family.


My Family,

One can only be pushed so far before he must stand to fight! I love you all!

Thank you to my 6th Grade teacher, Mr. Nelson. You were able to predict things that I could not imagine. You showed me it was up to me to use my potential. You were precise, my life has been dedicated to entertainment. And you are still my favorite.

My extension of deepest thank you to Honorable, Grand Master, Founder, Larry Hoover; Honorable, Grand Sultan, Jeff Forte-Bey; Honorable, President, Wallace “Gator” Bradley; “Noble One,” Chairman, Ameer Ali; Honorable, Reverend, Jessie Jackson; Honorable, Reverend, Al Sharpton; and Honorable, Minister, Luis Farrakhan:

There are so many political prisoners, civil rights leaders, businesspeople, and inventors. It is difficult to understand what you have learned to lead, guide, and carry a nation of people through.

Continual, those whom I’ve truly looked to as mentors, from afar… Russell Simmons, Sean Carter, Kevin Hart, Shark Tank Sharks; and Commander and Chief, Donald Trump…

I am your persistent and persevering understudy.

You all have taught and enabled million’s ability to reach for desired success.

To long Life, Health and Big Business!

A Leap and a Fall was written during a time of urban community outcry stemming from social injustice, due to the pandemic plague, COVID-19, in the United States of America.

This book contains informational facts analyzed through unwarranted agony that, not due to my competence and against my will, I was forced to experience.

Although there have been worse fates and many suffer today, A Leap and a Fall reflects challenges that I, Prentice Johnson, while trying to stabilize my life, have endured.

Anguish has caused me slowed. The truth, which at first glance may be offensive to some, leads to great solutions.

There is legitimacy that may be non-comprehensive to some. Do not be afraid to re-read. Research and find supporting details.

A Leap and a Fall was produced to enable analyzation. And is to provoke conversation and cause people to reach progressive answers.

Readers, please understand, that from 2006, I have suffered severely within the legal environment.

New lawyers/attorneys, please utilize your time to investigate. Use the book as a tool to force societal evolution.

Make sure that it benefits yourself and causes the advancement we all look forward to.

Also, especially in civil and business court matters, please, stop allowing people to fall. Your focus is appreciated.

Even before 2006, I was introduced to vagrancy. But after 2017, I assumed I would never encounter destitute again.

I have known to grow, learn from my mistakes and do everything possible to succeed.

I appreciate those able to understand my frustration.

I commend those who help relinquish the problems mentioned in A Leap and a Fall; to enable faster progress.

The truth is within!

A Leap and a Fall

The Each One Teach One Installment

Time, your greatest asset, no matter how intangible, is the foundation of your dreams.





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