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This short poem highlights the importance of the girl child.. And it totally condemns crimes against her, it seeks to promote the understanding that the girl child is an important factor of nation-building and recognises her as a prominent member of the society. The likes of; Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Winnie Mandela, Fumilayo Ransome Kuti, Vera Chirwa, And Mary the mother of GOD have all played important roles in societal development, fight for justice, freedom, rights and even our Salvation... I would also like to add Mary Okosun (my grandmother) and Maria Unuane (my mom) to the list.. My grandmother taught us love and unity in the most simple but unique ways. Growing up as kids, she made us all eat Sunday's rice from one big tray. It was awkward at first as some of us were food mongers while the others weren't, hence barely got to eat anything... Not to worry! Our super hero grandma always had a back up plan. It was only with her that three persons would share one head fish and never had any reason to complain or feel cheated. The cold drinks and snacks she would serve us each time we visited, the pounded yam and ogbono soup in the evening, trust me that's not something you want to miss. Grandma made everyday worth re-living and gave us reasons to hope for the next!! The importance of a girl child can never be over emphasized!!

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The girl child

Born to rule and not sidelined

Full of life and not to be deprived

In times past she had sat with great minds and like a knight, had led the freedom fight

The girl child

So unique, well crafted

She's quite a spec

Like every other being on Earth, she's flawless

She isn't a mistake nor an abominable creature

The girl child

She is not inferior

She too is faced with trials, pressures and temptations

The girl child

She's not weak

But strong and enduring in times of tribulations

The girl child

In her lies power and might

And by her are kings born

The girl child

She too holds the keys to success and a liberated world

Treat her with respect for

She is never to be molested

The girl child

She is the mother of nations



OCT 14th, 2020

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