The incredible blessing

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This is a story about a girl who talked to a lovely woman named Margo on the phone. And Margo would turn out to be a blessing to the girl in 2019 when the girl’s grandmother passed away from pancreatic cancer

Nicole Caddick
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The incredible blessing

Once upon a time there was a girl named Nicole she had autism spectrum disorder she didn’t like surprises and she hated not having a plain. One day she went to Disney world with her father and family. They did a lot of fun things there but sometimes they didn’t have a plan of what they would do and that’s where the girls cellphone came in handy Because it wasn’t just a cellphone it was also an iPod and when the family didn’t have a plan the girl would turn on the music of Margo O,Donnell to help her feel better. For Margo you see had the most beautiful voice In the whole world and every time she would sing her songs would soothe the girls frazzled mind and make her stop crying. So one day she wrote her a thank you note and sent to the email of her assistant Shirley. Well the girl didn’t hear anything from her for a while until one day she and her grandmother left the store and the girl got in the car and buckled her seatbelt then the girl’s grandmother handed the girl her phone. The girl took a look and saw that there was a call from an unknown number and that they had left her a voicemail so she listened to it and very quickly realized that Margo O,Donnell had called her so naturally she was very excited about this and she called the number back right away. When she dialed the number it rang three times then Margo’s assistant Shirley picked up the phone and she said good afternoon Jones and O’Donnell Shirley speaking how can I help you? Then Nicole said hello my name is Nicole Caddick and I just got a call from this number a little while ago. Then Shirley said did they leave you a message? Then Nicole said yes they did it was a lovely woman named Margo and she said to call her back as soon as possible. Then Shirley said can I put you on hold for a minute? Then Nicole said sure. After that Shirley said thank you I’ll just go speak to Margo about this and I’ll be right back. It was quiet for a moment then Shirley returned to the phone she said mrs Caddick are ya there ma’am I’m going to transfer you to Margo now have a good day then a voice says hello and Nicole said hello Is this jones and O, Donnell then she said yes this is Margo speaking how may I help you? Then Nicole explained everything and Margo had a few questions for her like who’s phone she was on who was paying for the call etc.. Margo soon discovered that Nicole was a very lovely girl who only wanted to make friends so Margo told the girl they would speak on the phone once a month and they did. Then one day when the girls grandmother had passed away of pancreatic cancer Nicole Facebooked Margo’s assistant Shirley to tell Margo about it well a week later Margo called the girl but the girl was in a meeting so that following Saturday she called Margo back and Margo sang her the song patches in heaven and also told her she’d be praying for her they were friends from that day on. The end
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