Doggy Daydream

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Just the daily life of a cute puppy, with a cool twist

Mr Payne
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Doggy Daydream

Doggy Daydream

Wild, matted fur, piercing green eyes accented by furious white eyebrows, and wicked teeth. All aspects of the white wolf that make some stare in awe, and others cower in fear. His snout drenched in mud and blood, he looked down at the furry yellow prey between his paws and licked his chops. It was a delicious meal, and one well earned. As he lay in the dirt, his hunger satisfied, he looked up over the rocky cliff. The wolf’s triumphant gaze spread across the cloudy sky, through the broken pines, and over the sharp, snow-peaked mountains that surrounded him. Wind bustled in his ears and sent shivers through his coat. He basked in the sunlight and sighed happily. He began to lay his head down to rest, but rustling in bushes behind startled him, and he quickly spun around to face whoever dared disturb him. The white wolf sank low to the ground, ready to attack. He looked through the dry, dead leaves into the abyss, but nothing could be seen within its depths. The rustling had long stopped, and the unbearable silence that followed began to itch. Suddenly a gust of wind tore through the area, and the freezing chills caused the wolf’s eyes to widen. It was so familiar, so soothing, but so painful. The wolf flinched. He had long forgotten the pain he had endured, but this one gust, this one reminder brought it all back.

Ten months had passed since the pup spread his wings and took off from his pack. It was a cold, winter night as he huddled with his other siblings against the warm belly of his mother. The same, cold wind blew through their fur. Thunder rolled above, and flashing lights filled the holes in their sanctuary. The ground beneath them was cold, hard, and did nothing to ease their discomfort. After the loud ringing in their ears eased after each strike, the only thing that could be heard was soft whimpering. Suddenly, the large wooden panel creaked open in front of them. Three massive, hulking figures stood in the opening. The whimpering got even louder, and thunder and lightning struck. Their silhouettes painted the wall behind the pups, and maniacal laughter could be heard. The white wolf dug down deep and was soon covered by the bodies of his brethren. He hid desperately from the terrors in front of him, seeking safety in the warm darkness. Thuds echoed across the ground as they approached. The wolf whimpered quietly, and closed his eyes, bracing himself. Then, there was silence. Terrible, uncertain silence. The wolf opened his eyes. Nothing happened for several seconds. Then, the wolf heard a grunt, and as the bodies were pushed away from his side, he saw one of the menaces looming over him. His eyes widened in fear. Something grabbed ahold of him tight, and he turned around, screaming as he was taken away from his brothers and sisters. His paws outstretched, eyes wide, and desperate pants escaping his mouth, he cried as the door closed, and he saw his family for the last time.

Another rustle in the bushes in front of him broke him out of his daydream. A low, guttural growl could be heard from within. A large, black mass leaped out of its depths towards the wolf. He had caught him off guard. The wolf rolled to the side, narrowly escaping the sharp claws of his attacker. He got up just as his foe skidded to a halt. He was finally able to get a good look at him. It was a black wolf. Long, droopy ears hung down from his head. A toothless grin bordered a mouth with a long tongue dangling out. His long, shaggy tail wagged behind him. He looked tough. This was going to be a formidable foe indeed. He needed to be careful. Going for the stomach was a sure-fire way to win. He needed to end this quickly.

The white wolf jumped into action, viciously attacking. He alternated paw and teeth, each attack faster than the last. The only thing his opponent could do was evade. He kept advancing and advancing until he had corned him to the opposite side of the cliff. There was nowhere to go. One false step and it was game over. The wolf looked his opponent in the eyes to see… joy? The tongue that dangled out of the black wolf’s mouth swung side to side as he grinned. The white wolf looked back up in confusion. He had to end this. He raised his paw to attack again, but the black wolf jumped. The white wolf tried to evade and jump backwards, but they collided in the air. They both tumbled across the ground, trying to get the upper hand. The white wolf was getting tired. He needed to end this quickly. But it was no use. The black wolf overpowered him and soon he was on his back staring up at a gaping maw and sharp teeth. There was nothing he could do; he had been beaten. He closed his eyes to accept defeat. The gaping maw came down and -.A bell sounded.

“Rosco! Joey! It’s dinner time.”

The wolves’ ears perked up. Their human stood on the porch next to them, smiling. Two bowls of delicious food were held in each hand.

“Come on guys, let’s go eat!”

The two wolves looked at each other. They were in silent agreement. Their battle would be continued later, but for now, it was time to eat. They both got up, tails wagging, and ran inside after their human.Start writing here…

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