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The thrill. I have never encountered anything that is able to make my body submit and fast! I am terrified to move a single micrometre. My body is as still as water as I focus all my mental energy on keeping my physical body still, forcing my heels to stay steady, they cannot shake. I feel his warm breath drift down the right side of my neck, sending a shiver up my spine but I have to close my eyes and clamp my teeth together. His legth pushes up against my tailbone flushed against my tired body as I inhale a deep and calm breath. He loves to keep me on the edge the same way as you would sit on your seat. His is a different edge. That small gap of being petrified yet close to that earth-shattering orgasm, yet you know that you cannot release it. You fight to hold onto it, your core is tight and your cries satisfy his every need. I know that he's experienced. He needs to be. Yes this is dangerous and has risks attached to it. The dark side. Empowerment: authority or power given to someone to do something. Demanding, controlling, command after command, penetrated and tormented. My question to you is could you step foot inside my shoes? I'll let you decide but I'm warning you, this is not for the faintest of hearts. Welcome to the dark side.

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Chapter 1

Before reading this story, empty your thoughts and feel it as you are taken into a new lifestyle. Warning, you will feel emotion. I hope that you get immersed in the lifestyle with Kerry. This book is the next series from I sold my virginity. You will need an open mind and remember that I only write books for specific reasons so don't judge the book before you have completed it. This is the new version of Cold.

Life can be scary at times. Especially when you step foot inside a lifestyle that you know very well, yet you meet someone who makes you question everything. You second guess what will come next and when your adrenaline hits an all-time high you feel as though you are flying across the sky. You are petrified to look down, yet when you are in a contained space you feel somewhat safe. It’s strange how life plans out. Darkness surrounds us all differently. For some it could be emotional, physical scars and others it can be in a form of play. That’s what it is for Maddox. To watch a woman sacrifice herself for his needs and desires. As his eyes squint, pleasure unfolds and twists deeper than a knife. She caves and gives up all control, her consent is given, her life is passed over on a plate in the palm of her hand. She’s excited but nervous about what could unfold. Her stomach is in a twisted knot, her moans can be heard from the next room. He doesn’t need to make it soundproof. No, he loves to listen to the cries, the laughter, her groans as he slides his fingers down her sensitive flesh. So fragile yet it can tear and heal quicker than you would expect. Anyone can listen in as he makes her gloriously hit an all-time high without the need for drugs. Stopping he would watch and smile as she braces herself for him to build her back up to that all so amazing orgasm that she’s been craving since he placed an intensive bite on the side of her neck, a stinging sensation is left in its wake. Unpredictable they call him and his new victim is going to find out very shortly what the dark side has to offer her. The interesting thing about all of this is the fact that they know each other, but how much?

“Arrival time has been confirmed. She will be here for seven-thirty.”


Fantastic news Maddox thought to himself closing the lid on his laptop. It’s a blessing for him really, to know that a woman is willing to bow down and accept what he has to offer. Now, why would he let that go, not that he did plan on throwing her file off his desk? He did wonder why she would contact his office in the first place asking for a position as his submissive. He doesn’t do that type of relationship and has always focused more on slave/master, so why is it that he told her to meet with him after she contacted him the incorrect way?

Tapping his fingers against the dark wooden desk, he retrieved her file again and scanned through all of her personal information. It would seem to him that she was average compared to many other applications which he received that week. Over half of the applicants had extensive experience behind them and knew what they were walking into before the door was opened. The question that he had was why she was gaining recognition from him. Dull brown hair, half of his size, breasts on the smaller side, eye colour brown and an interesting choice of clothing. It was obvious that she had no idea what she had applied for. Dominant and submissive he thought to himself as he touched his jaw in thought.

He could see that she had attended submissive training which would be a great first start. He remembers training her up but she never did appear to be the type that would be interested in what he so clearly enjoys. What he couldn’t understand was why she had changed direction suddenly and without thought. Did she even understand what the difference was between the two? He had his own version of what separates them, but did she?

He knew just by looking through her application that if she was to agree to become his slave then she would need to go through a Behaviour Modification Process. A form of training where the slave learns how to talk, walk, how to act in public and around their owners, even during sex. It’s rather complex. What he expected from his slave was precise. In his opinion, a submissive is someone who negotiates whereas a slave doesn’t. A submissive has limits of which a slave has given up all of them except those in which their owner sets for them. A submissive obeys and serves by choosing to do so and retains her will. A slave initially makes a choice to obey their master or mistress at all times and then submits to the will of their master at all times. A submissive accepts the submission, while a slave accepts obedience. A submissive wants to be owned, but his slave is possessed, not allowed to sit on the furniture, wear clothing, have safe words to end play, zero consent, no rights, they are there to obey and listen to direct commands. His slave is his property to do with as he pleases when he wants and they have to make sure that they agree to the contract before signing it otherwise they may regret ever signing the small dotted line on the last page. A slave has no say in anything, they have no options and Maddox is a very strict Master. To him, a submissive is playing a game compared to a slave who lives in the lifestyle.

Even though he’s a Master, he wondered who in their right mind would want to willingly become a slave. Some of the things that he would include in the lifestyle even made him question why they would enjoy it. Or do they?

Now his next question was whether she could handle that type of relationship? He didn’t know much about her to be able to go off her form that she spent time filling out. He had to call Mick and get him to arrange a meeting where he could find out more information about Miss Sheer. He didn’t hold much hope for her so he booked in another meeting twenty minutes after hers. His fingers were crossed for that one.

He picked up the piece of paper that he had printed off specifically for Miss Sheer before he stood up and opened his big double black door walking to the end of the white hall with a glossy white floor. He had instructions on there which he expected Miss Sheer to obey the second that she entered his hall. Laying it down on the floor, he walked back to his door and allowed the door to slam shut behind him. Let the application process begin he thought smiling.


“This way please Miss Sheer.” Kerry follows taking quick strides to keep up with Mick as he guides her to the hallway where he will have to send her through the door all by herself. He’s not wasting time because he will need to leave her there and go to collect the next applicant directly after dropping her off. He knows that Maddox plans on throwing her ass out of the door the second that she tells him that she doesn’t have any previous experience in regards to the slave and master lifestyle. He cannot blame him considering the extensive training that he has endured to become more strict, living in the lifestyle every day of his life. The last thing that he needs is someone who will question everything that he has planned down to the finest detail.

Opening the door Mick smiles at Kerry and she enters “thank you.”

“I will leave you here. Good luck.” He tells her closing the door behind her and Kerry spots the piece of paper on the floor. Picking it up, she reads over the instructions. Smiling she double-checks the demands before inhaling a breath. What Maddox doesn’t realise is that Kerry has gone through intense training to become a slave. The main reason why she didn’t include it on her application is that she was told that she was overqualified for every position that she applied for and they wouldn’t give her a chance to talk about her experience or put it to the test. Her applications consistently got thrown out and she was starting to feel as if her training was done for no reason at all. So, now she needs to try and act like the new trainee and whether she can do that, not even she knows. Maddox would be disappointed. In his eyes that leads to him misunderstanding.

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