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I just took some things that I hated and put them in a book. I didn't find them on a site I came up with them.

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I hope

I hope...
I hope that you move on.

I hope you learn.
I hope you don't make the same mistake with your new girlfriend.
I hope you are doing good.
I hope you accept my apology and talk to me...
Why did you block me..
I didn't do anything.
You are the one that broke up with me.. Broke my heart...
Why do I deserve this.
Why do you like seeing me in pain.
I hope I can get all over you and forget you.
You hurt me and YOU deserve to be ignored, broken, and hurt.
No you deserve worse not me,I didn't deserve this at all...
I wish we switched places...
I wish you were in my shoes.
The thing is you assume bad things about me but your the one that smoked, did drugs, and hurt me at age 12...
I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
I say those words in my mind whenever I think of you because I know I'm more than you made me feel... I'm more than my body.
I'm more than you will ever know and you will never know how much I'm worth.
I hope you know how much I hate you and wish that you would go and just leave me alone... You might think we are friends but we aren't...
You say I broke your heart when really you broke me and I was already fixed so you can go.. I already know how much you hate me... nolan.... I hope you know how much I hate you and I can forgive but... I never forget...
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