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15. Not A Dream


Nothing else filled Ava’s mind but to save Anna. If she was alive and unconscious, she needed medical attention to have a tiny knowledge of what must have happened while she was lost. Although she saw the road clearly, her eyes still saw the words, ‘Save Anna’ on the windscreen. She sped really fast across the trunk road, thankful within herself that they were not too far from Knightdale.

Out of nowhere, a wraith-looking creature appeared before her eyes. Fear gripped her immediately, causing her swerve to the opposite lane of the road.

As soon as she got herself, a car was rushing towards her.

“Be careful!” she heard Beck scream.

It was as if it was slow motion as she watched the car come closer, its horn honking really loudly. Her hands were still on the wheel as she thought there was nothing she could do to avoid the oncoming accident.

All of a sudden, the vehicle swerved out of the way of the car back onto its lane. When she stared at the wheel, she saw a hand that wasn’t hers leave it. She glanced to her right to find Beck staring at her with worry.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his brown eyes never leaving hers.

Just when she was to answer, the vehicle got hit by a strong force from Beck’s side, driving them to the opposite lane. Her hands had left the wheel—upon the hit—and she hit her head on the window.

It all went so fast that an oncoming vehicle honked and when she was about to go back to her lane, she got hit again. She did get back to the right lane only to be hit from behind as she had supposedly entered the lane without checking if there was a vehicle behind.
She stepped on the brake to stop her vehicle, and that was the moment the universe decided to turn its back on her: she couldn’t stop the car. The scary part of this was that there was a car trying to overtake a few on its lane, and at the rate she was going there was no way that would work out as she was sure her car would collide with it.

She hadn’t finished imagining that thought in her mind when the deed happened. Now, blackness filled her vision. She couldn’t think as she felt herself slowing slip into unconsciousness but not before she remembered her sister whom she was sure was once dead was somehow alive.


Ava opened her eyes quickly, taking in and out raspy breaths. She couldn’t identify the images she saw other than the ones in her mind as flashes of the unfortunate ordeals she dreamt off appeared.

Then she heard voices. She looked to her left, sighting a blurred image of her brother, Bruce. She felt hands all over her so she glanced to her right. The familiar face of the nurse she despised the most made her wonder if she still was dreaming.

“Ava, calm down.” said the voice of Dr. Bernard, her most favorite doctor in the hospital she worked at.

Ava looked ahead, meeting his reassuring face. It was then she realized she had been gasping for breath since she had opened her eyes. She inhaled and exhaled heavily one more time before her breathing normalized.

“You’re okay,” Dr. Bernard said.

She nodded at him, thinking, I’m okay. It was just a dream. I’m okay. It was just a dream.

Ava surveyed her surroundings. She realized she was in a ward when she sighted the door and window across the room. She looked to her left to be sure she hadn’t hallucinated Bruce’s presence. Yet, there he was with same pair of eyes Anna had staring at her in most troubled way ever.

“Bruce, why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

His expression changed quickly from worried to confused, making Ava confused as well.

“Ava, I’ve been here since you and Anna left for Charlotte. I’ve been watching the house for you guys.”

She stared at him, more confused than ever. She and Anna never left for Charlotte. She and Anna had been . . . Oh, no! Anna!

There was no way, she thought, that her dream was real. If it was, then it meant . . .

“Anna!” she said, taking her eyes off Bruce, setting them on the doctor. “Where is she! Where’s Anna?”

“She’s fine,” Dr. Bernard replied. “She’s unconscious but fine.”

Ava laid back, sighing in relief.

Her mind then went to Beck. He was in the vehicle with her, meaning he ought to have suffered some injuries from the accident.

“What about Beck: the man in the vehicle with me? Is he alright?”

“He’s alright. He woke not too long ago.”

Everyone was okay, Ava told herself. There was no need to panic. At least, for now there was no need to. Later, she would find out what happened to Anna from Beck and she could get medical answers as to why she was dead one day and the next she was alive.

He wrote down on the clipboard in his hand as he said, “You both will have to rest today. Tomorrow you can go home.” He raised his head and looked at Ava. “You’re lucky the accident wasn’t that serious. You would have needed a lot more than those stitches.” He pointed the pen at her face.

Ava took her hand to her forehead. She felt a plaster at her left temple. She winced at the contact, though the pain was minute.

“Anna isn’t alright though,” Dr. Bernard said, frowning a little. “We’ve been watching her closely since yesterday and we noticed she’s in a coma.” as we speak.

“Yesterday you say?” she said, squeezing her face.

“The accident was yesterday, Ava,” Bruce said, answering for the doctor.

“It probably was as a result of a head injury from the accident.”

“She already was unconscious before the accident. Maybe it only enhanced her condition, hence the coma.”

“Do you know what must have happened that made her unconscious?”

“I don’t. I was hoping to find out when I got her to the hospital. Then the accident happened.”

“Don’t worry; we’ll make she’s well taken care of ’til she wakes.”

She nodded. “Can I see them: Anna and Beck?”

Cynthia scoffed. It was then Ava remembered that she was still in the ward. “Good luck with that!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ava spat, her eyes furiously narrowed at Cynthia.

“No female,” Dr. Bernard said, “has been able to get close to him since the accident. It’s like there’s an invisible force that makes sure of that.”

Ava stared at him, wondering if he was right in the head. That couldn’t be true as she had spent half a week with him.

“Perhaps,” she said, assuring herself actually, “it’d be different with me.”

Cynthia cackled. “Oh, I’d love to see that happen!”

Ava scowled at her, wondering why Dr. Bernard ever let her be her nurse. She wanted to talk to him about it, but she knew better than to try that. She could be suspended for questioning authority.

Ava, in a bit to ignore Cynthia, looked at the doctor. “Can I still see him—and Anna too?”

He nodded. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Sure.” She nodded. “I’ll go later.”

He nodded, acknowledging her reply and turned around to leave. Cynthia followed behind him immediately. Ava was sure Cynthia couldn’t stand being within two meters of Ava much longer. At least, that was one thing they had in common, despite their distaste for each other.
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