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20. The Visit (II)


Beck glanced in the direction of Ava’s bed as he advanced. He suddenly stopped, seeming shocked, making Anna wonder why.

“Beck, you’re here finally,” Sara said, sighing.

“D—do I know you?” he said, his facial expression changing from a shocked one to a confused one.

Anna narrowed her eyes at him, wondering why he was acting as though he never knew Sara whereas the previous night he had embraced her and treated her as though she was a special woman to him.

Sara stared at him quizzically. She was silent as if waiting for him to speak.

To break the silence, Ava said, “It seems like he doesn’t know you, Miss Sara.”

Sara glowered at Beck. “Don’t you dare be stupid, Beck!”

Beck still stared at her as if he didn’t know her but only for a brief moment. Then, a grin broke out on his face as he pointed at her saying, “Got you!” He winked and laughed before moving close to Ava and Sara.

When he sat beside Ava opposite Sara, he greeted them both. Ava replied him with a smile on her face while Sara stared at him, still upset and also looking skeptical about his reaction.

Ava asked him where Bruce was and he said that he had to go see the doctor concerning the bills. Ava was a bit upset about it: he wasn’t supposed to handle it; she was. Nonetheless, she knew trying to drag the issue with Bruce was going to be pointless—as it typically happened in any other situation that involved their bills—so she didn’t say anything about it.

“Sara was just telling me,” Ava said to Beck, “that the story you told me about the woods around Strangeville is false.”

“Really?” he said, stealing glances at Sara.

“Of course it is!” Sara said. “I don’t know why you’d have to lie about it.”

“I didn’t lie about anything, Sara,” he said.

“Mmhmm . . .” she said, sneering. “Just like you didn’t lie about knowing me not long ago, right?”

“It’s just a joke, Sara. April Fools’ Day is tomorrow, you know.”

“It’s true!” said Ava, her eyes really wide. “That would make sense.”

“What will?” Beck asked.

“Sara’s story, Anna’s unconsciousness: it’s is all just a reality TV show for April Fools’ Day.” She giggled as her eyes glanced at every corner of the room. “I wonder where the cameras.”

Anna facepalmed and shook her head. The situation so had nothing to do with a reality TV show. Honestly, she wished it did; that way, she wouldn’t have even so called wandered into the astral realm.

What shocked Anna was when Beck joined Ava in laughing. “It’d be the greatest prank ever,” he said.

She advanced towards him and stretched her hands to grab him. Unfortunately, they passed through him as he still chuckled. She groaned in frustration, wishing she could hurt Beck the way his ex-wife had hurt her sister.

“You think this is a joke, right?” Sara said with her eyes on Beck.

Both of them stopped laughing.

“I would think,” Sara said, her brown orbs never leaving Beck’s own, “you of all people would know how important this is.” She was a quiet for a moment. “I guess you don’t. You never did, even when it was already late.” She stood. “If Annika comes back to life, which I know she will though I don’t know in whose body, you’re on your own. I’m sure you remember all the opportunities that were associated with women you lost because of her.” She looked at Ava. “Good luck in trying to revive your sister. I know it would be fruitless without a witch’s help.”

Sara left appearing more pissed than Anna had ever seen her. Anna thought that Sara’s last words to Ava would have made her consider, even if it was just a little, that Sara was telling the truth. But alas! She joined Beck in laughing once more as Sara exited the ward.

Anna left them and went after Sara. She begged her to try again, but Sara refused, saying she had to resort to the method she’d been using for a long time now: sacrifice unfortunate visitors in Strangeville.

After much plea to Sara that she should stay and not to give up in saving her as she (Anna) would figure things out, Sara eventually did. Then Anna asked to be taught any ghostly tricks Sara knew so she could use them to communicate to Ava. Anna believed that if she would believe anyone it was Anna herself.

Sara wasn’t pleased with the idea. According to her, though she was psychic and had to learn witchcraft to enhance her psychic abilities, she still didn’t fancy witchcraft. Nevertheless, she taught how to possess objects before she progressed to people.

Being able to perform such ghostly act, Anna had to use the one person she knew Ava despised the most: Cynthia. Cynthia wasn’t her first option; Bruce was. But it was Sara who suggested it as she had noticed how upset Cynthia was before and after each time she entered the ward to attend to Ava.

According to Sara, if Cynthia spelt out things to Ava only she (Anna) and Ava knew, she would realize that something serious was going on. Then, all Anna had to do was convince Ava to let Sara do the ritual for Anna to be whole again, explaining that once she was up she’d understand what happened and why.

The moment came for Anna to carry out her obligation. Anna prayed to whoever would listen that her training that day wouldn’t be for nothing.

As Cynthia made her way to Ava’s ward, which was supposed to be for the last time that night, Anna entered her body, binding her soul with Cynthia’s body and suppressing Cynthia’s subconscious. Anna was grateful to Sara that she had time to practice. Cynthia was really stubborn but Anna was successful in getting her to be silent and overtaking her body.

Once she was sure Cynthia wouldn’t interrupt her mission, she entered the ward.

Ava averted her eyes from the novel she was reading to look at who entered. She frowned immediately when she sighted Anna—sorry, Cynthia. Anna was almost confused why Ava looked as if she wanted to drown her.

“You again,” Ava said, the scowl never leaving her face.

“I need to talk you,” Anna said.

She scoffed. “Oh, so now you want to talk.” She rolled her eyes and chuckled. She settled her eyes on her novel, ignoring Anna—sorry again: Cynthia.

“I’m not Cynthia.”

Ava guffawed, causing her to hiss and place her hand on her stomach. “And I’m not Ava.” She laughed again, only lighter this time.

“Every morning while you stayed with Anna and Beck, Anna always mocked you about having feelings for Beck.”

Ava stopped laughing and narrowed her eyes at A—Cynthia. “Have you been talking with my brother?”

“What?” Anna said, wondering why Ava thought that. “No! I haven’t.”

“Then how did you know that?”

“I told you: I’m not Cynthia. It’s me: Anna.”

Ava’s jaw became hard as her cerulean eyeballs glazed with an icy ire. “Look, Cynthia, you can use anybody’s name to joke with me but not my sister.”

“The morning of the day Anna disappeared, you dreamt of Beck and Anna teased you about it”

“No one knows that but—”

“Anna? I’m guessing you wouldn’t tell anyone about that.”

Ava didn’t say anything. She stared into, well, Cynthia’s eyes skeptically. Her eyes danced from left to right as though she was trying to see into Cynthia’s soul.

“Just look into my eyes,” Anna said while Ava still stared, “and tell me you don’t see Anna.”

Ava stared deeper. Anna got closer and sat on the bed beside Ava, hoping she could find what she was searching for quicker. Anna stared at Ava liked the way she normally did when they had their heart to heart talk. Anna hoped Ava could see through Cynthia’s eyes; she hoped Ava still remembered what her ex-best friend’s facial expressions meant.
Then Ava gasped as her eyes went wide. “Oh, Anna!” she said, throwing her arms around Cynthia’s body.

It was just at that moment that Cynthia’s subconscious threatened to emerge.

Ava released the hug. “H—how? How is this possible?”

Anna, knowing she didn’t have much time left, said, “I can’t explain it now. But I will once I wake up.”

Her eyes turned melancholic. “Anna, you’ve been here in a coma for three days. I could have told them what could have possibly caused it if I knew what happened to you, aside the accident, but I don’t.”

She put Cynthia’s hands on Ava’s shoulders. “Ava, I know all this, but just listen to me: you’ll understand everything soon but when Sara comes, telling you that you I have to undergo a ritual you have to listen to her. You could lose me and yourself if you don’t. You have to listen to her, Ava.”

“I will: if it will bring you back, I will listen to her.”

Right now, she could hear Cynthia’s faint inside voice. “I have to go. I can’t stay much longer in someone’s body. We’ll talk again when I wake up.”

She stood.

As she turned to go, she heard Ava say, “I love you, Anna.”

She stole a glance at Ava, smiling faintly at her. “I love you, Ava.”

She quickly got out of the ward and just in time, Cynthia finally surfaced, pushing Anna out of her body. Anna considered herself lucky to have such a strong bond with her sister; otherwise, she wouldn’t know how else to convince Ava that she needed a witch’s help for Anna to be alright.


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