The father and son

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The real story of the prohet Joseph

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The father and son

The father and son

One day the most beloved son of all woke up relating his dream, in which he saw himself wearing a coat of many colors and eleven planets were bowing down in addition to the sun and the moon. For fear of an imminent plot, the father advised his son against spreading this dream, knowing that the devil is the man’s worst enemy. This beautiful dream was as revealing as the blissful promises it pertained and as premonitious as the consequences it incurred. It promised that his son will be a master of dream interpretations beyond his age. He was already so good looking to an alarming point. The point which triggered an eternal, unavoidable and poisonous jealousy just for starters. The son had brothers and one night they gathered for the feast and raised the issue, as a result a plot was designed. It was thus concluded that their brother would be a hindrance towards their father’s attention, believing that dispensing with him would enable them to amount to decent and higher grounds. One of the brothers didn’t agree though. However, it didn’t take the rest of them long to sway him. In the end, he submitted but never to murder. He insisted on barely casting him away, after all, “his blood runs through our veins”. He suggested that a caravan might well pick him up and take care of him, instead.

The hardest task was to bring their father around to concede to an unwilling custody. The hardest custody in all the splendor of humanity, the most sensitive chord in the history of human delusioned glory. The plan was carried out ingeniously, for the brothers knew well that repetition was stronger than magic.

“Father, why don’t you trust us with him”

“ I am afraid of the wolf, he might steal him from you, playing around carelessly”

“If the wolf ate him, and we are many, we would be good for nothing.”

They kept repeating their request until the father’s will was worn away and invariably gave up.

The same evening they came back weeping, and amazingly faking their tears.

“O father, we went off racing one another, and left him by our belongings; and the wolf ate him. But you will not believe us, even though we are being truthful.”

On the other hand, the father wept tears of blood until he lost sight. But deep down in his heart there was a voice calling his son’s name, in spite of the bloody Shirt they brought back as proof.

He said mourning, “Your souls enticed you to do something. But patience is beautiful, and God is my Help against what you describe.”

On the other side, and indeed as the one brother suggested and foresaw, the caravan passed by, and collected the son from the well, and they sold him for a cheap price—a few coins. Even if this transaction seemed of little value, it literally paved the way for the son to the governor’s castle.

The Egyptian who bought him said to his wife, “Take good care of him; he may be useful to us, or we may adopt him as a son. Therefore, he established in the land, and he learnt the interpretation of events.”

Anyhow, there was a problem in the way, the egyptian’s wife, and it was all because of the beauty of the son. God had blessed him with stunning features, his mind blowing looks were a knock out to anyone including men. The egyptian’s wife was not only in love but also madly infatuated with him.

She in whose house he was living tried to seduce him. She shut the doors, and said, “I am yours.” He said, “God forbid! He is my Lord. He has given me a good home. Sinners never succeed.”

No matter how furious and mutual the fire burning, the son recalled God’s interventions in his life and abstained. As a matter of fact, there was no escaping, she chased him around the house and “as they were racing towards the door, she tore his shirt from behind. At the door, they ran into her husband. She said, “What is the penalty for him who desired to dishonor your wife, except imprisonment or a painful punishment?”

The son , in vain, tried his best to prove his innocence. A witness from her household suggested: “If his shirt is torn from the front: then she has told the truth, and he is the liar, but it wasn’t.”

Some ladies in the city said, “The governor's wife is trying to seduce her servant. She is deeply in love with him. We see she has gone astray.”

And when she heard of their gossip, she invited them, and prepared for them a banquet, and she gave each one of them a knife. She said to the adopted son, “Come out before them.” And when they saw him, they marveled at him, and cut their hands off unconsciously. They said, “Good God, this is not a human, this must be a precious angel.” She said, “Here he is, the one you blamed me for. I did try to seduce him, but he resisted. But if he does not do what I tell him to do, he will be imprisoned, and will be one of the despised.”

In the end the son gave in to imprisonment “My Lord, prison is more desirable to me than what they call me to. Unless You turn their scheming away from me, I may yield to them, and become one of the ignorant.” The lord heard his prayers, and answered them by diverting their scheming away from him. God works in mysterious ways, changing people’s minds is the most unnoticeable of his interventions. The shirt was torn from the back, yet the son inexplicably suffered the penalty of imprisonment. Maybe because the husband was under the wife’s magic spells, as Egypt was famous for in those days. Maybe, he was madly in love with her, the kind of love she had for the son, or someone else apart from the husband anyway.

Two youths entered the prison with him. One of them said, “I see myself pressing wine.” The other said, “I see myself carrying bread on my head, from which the birds are eating. Tell us their dream interpretation, as we see that you are one of the righteous. We heard that you are good with dreams, What do you have to say about these dreams ?”

“O my fellow inmates! One of you will serve his master wine; while the other will be crucified, and the birds will eat from his head. Thus the matter you are inquiring about is settled.” When he finished he said to the one he knew that he would be released, “Mention me to your master.” The interpretation was right, the youth whose dream was about bread and birds eating it from his head, indeed died. The other one, rather the survivor, forgot to mention him to his master, so he remained in prison for several more years. The survivor was actually the king's servant, he was in prison because one day he drank the quality wine they used to export from greece. However, he was the king’s beloved companion and he learnt his lesson.

Then came the day when the king himself had a dream, The king said, “I see seven fat cows being eaten by seven lean ones, and seven green spikes, and others dried up. O elders, explain to me my vision, if you are able to interpret visions.”

The servants answered “Jumbles of dreams, and we know nothing of the interpretation of dreams. The one who was released said, having remembered after a time, “I will inform you of its interpretation, so send me out.”

The servant knew which way to go. Moreover, he had a lot of explaining to do. He definitely had to apologize to the son for failing to extract him out. The servant justified the loss of memory and blamed it on the wine. Apology accepted. Now the time had come to see who was the real king of that place. “O man of truth, inform us concerning seven fat cows being eaten by seven lean ones, and seven green spikes, and others dried up, so that I may return to the people, so that they may know.”

The son took no time to reply, and spoke as if a divine light had struck his soul. He said, “You will farm for seven consecutive years. But whatever you harvest, leave it in its spikes, except for the little that you eat. Then after that will come seven difficult ones, which will consume what you have stored for them, except for the little that you have preserved. Then after that will come a year that brings relief to the people, and during which they will press.”

On hearing the interpretation, the king called for his presence immediately, and his case was cracked open again, time for equity. justice was settled, and the son was released gloriously. He was appointed governor of Egypt, thus the reward of the righteous, let alone the hereafter.

He established in the land, and one day as he was administering a reunion, a bunch of people demanded to see him because they had an issue with provisions. As he summoned them before him, he recognized them. They were his brothers speaking his own mother tongue, as well as the very ones who cast him away in the well, also the very ones who forsook him in the wilderness. In the beginning, he felt an overwhelming urge to spite them, but he was stronger than revenge, it is for the weak.

He decided, “Bring me a brother of yours from your father. Do you not see that I fill up the measure, and I am the best of hosts?” He would never forget his little sweet brother of his.

“But if you do not bring him to me, you will have no measure from me, and you will not come near me.”

They said, “We will solicit him from his father. We will surely do.”

He secretly ordered his servants to put their goods in their saddlebags; “perhaps they will recognize them when they return to their families, and maybe they will come back. Perhaps too, the greedy feeds on the bait.”

Indeed, the brothers unaware of the goods in their saddlebags were already trying to bring again their blind father around to concede the second beloved son. He said, “Shall I trust you with him, as I trusted you with his brother before? God is the Best Guardian, and He is the Most Merciful of the merciful.” It was out of the question.

Nonetheless, on opening their baggage, they found that their goods were returned to them. They said, “Father, what more do we want? Here are our goods, returned to us. We will provide for our family, and protect our brother, and have an additional camel-load. This is easy commerce.” It was proof of the governor’s good intentions. The bait seemed to find its way to the starving fish. In the end he made a vow, “I will not send him with you, unless you give me a pledge before God that you will bring him back to me, unless you get trapped.” And when they gave him their pledge, he said, “God is witness to what we say.”

However, he advised them , “O my sons, do not enter by one gate, but enter by different gates. I cannot avail you anything against God. The decision rests only with God. On Him I rely, and on Him let the reliant rely.”

The plan was executed to the letter, so the brothers found their way to the governor, in other words, the forsaken brother. And when they entered into his presence, he embraced his brother, and said, “I am your brother; do not be saddened by what they used to do.” He let him in on the secret and confided that he was setting a trap for the good cause, the overall positive outcome. A sweet fraternal conspiracy. The trap consisted of blaming the theft of the king’s goblet on him and sending him to jail temporarily, hence holding him in custody so as to bring the father to his presence this time. The brothers now understood that the little one should pay the goblet’s king with jail, unless they summoned their father.

The father said on hearing the terrible news as if history repeated itself, “Rather, your souls have contrived something for you. Patience is a virtue. Perhaps God will bring them all back to me. He is the Knowing, the Wise.” He inwardly made certain that the two sons were alive. “O my sons, go and inquire diligently about your two brothers, and do not despair of God's comfort. None despairs of God's comfort except the disbelieving people.”

For the first time in his dealings with his sons, the father had a good feeling about this trip, but he kept it to himself. In fact, the brothers did go to the governor, yet not for the same reason their father asked them to. Greed dictated that they should ask for more. The bait of the son was stronger than the wisdom of their father in the meantime. They wanted more corn with only a few coins left. They looked needy and miserable, and he knew well that it was more than just a cheap act. He couldn’t help but confess this time. They replied ˹in shock˺, “Are you really our brother?” He said, “I am, and here is the other little brother! God has truly been gracious to us. Surely whoever is mindful of Him and patient, then certainly God never discounts the reward of the good-doers.”

They admitted that God had truly preferred him over , and that they had surely been sinful.”

The governor said, “There is no blame on you today. May God forgive you! He is the Most Merciful of the merciful!

In the evening, the brothers gathered embracing the warmth of a family with great joy. The governor remained governor though and he requested :

Go with this shirt of mine and cast it over my father’s face, and he will regain his sight. Then come back to me as a whole.”

The scenario crafted by the governor worked like a spell. For indeed the father regained sight and he said comfortably :

“Did I not tell you that I truly know from God what you do not know?”

The End

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