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These two teen adults different parts are merged into being one. Wanting to live away from her family who is a national and regional rich family, Camille Ashley Fay lives on campus where she becomes cold and keeps away from too much people to have her life of studying. Siddharth Samrat Winters who is a mixed blood of Indian Canadian whose family is an international wealthy class and the responsibility of the family has been passed down to him at the same time attending a medical school. When their fate collide, what will be the end result.

Other / Drama
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Chapter 1 LEAVING

"Favour am really going to miss you", Camille's younger sister Goodness whined.
" oh god, can't you just use the short form 'fay', look day please call us more often", Abraham, Goodness immediate younger brother said.
"OK guys, will you stop acting like am never going to come back?", Camille looked at her siblings quizzically.
And then, the last but not the least Daniella rushes out with puffy eyes from crying, " I will miss you, ", and then she envelops Camille in a hug.
Camille has a family altogether. Her parents, she and her three other siblings. She's 15 years of age and is about entering the university. You may call her too young but she's really intelligent. Her immediate younger sister Goodness is about 13 years of age in high school.
Then comes Abraham, the only boy about 10 years old about entering high school. And then the last kid Daniella, 7 years of age.
You can say that their family has a dominant trait of intelligence. Their father Friday Ashley is a qualified nurse who graduated with first class degrees and expects same from his children. While their mother Cordilia Ashley is a financial accountant and a business lady.
The family of six were on their way to the garage where they could get a car for Camille. It was almost a five hour drive from home to campus but Cordilia wouldn't let her take the airplane because the first time she got into an airplane, they realised she was scared of height and even threw up. After that, no more plane ride except emergencies.
"Hmm darling, be good OK?, don't cause trouble and make is proud", Cordilia stated.
" yes fay, you know your goal and perspective, don't get distracted and be focused and then you can become the best", Friday chipped in.
"Yes dad and mom, I know and I will. I love you and I will miss all of you", she said tearily. She hugged everyone and got into the drivers seat.
She had learnt how to drive not too long ago but she was still a bit nervous.
She decided to clear her head so as not to get involved in some drama on her first day.
She started the car and zoomed off leaving home and staying on her own. She knew this is when the journey of her life will begin.
She was on a long drive that seemed almost like eternity while thinking of how things may or may not work for her.
What if a professor hates her, what about bullies, wait do they even bully in the university?, well maybe those troublemakers. Good thing she had learnt a little bit of martial arts but if she happens to come across bullies like them, she'll have to perfect her skills.
She wanted to have a quiet and detached personality so she wouldn't try to please many people and get involved in friends drama.
Before all her thinking could come to a halt, she saw herself in front of her university.
" EAGLE'S HEIGHT UNIVERSITY ", " now is time", she muttered to herself and drove in.
Hi guys am new here and this is my first book. I happen to start my work medics love in another app kongfu books were I've gotten to about 25 chapters. Am sorry if it was a bit boring but the real novel starts from around chapter ten. It may be lame and stupid but please bear with me till that time.
Also you know it's not an easy thing to do, after advancing your book in another app, you come to a different app and start all over thus I will really need your comments and reviews on what you think to keep me going. If you don't like the book, just state and I'll continue it in only one app reduction of stress actually but if you do like it, for your sake I'll continue. Much love please comment, thanks💖💕😚😄

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