A Letter to my Children from the Mother Side of God

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A Letter to My Children from the Mother Side of God 103


It is only appropriate that a book written about Mother would have a foreword by the authors son. I have been the son of Nancy Glende for over 58 years. During that time, we have had many conversations about the state of the world and the people in it. This includes the people we know (family and friends) and people in general – like you. I know Mom as a human being very well and you have the chance to have a window into her soul with this book. This is her gift to you and to all humanity.

Mom has never been driven by money or attached to the “things” of this world. As she has grown, her goals have moved towards being a blessing to the world from a spiritual standpoint. In this book she talks about the worldly aspects of her relationship with her mother, and more than that, her relationship with the ultimate Mother and Father.

All of us need to evolve (and heal) in our lives from being connected to the time as a child when we had a birth mother and father who impacted us in whatever ways that happened. This is no way means we do not love or care for our parents, it simply means there is a higher level of consciousness seeking a connection with us. We have to consciously move forward and up.

In order to accomplish this and move toward a more awakened state, we must develop our connection with the Mother and Father spirit and energy that will provide the ultimate in love and wisdom for our lives. The peace this brings is so needed by many people around the world as so many are in pain and struggling with some level of emptiness.

We are not truly whole until they make a connection with the Mother and Father and experience the love they bring.

This book focuses on the Mother energy because it is the least understood and respected of the two. Most religions in the world today see God as a holy Father. The Native American (Indian) tribes worshiped a Mother Earth and were looked at as backwards. The world today is struggling with the transition from overly paternal control to a more balanced masculine and feminine place. In order to understand this concept, we must open up, wake up, grow up, and clean up – then show up for others.

Whether my observations have meaning for you or not at this moment, I encourage you to read on and connect with the author and receive what she was called to put out for you. I promise, it will help you and the world be in a better place!

It is my hope as you read my mother’s words that they will mean as much to you as they have always meant to me…

Note from the Author

These words were received by me, Nancy Glende, over a period of years. I see the original poems as prayers attempting to be a receiver of Mother that I might extend this energy into humanity. These were written in December of 2006 and January of 2011. The original chapters in this book were written in 2011.

A Letter to My Children from the Mother Side of God spoken by Mother is at the end of the chapters.

There is repetition of points within chapters. When this thinking is so unlike our cultural thinking, repetition is needed. Also, as I dealt with different topics, I included some of the same points in different chapters to be thorough with each topic.

When I first wrote this book, I sent a chapter to a book publishing company and it was rejected. I then put it in a drawer where it has been sitting since then. In the last month I have had a strong urge from within telling me that the time is now right for me to get this out to the public.

I am now 81 and live alone in a senior community. These learnings have served me well. We are still dealing with Covid-19 and my health has improved if anything as I have grown stronger spiritually based on principles shared in this book. I’m sorry to say that I am surrounded by elders who have not grown spiritually and are seriously declining and dying due to various stresses, especially isolation.

May you receive my model as a gift and nourish your soul. I know that Mother would be very pleased.


12/23/06 A Pantoum: A Letter to My Children

I would like to write a book: A Letter to My Children

Journals I’ve been writing for years

Tapping ever deeper into Mother

She urges me to speak for Her

Journals I’ve been writing for years

With a great longing to be known

She urges me to speak for her

I grieve for a world gone mad

With a great longing to be known

I must speak to the world’s children

I grieve for a world gone mad

As Mom, Mother Earth, Mother Divine

I must speak to the world’s children

Tapping ever deeper into Mother

As Mom, Mother Earth, Mother Divine

I would like to write a book: A Letter to My Children



Once again in the cold of January I feel the pressure of innocent energy seeking to birth, be received by my own love, and safely embraced to Be. And for the first time that innocent energy will feel safe to Be.

As I observe the birds in Florida, I know that I must prepare this space myself for I am the receiver of what births. Things of nature always call to that innocence. My love expresses still, and anew to that which has not as yet been fully within my awareness and protection. This time that innocent Child must trust that I will only nurture and not harm or neglect her as was the case with external sources of nurturing before she went into hiding as a way of saving herself.

And where two gather as one, there is the Christ in both as a third.


Once again for the first time

I prepare a space to birth


Where hearts open, arms embrace

To receive

Egrets and Herons, or the like

Call to and from me

My Nature

Boldly transforming space

Outer and Inner

Love expresses still and anew

Receiving pure essence

As given

No doubt in mind this time around

About (M)other

Trusting a Receiver

Will welcome, value and


And respond only with needed



Once again for the first time

Prepare a space to birth


Where we both receive and give

To become



Conversations with Mother

3/27/10 Mother, I hear the words, “A Letter to My Children from the Mother Side of God.” Is this the title for a book that I am to write?

Yes, why not? You are a very good writer.

I would love to write. I want it to be your words.

Of course! And why would they not be my words?

How do I know if they are your words or mine?

Write whether you know the difference or not. Sort out the thoughts later.

That sounds good. I’ll do that. As of today, I have the laptop set up with a mouse and am typing much more fluidly. That will help a lot. All the frustration of using the built-in mouse was getting in the way of flowing.

Of course! I’m glad that you were willing to go through something that I know is so challenging for you.

Thank you for caring about me.

Nancy, you have no idea how much I care for you. Earth mothers and Divine Mothers are so very different. There is no comparison.

You mean that there are many Divine Mothers?

Everyone has a Divine Mother.

Really? Do we know that?

Apparently not, if you didn’t know that.

Do we call these Mothers by other names?


I find that as I grow spiritually, I have to reverse everything from the cultural way of looking at it. So, I assume that I have to do this with Mother.

Let me see you do that.

You would nurture my soul, not my body. You would always be with me and not be able to separate from me. You would only help me grow. You would only love me. I assume that I would listen to your voice to guide me always.

That is the way it is to be. So, the important thing here is that your growth depends on listening. That is a feminine function within you.

How do you as Mother relate to the feminine in me?

Nancy, you ask very good questions. You might think of me as that which includes all of your individual Divine Mothers. I am the feminine aspect of God. The feminine and masculine functions are so interrelated that they are almost indistinguishable, yet neither can function without the other. Speaking may be a masculine function, yet you cannot speak without listening to thoughts in your mind first. And if vowels are feminine and consonants are masculine, you cannot say a word without including both.

So, when I receive messages that I am to write a letter to all your children for you, am I hearing from you, Mother, or you, Father?

I asked you to receive the letter. You really need not separate Father and Me in your mind. We truly are One. I think all that changes for you is to see us as One. In other words, add me to your concept of God.

How am I to live in a world where there is so much harmfulness, harshness, and hate?

Be yourself as you know yourself within my Love.

Does that help you? I would like to believe what Hawkins said in his book Power Vs Force. He says that one person living in full awareness of the presence of Love emits a force that counteracts the energy of many thousands of people still functioning at lower levels.

Indeed this helps me. Remember that I am One energy force that relates to the Mother in each of you. The more you emit this force, the stronger it is in the greater pool. The stronger the pool, the more it attracts each person to rise into it.

Are you saying that it is human beings that have the power to save the world by waking to your presence and receiving your Love?

That is exactly what I am saying.

It is programmed into each of us to wake up? It is to your Love that we wake? Tell me what is helping people wake up and what is supporting their staying asleep.

It is all within the mind, for anything can be used to wake up or to remain asleep.

Then it is all about being willing to see things differently.


I want to say that I don’t have much faith in humanity.

Have faith in yourself and you will give faith.

I see that that is a reversal like everything has to be reversed within the mind to wake up.


So how can we as a humanity possibly make all the reversals that need to be made? Would it not create complete chaos?

Probably and who said that chaos is a problem? Every change goes through a period of chaos. It is only a matter of how long one resists the change and keeps the chaos going. The sooner one accepts the reversal or the change, the sooner one knows of my presence.

I’ve known this for some time related to grief. I only grieve until I accept the new coming into my life and then I realize how blessed I am.

That is so for every human being and it is an important lesson to be learned.

I feel unsettled right now, perhaps angry and I know that covers fear. I suppose the same is true for fear. We only stay fearful until we wake to the other side of it.

True, so what is your fear?

I want so much to deliver your message to your children and I don’t trust that I can do that or that anything I say will make any meaningful difference. Or certainly not large enough or fast enough to stop what seems out of control in so many places in the world.

Nancy, for most of your 72 years you have demonstrated kindness and caring for people above and beyond any expectation of any person. You have no idea how many people you have influenced, how much Loving-kindness has rippled out from you alone.

And has this made any difference?

It certainly has. I know it is difficult to see what takes place in the invisible world. So you must have faith as your motivation. Faith indicates a secure connection with me. You can only be helpful to humanity in holding firm in your connection with me. Many others are holding this connection and you all are making a difference. Humanity is shifting. Do not put a time frame on the shift. Shifting is eternal. You won’t “get there.” There will always be a higher state of Love and that does not mean that what you have achieved has not been meaningful.

Am I doing what you have asked of me?

You certainly are. You will not fail. You cannot fail. As long as you emit or extend my energy you cannot fail. It is energy that is only helpful. I am aware, as you are aware, that it is interesting that so many of the classes you teach end with those words, “Be only helpful.”

I’ve noticed that.

You don’t plan that. It just seems to happen. Hold your connection with me and the right words will be spoken, or written, and you need not fear that they lack power. Pure Love is pure power and that is a transformative power.

And transformative means?

I would say that to reverse from cultural to spiritual is transformative. It completely shifts the direction of a thought, the direction of an action, and the result of that action. A Course in Miracles calls these fear and Love. That works. Fear resists the flow of life and Love assists the flow of life.


Mother, tell me who you are.

I am the voice you have been listening to for many years. You just have never called me Mother.

True, I have not called you Mother. Many years ago in Transactional Analysis I learned to dialogue between what was called the Nurturing Parent and the Natural Child. Through personal growth work I have talked with you at least in my mind, on paper, using a mirror, using chairs, and in visualization. I’ve never thought of you as Mother.

Are you willing to do that now?

Yes, of course. I don’t know why this comes as such a surprise to me. It is so glaringly obvious now that you have made the connection for me.

That is what I do. I make connections.

I see. I have also studied A Course in Miracles for years. It speaks of the Holy Spirit Voice. What is that?

It is the Voice of Love as I am the Voice of Love. It does not matter what you call the Voice.

I’ve always thought of that Voice as masculine.

Of course! You grew up hearing only God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. It makes complete sense that you would think of the Holy Spirit as masculine.

So, I remember way back at age 30 coming to the end of the script that said, “Grow up, get married, and have children.” I did that and then felt like I went into a vacuum. I remember that as a very difficult time.

I understand that. No one taught you anything about your soul or how it grows. No one taught you about your divinity. I’d love to do that now.

That sounds good. I went to Sunday school as a child. I even have pins for all 12 years showing that I never missed a week. Shouldn’t I have learned about my soul in church?

You would think so. And you would think that your parents would see you as a soul, a truly unique soul and nurture you as that.

What is my soul?

Your soul is the aspect of you that receives from Spirit. You could think of your soul as feminine and your spirit as masculine. To the extent that you allow yourself to receive Love from Spirit you feel that Love and extend it to others.

Well, why would I not allow such a thing?

First, if you don’t even know such a thing exists, it would be difficult to cooperate with the whole process. Also, any place where you have fear, you could not receive Love.

Why not?

Think of it this way. Just like you have baby teeth and then permanent teeth, you have a way of being before you are aware of us as Divine parents and then a way of being after you are aware of us. You are constantly fed Love from your Divine Mother and Father to the Divine Child within you. At some point each person wakes up and realizes this.

How are you different from my parents?

First, we are not in a body. Secondly, it is your nature to try to get love from your parents in the first phase of your life. That is different from being a receiver for Love from us. Obviously, when trying to get anything you do not have any sense of having it. In the first phase of life you could think of trying to get as a masculine function whereas receiving is a feminine function. Culture is far more focused on masculine ways than feminine. This has tended to keep you separate from us. This need not be.

So give me an example of shifting the direction of a thought.

There is a member of the family who is snubbing you and your thought is that if only you wait long enough that person will change and include you. That keeps the focus on the other person and waits for them to change. To shift the direction means that you would both stop waiting and make a change yourself. This means that you would take some action to include the other, or invite the other to join with you. And in doing so you are willing to feel rejection by them without going to fear, anger, or revenge. And perhaps the most important change here is your not going to fear, anger, or revenge. That means that you have not allowed yourself to take a separating stance. In doing so, you remain open and allow for the other to change.

I get tired of people being small.

Do you get “sick and tired?”

Yes I do.

Good! That feeling indicates that you are ready to make a change yourself. That also means that you are enough aware of my Love from within that you will risk losing love in a relationship that needs to shift. Sometimes the first thing another will do when you do anything new is to react with fear. If you continue to do your more Loving behavior they will grow to trust you and are more likely to change themselves and respond from a higher place.

I think that I am afraid of how people react. It doesn’t feel good to me.

Consider that people are always doing their best. I know that is hard to believe or hold as a truth. Think about it. If you consider that any problem person is doing their best, then that means that they need more information or need help of some kind. This will call for you to give information or help. The other option is to judge them as bad one way or another and decide to react in some unhelpful way. This gives no new information, and only makes the situation worse.

You are always kind, aren’t you?

Why be otherwise?

It only makes sense to give information and be helpful. There seems to be so little of this. I remember three incidents from my life that stand out in sharp contrast to the usual.

The first was when I was four years old. My mother’s best friend lived several houses up the street. She had a circular sidewalk in front of her home. On the day that her poppies came into full bloom, I walked around the circle and picked all of the poppies and took them home to my mother. Of course I expected my mother to be very pleased with my gift to her. I had no idea that she would react with fright that she had just lost her best friend. So with an unexpected spanking from her, the response of her friend was even more unexpected. She planted me my very own sweet pea garden. Every year into adulthood she invited me to come pick the flowers saying that the more I picked them, the more they would grow.

The second incident was very similar. My four year old son went next door and picked a row of flowers planted by the man who lived there. The man told me about it and I felt duly bad. The next morning I went out my back door to find a large tractor tire painted red, full of sand and toys. He said that my son needed a place to play.

The third was when I worked as a nurse. One evening I did something wrong in setting up an intravenous drip. I realized it was not right and could not see how to correct my error. I turned it off and called my supervisor. Meanwhile I went on to further duties. Soon she came into the room, told me what she had done to fix the IV and told me to continue with my work that all was well. After she left I thought, “No criticism, no fault finding, no pink slip, no comment on my work record.” She was only helpful.

These are beautiful examples of people behaving beautifully. They all demonstrate how touching it is when people respond only helpfully. And in each of these situations information was given. Note that information is given at more than one level. In the case of the IV you were told what you needed to do next time to not make the same error. In all of the situations you were given the message that you were totally Loved by the other. That is why you remember these incidents that happened so many years ago.

Are these examples of your acting through people?

Yes. Do you see how they allow everyone to Love themselves, the helper and the helped?

That’s neat. We could think of ourselves as the helper or the helped – always Loved. I like that.

Wouldn’t that make for a great world?

I guess the next problem is one of balance. Some people always seem to need help while others always seem called to give help.

That is a big issue. People who always seem to need help do not realize what they would gain by connecting with me inside of themselves. People who are always in the helping role do not realize that they, too, would gain by connecting with me inside themselves. The key word here is “give.” When people are always needing help, it is Love they need. And that is Love that comes from inner connection. When people are always needing to help, they, too, need Love that comes from inner connection. It is only when you have connected with me inside that you can give help with Love and not resentment, or receive Love and grow with it.

Tell me more about connecting with you inside.

You certainly are connected with me right now. You are talking with me, you are listening to me. You are seeing that I respond to every question.

True, I really do feel connected to you right now. Are there other ways to connect with you?

There are as many ways as there are people. There is no right or wrong way. It is a matter of what works. Each must find their way. How each person connects with me would not be as important as THAT they connect with me. And that requires knowing I am here, knowing that they can connect with me, desiring to connect with me, being willing to receive my Love, and doing what they must do to open their hearts to receive me.

I certainly want that.

Of course! The tendency is always to try to get love. You try to please others, to fit in, or to be nice even when some other response would be more appropriate. So in this sense you need to stop trying to get love from anyone. Everything in the spiritual realm, and that means everything related to me, is paradoxical. You may need to do just the opposite of what you have been doing, and surprisingly you find this works.

How do I know when I have made a connection with you?

You may sigh a sigh of relief. You certainly will feel a sense of well-being. I can imagine that you would feel a sense of peace. You may even feel a peace that passes understanding. That means that all the problems you had before you made the connection are still there and now when you look at them you simply see them as situations that call for your attention, decisions you need to make, or actions you need to take. You no longer see them as places in your life where you fear you will not be Loved. Think how easy it would be to make decisions if the issue of being Loved or not were removed from the decision. Life would flow so much more easily.

You say that a problem is a decision I need to make?

Yes. Maybe many decisions, though they would be made one at a time. When the first decision is to connect with me, I’ll help you with all the other decisions.

Can I count on this?

Always. If you think that I am not there, you have closed your mind and heart and no longer see or feel my presence. When a heart is closed the person will always see someone else as being at fault for not feeling loved. They will think it is love from the other person that they want. In reality, it is always my Love which flows through them that is missing from their lives.

This really calls for self-responsibility, doesn’t it.

My Love flows through a person and extends out to others. It feeds the person while passing through. If one is not open to receive my Love, they will not be open to receive Love from another person either. And certainly they will have no Love to give if they have received no Love.

Love. That is a topic in and of itself. I see that you use a capital L.

Yes, I refer to Love from your Father and Me. This Love is the only Love that is unconditional. When this Love flows through you, you can extend it to others unconditionally. Seldom is Love given unconditionally, however. Most give love to another human being expecting love in return and are quick to go to resentment, blame, or cry “unfair” if love is not returned. Actually, it is exactly this that must be overcome to know my Love. I cannot repeat too many times that to know my Love you must first open to receive it and only then will you know it and be able to give it.

So do I understand correctly that there is love with a small l and Love with a capital L?

You have many stages in your life and love can mean different things at different stages.

Like a mother’s love and puppy love?

Yes, and that gets confusing when you use the word love for things like “I love that movie” or “I love pumpkin pie.”

How do I know it is your Love?

Remember that my Love does not come and go. It is constant. If it seems to come and go it is only because your awareness of it comes and goes. Another thing to know about my Love is that it is always and only helpful.


Mother, I checked out simple numerology and see that the date of the first letter relates to manifestation from a well- built foundation and proper application while this date relates to completion. Have I completed my part in this project?

Yes, with honor, Precious One.

I believe that you gave me the title, so will you write the final letter?

Yes, I will. Listen for it.

I will, gladly.

If you look at the words above, “manifestation from a well-built foundation,” scribing from the holy is not new to you. You have scribed many letters from Vishnu to fellow community members, and listened to higher guidance to write two other books.

Listening to the holy speak through me is one of the things I miss most about leading the community. I thought I would never have that pleasurable experience again.

It is one of your gifts to give, and therefore receive in the giving. You need not be so restricted as to give this gift only to a few people. You can offer it to all of humanity.

Wow! I love that. I know that any letter from you will flow with ease. The hard part is getting completely out of the way so I do not try to write it myself.

You can do that.

I sense that I want to push things and hurry up. I know that that will only deny what is holy.


What is your hurry?

There is no real hurry. I would like to get this book published. I’m telling myself that that will be hard, mostly due to my not being technology proficient. Are you willing to go before me and remove all obstacles?

Sure, why not.

Personal computers were new when I published my other books. Since then the whole industry has been transformed and keeps changing faster than I have kept up with social technology. I sense that to be an author today, they will expect skills of me that I do not have.

You have the basics to build on and wisdom to do so.

I just need to not project ahead and scare myself. I guess a lot of people have technical skills and not much spiritual growth. I have spiritual growth and not so many technical skills. I’d like to believe that people will value what I have to say enough to help me where I need help.

You have a son who is an international leader in the field of technology with three books out on the subject himself to say nothing of having started the Crowdscribed label. Did you not just write many times in this book to ask?

Yes I did.

So then, ask!

Mother, I love talking with you.

Of course! It is the most natural thing in the world. Keep me in your heart and mind always, Precious One.


Erich Fromm: “Most people die before they are fully born. Creativeness means to be born before one dies.” I write, ensouling my words, to be fully born before I die. And to do so, I must fully recognize and allow the denied feminine to take her proper place within the divinity of my soul.

Everything in life pulses, whether it be the heart beating, the lungs breathing, an emotion coming and going, the tide ebbing and flowing, the moon cycling, the seasons changing, or the planets circling. I write to make clear that the expression of holiness, that which is beautiful and helpful, requires awareness and cooperation with the pulsing of soul and spirit. Waking to this as our purpose on Earth allows us to bring forth our greatest being and all happiness lies in being. Being takes us beyond focus only on what we are doing, in which we only make our life a treadmill.

At the spiritual level, our souls are receivers of spirit. As the heart opens to receive blood and then closes to pump that blood out to fulfill its function for the body, the soul pulses to receive vital energy and then allow that vital energy to express as holiness to fulfill its function in the world. This process is ever present and as vital to life as the beat of the heart. Every second we are determining with our thought whether we allow this energy to flow in balance, or whether we reverse this energy to use it defensively. When we reverse our vital energy to use it defensively, we are stuck in doing, denying being, and the imbalance creates disease, ugliness, and harmfulness. When we constrict our vital energy flow, we speak meaningless words and leave important words unspoken. When we constrict our vital energy flow, we take actions addictively and leave important actions untaken. Yet little do we pay attention to our holy function and purpose, or to the consequences of ignorance and imbalance.

I write to ensoul my words to bring forth the vitality of the holy. For me, this requires a gentle allowing, which is Feminine Principle, and a fearlessness in expressing, which is Masculine Principle, to deliver the balanced energy of soul and spirit to you. For you the reader and listener, receiving the holy requires the ability to receive the ensouled message, which is Feminine Principle, and the willingness to be inspired by it, which is Masculine Principle. By embracing both principles in balance we, as men and women, integrate the pulsing poles of divinity. Restoring balance within each of us revitalizes humanity making virtuous expression and action the norm.

I write to invite and welcome the feminine side of God into my life, which honors the allowing and receiving functions of the holy. Through this I bless my own life and that of everyone who receives and everything that receives the holiness as it pulses through and from me. I write to bring inspired vision to those who have lived unconsciously, doing and not aware of what they are being. With renewed awareness, we realize that there are better ways of being and are able to discern the better ways as the only ways we really want to experience.

I write to put an end to the pain of keeping the scream in me silent and make that scream heard. I will no longer give silent consent to that which silences the Divine Feminine and keeps the holy from expressing through humanity. This silencing takes place so subtly and unconsciously, both on the part of the silencer and the one who goes silent. I seek to see and name just how that silencing takes place. The results are devastating and I intend to show the connection between silencing and its results which are seldom attributed to the proper cause. I write to give recognition to my true role in society as a Christ in flesh. And in the process, I call to assist other voiceless Christs to speak.

I ensoul my words to add depth and meaning to my life. I wake my senses to feel really alive and deepen my connection with others, the land, and all living things. In doing so, I feel at one with all and choose to create only what is beautiful and to be only helpful. May my words invite you to join me at a much deeper level of meaning.

The voice of a balanced soul and spirit urges to speak through me. I write to end my own negating and shunning of all that is beautiful within me. The world needs that beauty in all of us that has remained silent, invisible, and untouched. I seek courage to speak freely into that which most represses me, knowing that in my repressed state, I am not a receiver. I choose to honor the Divine Feminine without which no love can be received or expressed. It is time for the Feminine Principle to re-emerge and take its position as co-equal pulsing with the Masculine Principle to create the holy on Earth.

To balance the Feminine Principle and the Masculine Principle in mind and move to a position of benevolence requires that we forgive any and all people, events, or institutions for any real or perceived miseries of the past. Otherwise, we continue our imbalance and our pattern of both seeking externally and blaming of externals for feeling unfulfilled. We remove all this condemnation to be ready to receive. To do so is to ask, as in “Ask and ye shall receive.” Deprivation is a result of failing to ask and therefore failing to receive. Forgiving, which is asking truly, brings us unlimited opportunity to transform our ways, and to correct any beliefs we hold about our need to change others.

We are at a pivotal point in culture where external moral laws are inadequate as guides for our behavior. We either learn to make ethical use of all the technological innovations or we will destroy humanity and Earth. It is imperative that we recognize the importance of balance of the Feminine and Masculine Principles to create a new future in which people honor their divinity and therefore each other.

Those of us willing to wake up and speak up will need to continue to live in the world and not be of it. It feels isolating to live in a world that excludes and only with a balance in the holy aspect of ourselves do we become inclusive. It takes faith to continue to speak to ears that don’t hear and to people who show no willingness to listen. Change of a holy kind can seem very slow compared to the fast pace of social change. Balanced thinking is broad in nature, inclusive in quality, and long-term in effect. Though these effects are not measurable, as material gains are, each one of us needs to trust that every small act in the right direction counts at the level of divinity and gets multiplied by natural law.

I write to record my own healing, my own balancing of the Feminine Principle with the Masculine Principle. May my model inform you, my words touch you, and your listening and seeing nourish you.

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