A Letter to my Children from the Mother Side of God

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Chapter Sixteen – Grace and Blessing

Free flow from a balance of Feminine and Masculine Principles brings the gift of grace in which we allow ourselves to give responses to life that only bless; the opposite of judging which justifies the limiting of love, revenge, and harming self and others.

Grace is the energy of love flowing through us undisturbed by fear and judgment. Grace is the state of harmony which results when our pain resolves because we stop blaming others, own what is ours to correct, and take appropriate action. We cannot know what appropriate action is until we open to receive truth in any situation. Grace always requires an expansion out of restricted thinking, out of fear, and out of our adapted nature so that we can receive new information into that expanded space in mind. And I assume that the new information will require that we reverse the way we think and the way we behave. This process is called forgiving. Our job is to forgive and allow grace to flow freely into us and through us. The free flow is a miracle that brings the gift of Grace when we properly use the Feminine and Masculine Principles.

In a state of grace, we give responses that bless. To bless is to wish from the bottom of the heart – in total sincerity – the very best for another, complete fulfillment and deepest happiness. In a state of grace we have a sense that all is well with ourselves and wishing that for others, we behave in ways to allow and encourage them. We are here to bless and be blessed.

Blessedness is virtue itself, a presence we embody, not an act we do to someone. Every virtue brings grace and blessing. Sincerity is the most important dimension of blessing. Blessing transforms, heals, elevates, and restores. With an attitude of blessing in a relationship, the expression of love is unobstructed. Whatever the behavior, it is the spirit we bring to it from a state of consciousness that follows forgiving. This means we no longer judge the other and demand that they act in any particular way so that we feel loved. In being virtuous ourselves, we are the manifestation of love.

Blessing is the opposite of judging which justifies limiting love or harming another. To balance the Feminine Principle and the Masculine Principle in mind and move to a position of benevolence requires that we forgive any and all people, events, or institutions for any real or perceived miseries of the past. Otherwise, we continue our imbalance and our pattern of both seeking externally and blaming of externals for feeling unfulfilled. We remove all this condemnation to be ready to receive.

I remember holding my first granddaughter at six weeks of age. I felt nothing interfering with my pure love pouring out of my heart to her. This was the first that I realized that each incident of fear with her father as a child led me to close my heart just a little more in terms of the flow of pure love to him. Incidents flushed through my mind, all from when he was three and four years old.

There was the time he was attempting to carry a chair down a flight of stairs and fell. Watching him tumble with the chair, I was sure he’d be dead by the time he arrived at the bottom. With that thought I went to fright and by the time I picked him up fear had turned to rage. So instead of feeling my pure love flow to him, I felt the defense of my fear of loss and did not deliver my love to him. I screamed at him before I picked him up to comfort him.

There was the time that he was walking on the edge of the steps, outside of a railing on an open staircase to the basement and fell on his back. He wasn’t breathing and I believed he was dying. I carried him to my husband who took him onto his lap and started to laugh. He said he only had the wind knocked out of him and that he would be okay. This was true and soon he was breathing. I had never seen anyone with the wind knocked out of them so I was terrified.

There was the time he got into a grocery bag as I was putting things away and got one of those round red and white peppermint candies caught in his throat. After doing everything I knew to do to get it free, terrified, I was rushing to get a neighbor to take us to the emergency room, sure he would be dead by the time we got there, when he vomited and set his breathing free.

There was the time the grounds keeper at our townhouse apartment put a bag of poison (he was using as a weed killer) into my son’s big red-tire sandbox with a spoon in it no less. It was there because the water spigot was behind the sandbox. Fortunately I found it before my son did and expressed my consternation at the man.

There was the time he came home reeking of gasoline and I found that the same groundskeeper had left gasoline he was using for a mower sit where my son saw it as a great thing to use to wash his tricycle. I imagined him aflame and was terrified.

There was the time the same groundskeeper left for lunch leaving behind an open gallon of paint with the brush that he had been using to paint railings at other town houses. I found my son doing his best job of helping by painting other railings. He was always willing to help!

There was the time my son, in all his creativity, decided that he would put his younger sister on his back and ride a board down steps into a gravel parking lot. Sometime later the two of them came crying up the walk with an eighty-three year old neighbor woman following behind them. I took one look at my two blood-soaked children and was ready to throw both of them in the car and head for the emergency room. In all her wisdom, the elderly neighbor suggested we put them in the tub and see where they were bleeding from. My son was the bloodiest, so we put him in the tub first. Washed clean, he wasn’t bleeding at all. Washed clean, my daughter had one hole right in the middle of her forehead where a stone from the parking lot had penetrated the skin. By then it didn’t even require a band aid. What a blessing elder wisdom is. We need to welcome it.

When we close our heart at points of fear, we are not aware of doing so. It is as if we gasped in fear at such events in our lives and never released the breath. We set up deprivation for ourselves as well as others as we limit our ability to receive and give love. This is how we end up demanding of others and blaming them for we are unaware of our part in the deprivation. This leads to the need to forgive which is to see our part and reverse our own limiting action. Demanding that others love us is a good sign that we have closed our own heart. Forgiving allows us to correct any beliefs we hold about our need to change others. Forgiving brings us unlimited opportunity to transform our ways, to expand where we once contracted and have since been unaware of that. We look inside ourselves to set our own Selves free. A useful exercise whether we remember such fear events or not is to sigh and say, “Sigh, the crisis is over.” You can repeat this many times. This gives us the opportunity to complete what was once an in-breath taken in fear which remained incomplete because we never told ourselves that the crisis was over. Sigh!

Every event in life is an opportunity to bless ourselves and others by responding virtuously. Every virtue that we express gifts us as giver, gifts the receiver, and gifts all of humanity. It is the longing of our soul to express our virtues, to bless. It is food for the soul. The capacity to see our own virtues as blessings is itself a gift for which we will be grateful.

Smallness, immature behavior carried into adulthood, is so common in our culture that we do not even recognize the ugliness of most of it. We all want to be seen, heard, and loved. We can either whine for that, or invite it with grace. To whine for it says I want you to be a grown up while I remain a child. We all know when someone is using lower means to try to get their needs met. We feel irritated by them and want to say, “Knock it off.” When willing to be grown up ourselves, we express with grace to invite others up. Since it is human to desire to be seen, heard, and loved, do your best to receive this for yourself by giving it. To remove all condemnation is to ask as in “Ask and ye shall receive.” Move to a position of benevolence to ask to be fulfilled.

We create ugliness or beauty at the level of thought by our choice of identity (child of parents or Child of God) and then we extend outwardly either ugliness or beauty by that choice. Humans are the first to be able to see where ugliness still reigns and be able to introduce beauty to bless. As mature adults, we identify with our soul and express holiness into that which needs to be made beautiful. We bless with what we give. Blessing feeds the souls of others as we feed our soul. We have an opportunity to prove with every action that there is decency in the world by being decent, by bringing God into action. The only way to do this is to receive of God which is to allow action that only blesses. To allow action that only blesses is the highest response of balance, and is the holy response.

Our role is to allow grace or the universal energy within us to flow to others. This fulfills The Golden Rule. How young do we learn this rule? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule is civility. Civility is the root of the word civilization. Civility is basic considerateness – so basic it is not listed as a virtue. Civility is consciously motivated behavior, the conscious choice to be ethical through submission to a Higher Power or our higher state of being. A key element in civility is intentionality, conscious deliberateness.

Civility relates to who we are being no matter what we are doing. Civility carries with it the essence of courtesy, politeness, and consideration of others. All of the education and accomplishments in the world will not count for much unless they are accompanied by respect for others. The Golden Rule tells us to show respect in every action, extend a helping or a lifting hand. We are to act in ways that will strengthen others rather than exert power over them.

The essence of all true religion is to treat others exactly as we would like to be treated by them. This certainly speaks to virtue as a reverence for excellence. At this point in evolution I would say that humanity is called to acknowledge its Oneness. The Golden Rule implies that all people have the same level of importance. We apply it to bring out the sanctity both in ourselves and in others. The Golden Rule in every religion speaks to this Oneness, the full honor or full blessing to every human being. The Golden Rule calls for us to be only helpful, loyal, and supportive to all people. The point is that it serves our own best interest since either repercussions or blessings come from every thought and action. In common talk: “What goes around, comes around.”

There is no substitute for virtue and love which come from the heart and soul. Civility takes us from morals to ethics. Morals come from outside of the self. Ethics come from within the Self. Politeness can be taught as a morality. This needs to change in nature as a person matures so that responses are guided by inner wisdom to fit individual circumstance and allow for growth and expansion.

Gratitude is the beginning of civility, decency, and goodness, recognizing that we are not alone in the world. There have been times when I was driving down a highway and realized how many millions of motorists share the same highways in perhaps the greatest act of cooperation humanity has ever achieved. I feel grateful. And then, I have truly realized how each person, usually with no or little notice, diligently carries out their part for the benefit of the whole. I feel grateful for these mostly faceless and nameless people who see to it that I have a home built for me, food available for my meals, public utilities for every convenience, clothes to wear, a car to drive, roads and planes for travel, parks to enjoy, books to read, and on and on. These are all so reliable I could easily just take all of them for granted. I’m even grateful for those brief episodes when the electrical or water services are interrupted. They give me an opportunity once again to wake up and be grateful for all the people who work to provide services for me every day.

The following is taken from The Return of the Mother by Andrew Harvey p. 394 “Look again with fresh eyes at the Sermon on the Mount. There is no purer, clearer, more radical and complete statement of what the sacred feminine is than the Sermon on the Mount. In this most crucial of his teachings, Christ reverses all the patriarchal values, all the values of the world being born around him, reverses all the masculine values of power, exploitation, and domination; reverses all his – and our – culture’s fascination with toughness, hardness, harshness, violence, and authority. The Sermon on the Mount is entirely about the feminine virtues of humility, patience, tenderness, and kindness. Christ is speaking as a male divinized by the Father-Mother, initiated into the transcendent force, and into the Mother’s – his Mother’s – radical knowledge of the power of powerlessness, the infinite force of humility. The kingdom he is revealing is the Father’s and the Mother’s.”

In modern language we might say “Congratulations to” or “Happy is” or Fortunate are” rather than “Blessed are.” Regardless of the wording, a state of grace blesses. There is probably no better known passage on blessing than The Sermon on the Mount, teachings by Jesus listed in the book of Matthew in the Bible. Here they are for new thought.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. To be poor in spirit means to remove anything and everything that can stand in the way and allow our Self to live in grace – which means virtuously as a blessing to others. This means to be empty of dogmas passed down within a patriarchal society that prevents balance of the feminine with the masculine and therefore prevents the expression of love.

Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted. Trouble and suffering call us to feel grief from being limited in our responses. This can lead to a willingness to expand, to learn anew, to discern, to discipline ourselves to live virtuously so we can be joyous.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. To “inherit the earth” means to have control over our life experience, which means we live our life committed to expressing virtues in response to external events rather than living in reaction to others and allowing them to determine how our life plays out. “Meek” is a mental attitude, a state of mind which includes a perfect willingness to allow our will to be guided in whatever way Divine Wisdom considers to be best, rather than in some particular way that we have chosen for ourselves. When we bring ourselves to balance by including the Feminine Principle, we can live miraculously.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. Righteousness means right thinking as well as right conduct in every area of our life. The Great Law of the Universe is that what we think in our mind we will produce in our experience. As within, so without. Like begets like. If we want harmony and happiness, we must first control our thoughts for harmony and happiness and then the outer things will follow. If we want to be blessed, we must bless from a state of grace. In a state of grace it is natural to ask of the holy and create the holy conditions we truly want on Earth.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Mercy relates to release of judgment. Condemning is so common as to be considered “normal.” Actions follow thought so we need to be aware when we are condemning ourselves or others. Kind actions coupled with unkind thoughts are hypocrisy, dictated by fear, or some low level motive. They bless neither the giver nor the receiver. True thoughts bless others and bless us at the same time. I found that when I stopped criticizing myself, I stopped criticizing others at the same time. When we release judgment, we move to a place where we can receive of the holy, and we find that there are always holy forces giving support to us.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are those who wish from the bottom of the heart – in total sincerity – the very best for another, complete fulfillment and deepest happiness. They will know true love and peace. It is the divine child in us who connects with divinity and therefore lives in a state of innocence. In a state of innocence we know Mother’s and Father’s love and blame no one for any lack.

A friend had gifted me with a stained glass bow which was the symbol I used for Noelani, the publishing company I formed to publish my two previous books. I chose to put a large bow on the cover of the first book, for to me it was a gift I was giving to the world. This glass symbol was very delicate and made with many small pieces. I had so expected it to break that the glass artist told me it came with a lifetime guarantee. I had this symbol hanging right in front of my eyes on the window by my kitchen sink for ten years. Within days of closing out the publishing company, I came downstairs one morning to find that the stained glass symbol was hanging over to the side on the window crank. I saw no way that it could possibly have fallen to be caught that way. I felt blessed by an angel in keeping it safe, and also in affirming for me that that phase of my life had come to completion. I believe that we need to stay open to the many ways we are blessed from the invisible realm.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. Serenity is fundamental tranquility of the soul – known as peace that passeth understanding. Peace-makers are those who bring about true peace in their own souls by including the sacred feminine to surmount limitation and move into a state of grace. They are the Christs on Earth.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. It is most common for people to live in their lower nature and call for others to do likewise. When we shift into a state of grace and do not respond in kind to them, they may well escalate their behavior to try to get us to change back to the way we were. We may experience this as backlash when we seek to grow spiritually. We need to discern people being upset with our growing from people being upset with us for behaving in lower ways that we have not yet examined. To continue to grow in spirit we need to be fully committed to live virtuously so that we only bless and do no harm. Faith allows us to trust that love and joy come from within even if others are irritated with us or leave our life.

It takes a great deal of learning to understand that all events, encounters, and circumstances are helpful. Blessings are not always directly given. They may well be received from within when circumstances outside of ourselves trouble us. Situations that cause us grief or trauma may seem like tragedies until we find the blessing within them.

One of the greatest blessings of my life came through a wise teacher who knew how to teach by allowing. I was in psych rotation in nursing at a VA hospital for ten weeks. The teacher met with me and others in a waiting room and gave us our assignment. We were to build a relationship with one of the patients and once a week write up a conversation that we had with our chosen patient and give it to her. I dutifully fulfilled my assignments weekly. While she received my papers, she made no comment. Nor did we have any meetings during the ten weeks. At the end of this rotation, she called us all back to the same waiting room. She asked how things went for us. We were all angry. “Why didn’t you grade our papers?” Why didn’t you call any meetings?” “Why didn’t you help us?” “You didn’t ask,” she replied.

I didn’t ask! Obviously I realized how easy it is to get mad at someone else and blame them for not giving me something I believe I need while I do not even ask for it. What seemed even more important to me was realizing how much I relied on the evaluation by others, (mothers and teachers) for my self-evaluation and how I needed to take responsibility for evaluating all of my own actions and performances. This is a life lesson. I was called to reverse focus from external to internal. I needed to receive this evaluation from myself, a feminine function. I don’t know anything that I learned about psych nursing that term. I will never forget the important lesson for my own psyche, my own soul and spirit.

My life was blessed forever by this teacher. She gave me something no one else had given me, an invitation to use my own feminine function. I see that when I do something well, I want feedback to my being, to my soul. I realized that my mind would fill in voids from outside of myself with something negative. And here I took responsibility for filling that void from inside myself. Do you make what you do “not good” in your own mind because you lack loving internal feedback to your being? We can choose to bless ourselves. As a result of this experience, I developed an exciting habit of saying, “Great job, Nancy!”

There are innumerable things in life that fail to protect us as a physical body, let alone spiritually as a soul. As adults, failure to protect is failure to allow ourselves to expand in a balanced way. This includes failure to allow the Holy Spirit/Mother voice to guide us, failure to listen to that voice, failure to surrender lower ways, failure of will which means the willingness to express love and compassion. Protection in its highest form is restraint with wisdom or action with loving kindness, both emerging from balance within. We can speak with pure, true, beautiful words ensouled and alive with Spirit that bless us and others as we speak.

We need to wake up to all the lower ways we seek protection that deny the soul. Then we are free to bless by embracing rather than abandoning; affirming rather than criticizing; feeding rather than starving; stimulating rather than ignoring; celebrating rather than denying the worthiness of; cradling the creative force rather than forcing to conform; seeing and accepting rather than trying to fit in; encouraging the giving of individual life gifts rather than projecting the pain of withholding; extending love as helpfulness rather than projecting pain as harmfulness; giving information where others are scared rather than making them wrong; giving shelter when someone is facing the new rather than threatening them with humiliation, and helping to guide by being healthy models rather than leaving others to flounder alone.

We all know that we want sweetness in life. Sweetness is a quality of our soul life. Culture takes advantage of our ignorance, or lack of soul development, by placing sugar of some kind in nearly every food that is produced. It keeps us addicted and keeps us buying more. It is my habit to read every label because of gluten intolerance. One day I walked through a grocery store reading labels on food that I never would buy or choose to eat anywhere. I was astounded by how many different sugars I would find in one product. I was disgusted to find that meat, cheese, and dairy products as well contained sweeteners. Sweetness blesses the soul and it is misguided to put sugar in nearly every food that is processed as a false delight, making profit at our expense. Choose blessings for the soul rather than sugar for the body.

Sweetness comes from being seen, heard, and valued for who we are. Sweetness comes from seeing, hearing, and valuing others for who they are. It is the uniqueness of our soul that we want to have recognized in us. It is enormously healing to let down defenses and self-protection that separates us from soul awareness as well as from others. Sweetness comes from receiving of the holy, understanding it, nurturing it, speaking it, asking for guidance to use it rightly, and delivering it as pure love to humanity as blessing. It is sweet to be made visible, to be revealed, to let people see the sacredness in us.

We are dying of starvation. Dying for Mother. Dying to express our sacredness. And over feeding our bodies with sweet foods does not give us the sweetness we want to feel in our souls. As mother’s milk is the most nourishing food for an infant, words and actions that hold Mother’s love feed sweetness to our soul as we give them and others receive them. Spiritual evolution is about surrendering to receive and that means what truly nourishes us. Every time we eat a sweetened food when it is food for our soul that we really want, we stunt our own growth and prolong our misery needlessly.

Blessing the soul requires discipline, diligence, and humility. Our growth is stunted when we resist self-discipline, ignore diligence and deny humility. Discipline is an allowing process, a discernment process, and an acceptance of our true power. We need to reverse any beliefs and reactions we have to having been disciplined unkindly or harshly in younger years. Discipline as a child intends to restrict us to keep us in line. Discipline as a spiritual process allows us to release earlier life restrictions in order to radiate peace and joy to bless the world. With proper discipline we switch from outer authority to inner knowing, from being non-receptive, to using our feminine receiving function in ways that bless.

Diligence provides the necessary mindfulness to care about our spiritual practice. For true sweetness in life, we need to evaluate our everyday actions and learn to exercise ethical judgment. We can use the Golden Rule as a guide. Did I treat others as I would like to be treated? Our deepest nature seeks expression of our own goodness and the happiness that comes from that. We find the power within to respond virtuously and bless. We master virtues to be non-violent.

Humility is accepting our true role in our own salvation and there is no diminishing here. It requires humility to accept one’s Christ nature for this means we have to surrender the self that we created instead. It means accepting our greatness and with that the responsibility to correct oneself in every situation of blame in order to rise up and bless. Humility strengthens us in the sense that to recognize and accept the fact that we do not know, is to recognize and accept that there is a higher wisdom that does know. In humility we walk with God and realize what holiness would have us be.

I grew up ever anticipating being killed by my mother. As a child I systematically shut myself down and closed myself into silence and invisibility to protect myself under those conditions. None of the ways I have self-protected, mainly in maintaining silence, have provided me true protection. In my adult years I have been systematically reclaiming the Christ that I AM from my own adaptation in which I denied the truth of my being to survive physically. It seems that to take another step in healing would make me even more disparate with culture. In contrast, I can see that only in taking this healing step do I achieve the endpoint of receiving the blessing of grace with freedom to extend that blessing in its pure state into culture.

To live Christed, to live in soul identity, I am willing to let my adaptation die out and recognize that I have crucified the Christ in me. Others only failed to acknowledge the Christ in me. In reclaiming responsibility, I also reclaim all power to heal. In doing so, I fully honor the divine Mother and divine Father as the holy parents to my divinity. It is my desire to bless more deeply, more people, more places, and more often.

I realize that my key grievance, and perhaps yours too, lies in not living as the Christ I was born to be. All blessings come from shifting up to this state of grace. I accept Christhood, my state at birth. I will discipline myself to say what I know to be true rather than hold back what I believe others do not want to hear. I choose to be diligent in being the pure, sweet soul that I am within culture even if culture denies everything that is sacred about me. I can speak up with beauty, grace, and authority. I can express with balance of soul and spirit and extend love unadulterated.

Great job, Nancy!

An afterthought! When I finished this chapter I decided to have a cup of Yogi Throat Comfort tea. The blessing on the teabag label was, “Delight the world with your compassion, kindness, and grace.” How neat!

A Letter to My Children from the Mother Side of God

Words from the balanced Mother and Father spoken by Mother.

My Beloved Children,

How delighted I am that you are receiving this letter from me. I welcome this opportunity to speak to you. Thank you for allowing me to speak to you. In Truth, there is no way for me to speak without Father. It is paradoxical that to speak to you as Mother I need also be Father, for in holiness we are one, as are all things in holiness. “I and the Father are One” truly applies to the Feminine Principle being One with the Masculine Principle when you look at things energetically. We are always pulsing to become the other. I thank the Father side of me for bringing me fully to you.

To me you are beautiful people. I see what a great job you have done in your growing so far. As individuals, I know that you struggle, and I hear your concerns. I hear your hurts, especially when things do not go as you expected. I have compassion for your growing process that reverses things from the way you believed was right and true. As you go through confusion or even a sense of betrayal, I will always be here for you and I’m grateful that you are learning more about how to see me and know me. I assure you that I am such that I can support all of you swimming against the flow of life, and I can support all of you swimming with the flow of life. Eventually you will all wake up and see that life is safe and good.

To say more about Father and Me, we are so interconnected as in my being the vowels and his being the consonants. No word is spoken that does not include both of us. The right hemisphere of your brain receives messages from the holy in the form of urges or intuition, and the left hemisphere of your brain processes those impulses giving shape to them as words so that you can express them in the form of ideas and actions. When it comes to the soul, Father energy is the message itself while Mother energy allows, receives, accepts, and expands with that message. There is no growth without expansion from having allowed yourselves to receive and accept a new message.

You are meant to live embraced within the flow created between your Father and Me. This is most likely sweeter, kinder, and softer than anything you have yet known. Just as you as a body cannot fall off the Earth due to gravity, you as a soul cannot fall out of our embrace. I am not saying anything new to you. I am asking that you remember who you already are. You are holy, precious, and a treasure to us. You have always been within our embrace. You can only not be aware of our embrace and waking makes you aware.

In holiness there is balance. Seek to be balanced. You are here to be seen and to see. You are here to be heard and to hear. You are here to be felt and to feel. You are here to be beautiful and to experience the beauty of others. You are here to be known and to know. You are here to be inspired and to inspire. You are here be received and to receive. You are here to be befriended and to be a friend. You are here to be guided and to guide. You are here to be created and to create. You are here to be delighted and to delight. You are here to be comforted and to comfort. You are here to be loved and to love. You are here to be embraced and to embrace. You are here to be fulfilled and to fulfill. You are here to be valued and to value. You are here to be treasured and to treasure. You are here to be wanted and to want. You are here to be served and to serve. You are here to be respected and to respect. You are here to be remembered and to remember. You are here to be celebrated and to celebrate. You are here to be appreciated and to appreciate. You are here to be understood and to understand. You are here to be included and to include. You are here to be released and to release. You are here to be wakened and to awaken. You are here to receive wisdom and to be wise. You are here to be asked and to ask. You are here to receive grace and to give grace. You are here to balance the feminine and the masculine and to live as balanced. You are here to revere and to be revered as a holy being. Be holy and be blessed by the holy.

It is not just those living on the streets that are homeless. As a humanity, you are not Home with us yet. And Home does not mean Heaven after you die. It is your state of being fully alive now. I’m so grateful for your questions asking how to come Home. Home is where you do not question if you are loved. When connected with the holy, you no longer believe that you are alone, isolated, forgotten, unheard, unseen, and unwanted. You are love and feel loved all the time. Home is where you are happy and healthy. Home is where you feel wealthy and that does not mean rich with money. It means rich with freedom to be your True Selves where you know the sweetness of life and truly enjoy being who you are.

It is important that you define the problem clearly. The problem is lack of awareness within your mind of what Home truly is. You can only feel at Home within your own divinity, the holy within you. I am a magnet. I draw you to me. I invite you to open to receive of Spirit. Spirit is love always sending love to feed your soul just as sunshine always sends sunlight to feed your body. Your soul is a feminine receiver which allows you to be infused with love and radiate that love outwardly. One with us, you attract others to you and infuse them with love. Home is your soul radiating, revealing itself as Beloved. It is built within you to know and respect this truth. We reveal ourselves through you and in the process of giving expression to us you are nourished.

Your soul is feminine receptive to Spirit which allows you to take action that is sacred and therefore Good Hearted. Being Good Hearted means that you allow energy to flow through you to create the divine in your environment. When you meet your real need for Love from your Father and Me, you will naturally be Good-hearted to all that is. I assure you, Beloveds, you are precious and vitally important to bringing divine life into being. It is only humanity that can serve in this way. When you place yourself in the loving care of your Father and Me, you receive our gifts to a hurting world. I tell you with all sincerity that every action you take places a vote in the collective state of mind within humanity. Each vote determines how every aspect of creation is treated, what conditions result, and what thoughts are added to your collective energy field forever. This is true whether you know it or not.

This is what I want you to hear right now. While you automatically grow older, nothing takes place at the level of the soul without your willingness to allow, receive, and accept our guidance. You are all being called to the next stage of being. You know what it is to go to the next stage in body life. You move from infanthood to adulthood, and these stages just seem to happen. Since there were others all around you who were in each stage, nothing seemed too strange to you when you got there. You measured your aging in years and by body changes. Life seemed to always be going forward.

This is very different from waking up to see, know, and live your soul life. While you may do so in stages as before, you will not experience this waking process as measurable. Nor will it be such that you can tell others where you are in your waking process. Nothing is automatic and no two people will have the same waking process. Nor do any two people have the same gifts to give to life and Earth herself. So you will not be surrounded by people just like you. This is what may seem strange. Your usual ways of measuring yourself will no longer work for you. The soul does not have an age like the body, nor does it move forward as body life does. Growing in soul awareness is a maturing rather than an aging process. I need for you to know that waking to your soul is a safe and happy thing to do. I am and always will be with you – that is, both Father and I. You are not alone and friendless. You are Beloved to us. We guide your entire process. When it comes to the soul, you must consciously allow yourself to see things anew and live by what you see. To see is to understand.

Every part of the universe is a hologram. Each cell, each plant, every person contains a picture of the whole. So every time you let the energy of Spirit flow through you, the universe experiences more Good-heartedness. You affect everyone, forever. We see what you do and we give thanks for you every time you realize your Belovedness and treat others accordingly.

I know that many of you believe that you are dying or will die as old structures fall away. Trust me, only your denial of Mother and misunderstanding of Father are leaving so you can know yourself as Beloved. The Beloved will create only Good on Earth. Sometimes it seems that the way to comfort is through oblivion. Harm of some kind is always done when people keep secrets from themselves and others. We say No! to oblivion and secrets. You wake to know us and that can only be good for you. In knowing us you extend love. Your extending of love is making the planet a wiser and safer place for all. We say, give more love to be more alive.

Right now, much of what takes place on Earth is mean-spirited. Your capitalistic, materialistic world view isn’t wrong, it simply omits soul, the feminine which needs to be balanced with spirit and is therefore incomplete. Anything devoid of soul is devoid of love and inclusion. Even though people do not realize that they are being mean, people everywhere hurt from these collective actions. Those being mean believe that they are doing what is right in following cultural dictates. You, too, have all this cultural scripting within you.

Mean-spirited living has to stop, to allow for decency with one another. Be decent always, you are causing the future. Keep asking your questions and let us tell you what to do. Every situation, no matter how simple or mundane, offers you a chance to give your love and create a new outcome. Seize opportunities hidden in the ordinary, so ever present that you neglect to question them. People everywhere need what you have to offer.

Your most necessary assumption must be that a Good-hearted life is worth living and that your life will not end in futility. If you do not assume this, all hope is lost. Nothing is stronger than that which extends to the world from your heart where your Father’s energy and my energy meet within you. We fully support your every intention for Good. I ask you to remember your Father and Me and aspire always to be among the Good-hearted. Withdraw all trust in denial to bring you anything you really want.

I have compassion for you. I see that culture indoctrinates you into addictions so young that you are blind to them. You believe they are your true nature. But nothing in your true nature would ever seek to destroy Me, and that which is of culture often does. In your deepest nature you are One with Me. It is nonsense to destroy Me. You hurt yourself that way. Your Father and I cherish you. I remind you that we are always with you calling you Home to us. Our call to you is deeper than all cultural programming. We are within your deepest nature. We are within every human being on Earth.

We provide the means for you to return. That four letter “f” word. No, not the one you are thinking. You need only be willing to FEEL the natural pain of accepting cultural substitutes of all kinds that fail to nourish and protect you. Don’t you think you would get a stomach ache if you ate plastic oranges and rubber bananas? Well, I wish you could see from our view how many plastic and rubber substitutes you accept for health, happiness, and true Goodness. No wonder your bodies are sick souls feel dizzy sometimes! I can think of nothing worse than your turning from the food that your Father and I produce for you, to manufactured and processed food that has had all the balanced vital elements we placed in them taken out before they reach you. What are you doing??? The costs to you are great. You are solar powered. Make sure the food you eat at fueling times contains solar power.

There’s another “f” word that follows feeling. Once you feel the pain of your ways, you need to forgive every aspect of your mother, father, and culture that failed to protect and nourish you. This includes your own willing participation within the structures that hurt you. Forgiving allows you to include your Father and Me in your life in every way as food for your body, your emotions, your mind, and your soul.

And, need I say, you also need to forgive your Father and Me because you believed we abandoned you and left you to deal with all that harm by yourselves. Heaven forbid, you may have even thought we were the ones causing all your misery! Forgiving means setting yourself free to add your Good-hearted nature to that which is. Honoring you – honors us and honoring us – honors you.

Nancy Glende is quite a gal. I see that she is a tough cookie! Human beings are all to be functioning on Earth at the level that she demands of herself and models for you. I thank each and every one of you for allowing yourselves to be invited up and not running from the challenge. I also thank you for loving Nancy as my faithful servant.

Know that all inhabitants on Earth are here for a reason and purpose. They are all being called to fulfill their purpose. Their size or supposed level of intelligence is not the sole factor that determines their significance. Honor all life forms because they are part of creation and because they exist. Keep this larger picture in mind when you vote with your choices. Trust that there is Good–hearted action taking place everywhere and that your Goodness will meet with Goodness and be multiplied.

When you live your life with your Father and Me, there will be constant birthing. Use your strength to protect what births. By this I mean to give your thought to what births, give your love to what births, and give your actions to see what births through to maturity. Nothing from us remains static. Do not confuse changing forms with failure. The need to re-decide does not necessarily mean that your other decision was bad or wrong. It may simply not be adequate for newly emerging circumstances.

To make necessary changes on the planet, your priorities need to be adjusted to make your Earth home a priority. Care for Earth must be reflected in all that you do. You will need to go beyond your comfort zone to turn from an industrial growth society to a life sustaining society. Think of it as bringing society to be ever more peaceful. Then you will look on change with favor.

In closing, we cherish you. We want you to cherish us for your own sake. You will feel cherished in equal measure to your willingness to cherish us. Cherish the world you live in. Be conscious users and vote wisely in using technology. Make sure that you further the emergence of humanity’s Goodness. Model buying only what you need and using what you buy. Inspire others with your actions in harmony with the whole. Everything you do in our favor, no matter how small, we see, we know, we treasure, and we thank you.

Remember always that we love you,

Mother and Father

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