My babysitter !?!?! (Colby brock fanfic.)

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Moon lives with her mom throws party's when her mom is away. What will happen. When Colby brock baby sits her. Will they become gf and bf or just be friends how will this play out who knows.

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"what the hell mom no I'm to old for a babysitter I'm 17 and the babysitter is how old" I tell at my mother in rage she says to me "he's 18 but you throw Party's all the time" I huff as she is right "I'm going away for 1 month the babysitter will be here after I leave Behave and don't be dumb"
She gets up and leaves me their feuming with anger and a slight bit of. Sadness now that I can't throw my party tonight. "Well I guess I can just play xbox for the next day till he comes tonight.

"It's been 5 hours were is he" just as I'm about to text my friends for the party. When thier is a loud knock on the door I get up and go to the door seeing a rather handsome man infrount of me. He askes me "may I come in or are you just going to stand their and stare at me kitty.

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