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I'm Broken... (ON HOLD)

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Alex is the daughter of a gang leader. Alex is a human in a world of werewolves. Her dad is the Alpha. Her brother J.J. is an Alpha too. Join her on her journey from high school and first loves down to who and what she really is and finding her mate.

Other / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I know this is short guys I'm sorry I made this a while ago before I started writing long chapters and found it thought it had potential and so I decided to fix it a bit and just post it.

Hi there. My name is Alex. It’s really short for Alexia tho. I’m the daughter of the most powerful gang leader in the world. It’s one heck of a life, that’s for sure. My brother is Jayden, but I call him JJ. He’s my twin but we have to change how we look so we aren’t recognized. Naturally, my hair is blond with red at the tips and so is my brother’s. When I go to school I change my hair to brown and JJ stays his usual self. He thinks he can protect himself and doesn’t need to hide. My mom left us a while ago so I live with my dad and his wife. My family are all werewolves but we are alphas. I was born a human though. No one thought it was possible. A human born from the two most powerful alphas in the world. Yet here I am.

Well, I’m abused by my family because I’m a human. JJ is the only one who doesn’t help abuse me. He tries to defend me when he can but it just gets him in trouble so I told him to stop. Now for most kids they go to school and it’s their escape, but not for me. I go to an all wolf school, even though I’m a human. I get bullied there because I’m not as strong as everyone else. I have alpha blood in me so I’m stronger than most humans, but I’m not stronger than wolves, well, that’s what they think at least.

Today is my 2nd week here. I came a few weeks after everyone else. JJ came on the first day but my parents wanted to scold me and tell me who the Alphas and Betas were and to stay away. I don’t really have any friends yet, but I do have some people to eat lunch with so that’s good I guess. Making friends isn’t easy when you’re one of the only humans there. And it doesn’t help that I’m a nerd. Well, my cover is one at least. No one knows that I’m a gang leader’s daughter, if they did other gangs would try to kill me or take me hostage. No one knows that the other me, the gang part, is human though. Everyone thinks I’m a wolf, well an alpha. Well now you know enough about my past, here’s what’s happening now.

Hey Y’all! This is one of my new books I had an idea for! I hope you guys enjoy it and don’t forget to tell me what u think and leave a review! Thanks!

PS: This will be updated every Wed. or when I have time.

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