The Edinburgh Mafia & Me

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Kenny Mackenzie, a seamstress from Edinburgh whose lifelong friendship with the Edinburgh Mafia family, The Urquharts' has turned her life upside down. One minute she's nothing more than a seamstress, the next she's the ultimate weapon against Lorenzo Petrillo, owner of the only club Bob Urquhart doesn't own. Will she make him fall in love with her? Definitely. Will it be enough to ransom her for his club? Only time will tell.

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Chloe Renton
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My name is Kenny Mackenzie. I know, but of a mouthful eh? Unlike my name, I am a lassie. Long story short, clerical error at the registration of my birth. I was supposed to be Kelly but instead I became Kenny.
At the current moment in time, I am 21, but this tale started as far back at the age of 3 when I met my best friend and through the years, his family.
The Urquharts'. Bob Urquhart, Luigis dad being the single most powerful man in the Scottish underworld, Edinburgh being his base of operation. I know what you're thinking “the Mafia? In Scotland?! Ha! How unlikely! " see that is where you are wrong.
When Bob was younger he was the most ambitious drug dealer in Edinburgh, even managed to outwit his employer when he started his own business and soon became the go to guy. He dealt drugs everywhere, including the Universities and that's where he met her.
Isabella Bianchi.
Studying law at Napier University, it was love at first sight for Bob, for Isabella too. They courted in secret for months because Isabellas father, Vincenzo. The cocaine kingpin of Italy, had a marriage arranged for her since she was 15. He did however allow her to attend university. Somehow, Vincenzo caught wind of this romance and travelled to Edinburgh immediately to retrieve his daughter.
He had Bob beaten to a pulp. Isabella was brought in afterwards. Only then did she have the courage to admit to both of them that she was already pregnant. After long conversations and negotiations, turns out Bob's enterprise was better than that of Isabellas arranged match and Vincenzo not believing in Abortions or wanting a Bastard grandchild, he only just let them marry.
They had 2 boys, Giovanni, the oldest who actually works with in the police so his dad has got a man on the inside and Luigi who I mentioned earlier as my best friend. When me and Lu were 11, Lu and Gio's cousin, Anthony, better known as Tony came to live in Scotland with them when he was 16. His mother, Isabellas sister sent him to Scotland to teach him to behave (like the fresh Prince of bel air) but he ended up staying permanently. Lucky me but we'll get to that later.
For now I'd better tell you who you're trying to picture as you read. I am 5ft3", pale as a bottle of milk, I have long, ginger curly hair. Yes just like Merida from Brave. I'm Scottish, living most of my life in Edinburgh. For a visual, I look like either Adele or Rebel Wilson before they lost the weight. I'm a seamstress and business owner. With the help of Bob I have a small shop, a haberdashery. Filled with fabric, buttons, needles, wool, all the usual things. But enough of the introductions, let me tell you about the Edinburgh Mafia & Me.

Disclaimer : I'm writing this in my native Scots language, most of it should be fine but please comment if there's a word you need translating, thanks for reading! And be prepared for some seriously smutty scenes so if ye don't like that kind o thing then maybe best avoid reading...
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