Eternal [ON HOLD]

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"She fell for the enemy she swore to despise." ____________________ When she travelled to the land of the Lycans, she never expected to find her mate there. It was a supposed three-day journey, one that transformed her life forever. In her mission to fight the bond that binds her to her mate on one hand and hate him on the other, she uncovers a chest full of lies and secrets that changes her outlook towards what she thought was true. ____________________

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Rachelle Alove
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“I was fighting for her until I discovered that I was the one who got killed.”

SOMETIMES, we never realise the wrongs we’ve made until it is way too late and all the damage is done.

We take notice of all of our mistakes when they come chasing us, and the only solution is to face them. That, or to run away again, where another chase is inevitable.


He heard her scream way before he entered the castle. His sensitive hearing helped him locate each and everything surrounding him, and in this case, it made him notice the hint of fear in her voice.

Hearing her cry for help urged him to go on faster until he finally reached the throne room.

But what he saw right then would have never prepared him for the clash of feelings he felt. It would never be erased from his memory.

The dead body of his mother, splayed across the floor, was his breaking point.

With a loud cry, he charged towards the culprit bringing both of their bodies tumbling down.

He never noticed his sobbing sister standing in the corner, nor did he hear the set of feet rushing towards them.

And the thing he never noticed too was the knife clutched in a hand only mere inches away from his back.

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