My Little Diary

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A diary of a girl from childhood to adult. Follow how her tragic childhood impacts her life as an adult.

Other / Drama
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Date: August 26, 2008

Age: 6

Guess what! Tomorrow is my birthday day. I hope my family actually remembers this time. I never thought I would write a diary, but here I am. I guess the first diary entry should tell a little about myself and my past. Ok. Here I go.

My name is Amour. I am a 6 year old who loves to meet new people. I’m kind and loving, I think. I love going to parties and have a large friend group. I am a dreamer. One day, I want to become a doctor.

Now on to my past. My mom and dad are what people call druggies. I wonder what that means. One time, when my mom was in prison, not like it was the first time honestly, my dad decided he didn’t want me. He took me to a park and left me. I stayed there for awhile. I made a friend there too. I honestly can’t remember his name. I was 3 at the time. But I can never forget him. I called him NamNam.

We became friends on the swings. I really wanted to swing. But the swings were so high I couldn’t reach. I finally managed to reach them and pulled myself onto it. I was about to swing when 3 older boys came over and pushed me off. They rapped the swing over 3 times. They could reach it, but not me. They laughed and left. I wanted to cry. When a 10 year old came over. He was just visiting the USA and wasn’t fluent in English. He said something in another language and unrapped the swing. He then picked me up and sat down on the swing. We swung together. He spoke broken English. But I did too. We spoke broken English together. Somehow we didn’t need to understand each other to understand each other.

We played all day. He’d come back day after day to play. Our English improved together. But I was hungry. I wasn’t eating much. The adults saw. They talked about it. But they didn’t do anything. Not a thing. NamNam finally said something to me. I told him that my dad left me here. I was waiting for him to come back. It had been a whole week. It took a minute for his brain to catch up. He panicked and told his dad in his home language, which I found out was Korean.

The police was called, and I was taken to the hospital. A bunch of stuff happened. I don’t remember much. My parents were left off the hook, and I was given back to them. I got to see my sister again though.

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