My Happily Ever After

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Star. She thought she was in love with a guy named Bryce. She was fond of the idea of them being together; he was her first love. However, she always felt her and Bryce was never going to be an official couple. He chose to love her loudly in private, and ignore her in public, especially when he was with Anaya. She was crazy for this boy who didn't feel the same way about her. Then she met Calvin. At first they was friends, never imagining it would be anymore than that. Star started to develop feelings for Calvin. She kept them to herself, thinking her feelings for him wasn’t even real. He was a player; he never had the same girl around for too long. Her feelings grew stronger daily, yet her faith that her and Calvin would be together one day grew older and weaker. She didn't know how to feel because she really wanted a chance with Calvin, even though those feelings weren’t being reciprocated back to her. Sure, in between his girlfriends they talked and messed around, but it was just for fun. One night, he asked her to be his girl. She thought it was a joke. Or maybe it was a dream. Looking into his eyes and seeing her dream was actually coming true, she immediately said yes without hesitation. She thought she made the best decision of her life. But is that truly where her happily ever after tale finishes?

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Raine Beau
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Chapter 1: Bryce

"I just want to get your attention; I really wanna be all up in your hea-" Usher sung as my phone went off. I knew exactly who was calling me; he had a personal ringtone. As I peeped over the screen, I saw what I already knew. I quickly clicked the lock button once to silence the ringer, being careful to not click it twice to end the call. The missed FaceTime call notification popped up on my screen. The brightness of my phone burned my eyes. Finally, the screen went black, and I was laying in darkness in my dark purple bedroom. Turning over, I closed my eyes, and tried to fall asleep again.
I started dozing off when it started again.
"I just want to get your attention; I really wanna be all up in your head."
With my eyes rolling to the back of my head, I quickly answered the call that read: Bae wants to FaceTime.
I was approached with a black screen.
"Hello?" I whispered.
"What's up sexy?" he responded. His voice was calming to my soul. I almost forgot why I didn't want to answer in the first place.
"Bryce what happened?
"I just wanted to call you", he replied. There was a quick silence followed by a gulp. Was he drinking?
"Damn Star; I can't just call and say hi to you now?" Bryce said as the tone of his voice started to get louder.
"Lower your tone, there's no need to scream. And besides, we was texting all day. Why FaceTime me now?". I was frustrated.
There was silence.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Yooooo" Bryce answered, laughing.
He's high.
"What's so-" I was interrupted with his question.
"You got the free crib? I wanna come see you".
"Bryce, it's 1am."
"What's your point?!" He started to get louder and aggravated. I realized he was drunk. More like high and drunk. As much as I knew this would turn me on, I had to push the thought out of my mind.
His voice became a blur. Fantasizing on the many times we've spent together, I stopped listening to the what Bryce was saying. The smells of Rihanna perfume filled my room. Seeing Bryce take his shirt off right in front of me, and crawling in between my legs, only to rip the stockings he loves to see on me...
"Star. Star. Star!"
All of a sudden my fantasy wasn't there. However, my sheets were a little wet.
"So is that a yes? I miss you sexy."
I couldn't take it. My body and my heart wanted him.
"Ugh fine; you're lucky it's Friday, and I miss you too." Rolling my eyes, I gave him a grin that I now regret for the rest of my life.
"Perfect; I'll be there shortly". The call ended.
"Yes Bryce. Safe travels, I love you too."
Tip Toeing out of my room and sneaking past my parent's room, I ran into my older sister's room. I fumbled on the light, and took a quick glimpse of the room. It's been a few months since she moved out to live with her boyfriend, but it feels as if it was just yesterday Summer was packing her clothes to go to college.
"Shit Summer, why can't you have any nice clothes left in your closet?"
Rushing through her closet, throwing clothes anywhere, I finally found a duffle bag, full of the most sexual and inappropriate clothing I never thought my sister owned. I mean, she was a freshman in college and I'm a senior in high school but, when did she get all this stuff?? I fumbled through the bag to find a light blue spaghetti strap tank top and the striped booty shorts to go with it.
"Perfect" I thought to myself.
I pushed the bag back into the white closet, and closed it. I got up, looking at her room. I haven't been in here since she died a few weeks ago. It's not like I was avoiding her room purposely; I just can't deal with the fact that my sister is really gone, and it was her fault. Daddy always taught us never let a guy raise a hand to you, and if he does, you leave him. What did Summer decide to do? She stayed and was beat to death. And the worst part of it all, that guy, Chris, is still not put away. My parents are in and out of court, trying to put this guy away for good, and it feels as if the world is against us. I dismissed the thought of my sister and walked past my parents room. I peeped my head inside to see that they were peacefully sleeping. I closed their door all the way, and headed back to my room, scared of what's to happen next. I quickly removed my cheetah print pajama pants, and looked at my underwear.
"Oh well, it's not like anything's bound to happen anyways" I thought to myself. I quickly slipped on the stripped shorts and took off the long "Columbia Prep Secondary School for Mathematics and Engineering Class of 2013" grey shirt my older brother Anthony owned.
Yes, I'm the youngest. I threw the shirt in the corner, and hoped on my bed. 15 min had passed and I haven't heard from Bryce.
"Hey babe, I miss you!! Are you still coming? Okay sorry to bother you. I love you!!" I texted him. Delivered.
I became sleepy and honestly thought he wasn't going to show up. My eyes grew weary and heavy, and I started to drift off to sleep. It seemed as if I was asleep for a split of a sec when I heard the door bell and my eyes shot opened as if I was possessed. I moved the Chanel comforter over, and quickly scurried to the window, to see this dumbass boy standing at my door. I open the window and pst him to look my direction. He must have been really crossfaded that night or just really stupid to not have heard me and rung the doorbell again.
"Bryce!" I whispered out my window in hopes he heard me.
"Ding dong Ding Dong" the bell rung through the house.
"Bryce!! Stupid ass idiot; I'm up here!!" I screamed. He looked up and our eyes found each other, only it was too late because in front of him at the door was a middle aged man in his midnight blue robe, grey pants, and fluffy grey slippers.
I quickly ducked in hopes my father wouldn't see me.
"Good Evening Bryce; are you okay?" My father asked him. For the first time, he seemed to actually be concerned about him.
"Yooo" Bryce responded, and laughed.
Yup, he's done. And dead.
"Bryce, is there something I could get you; you know it's 2 o clock in the morning, right?"
"Yeahhhh Mr. Robinson" he started laughing.
"And what must that be?"
My heart started beating fast, thinking what could this man possibly tell my father. I held my breath, waiting to hear what he was going to tell me father, and this is what he told him:
I almost burst out laughing.
My father looked at him, gave him a long stare, and finally said two words I never thought he would say to him at 2am: "come in".
He welcomed him in and Bryce sat down on the couch. I heard my father's voice say, "let me go wake up Star; excuse me." I quickly got back under my covers, acting as if I was asleep. His footsteps grew louder as he made his way up the stairs and closer to my bedroom. He opened the door, without knocking, and turned on the light.
"Star, that Bryce boy is here."
I didn't answer; I had to pretend I was sleeping and didn't hear him.
"Huh?" I said in confusion as if I was just waking up, annoyed it's 2am. I took the covers from off my head.
My dad knew I was pretending. I could feel it.
"Why is that Bryce boy in my house at 2 in the morning?" He asked angrily.
From that moment on, the conversation could have went one of three ways. I could have gave him the obvious answer: "Because you let him in," the truth: "I invited him over" or the answer my father was going to get: "I don't know."
He still didn't believe me.
"Well, he said he's hungry, so go fix him some leftover dinner. And Star, I want him out of my house by 3, on the dot".
I could tell he was annoyed. Or upset. But strangely, he was calm.
"Okay daddy no problem."
And just like that, he walked out my room and was gone.
I hopped out my bed, quickly looking at myself in the mirror, realizing I had my headscarf on. I untied the knot on my scarf and took it off, unraveling the curly bouncy hair every black girl wished she had. My dad knocked on my door one quick time and opened it again, to see me standing in the mirror, looking to see how my butt looks in Summer's soon to be mine booty shorts.
We both froze.
"Star, what are you doing?"
"I'm just fixing my scarf dad that's all" I lied, quickly resituating my hands.
"You're not going downstairs with that skanky mess on."
"Dad, what are you talking about?" I said with an attitude, getting aggravated until I remembered the outfit I stole from my sister.
"Where did you get this?" He pointed in disgust at my body.
"I got it from Sum-; I got it in the summer. Last summer."
"I've never seen you in this and besides, you're too fat to wear this."
And that's where the judgmental father started to put his two sense in on my weight.
Meet Arnold Robinson; a 50 year old Supreme Court judge who is a dark skinned man, has dark brown eyes, and some grey hair. A very judgmental man, a caring man, and a very strict man.
"Fine, I'll put my robe on, okay?" I reached into my closet and pulled out my lilac fluffy robe.
"No, not okay. Put some clothes on and stop looking like a skank. I didn't raise you to look like this." His arms were folded across his chest.
"Dad we're not doing this tonight" I said with an attitude, closing my robe up. Now, I'm upset and over the night.
"Cut the attitude out, young lady. After your brother went off into the army, you started to misbehave a lot, and now that your sister is dead, you just lost control! See, this is why I told your mother we should start going to church; you need the blood of Jesus."
"Preacher man, ain't nobody doin' nothin' okay? And y'all have fun at church; I'm almost 18, I can make my own decisions. Now excuse me so I can go and see Bryce." Not hearing what he had to say next, I brushed by him, left my room and went downstairs to see Bryce sitting on the couch dazing into space.
"Hey Bryce" I said in a steady voice, trying not to show the anger I had already built up inside. He seemed to not hear me so I wandered over to him and rubbed his shoulder, my hand running down his arm.
He jumped, looking startled, only to realize it was just me, and said in a low sexy voice, "hey sexy."
As my hand slid down his arm, his hand caught mine and he pulled me around on the couch to sit right next to him. I tried to meet his gaze, but instead he pulled me in closer and our lips finally touched. He kissed me as if it was the last time our lips would touch again. Not wanting it to end, I forced myself to pull away saying the most stupidest yet truthful thing: "babe we can't do this; my parents are home."
I can't believe that was the excuse I was giving him.
"So what they're home; you trynna say we can't chill tonight?
"Yes. Wait no. Wait; we can. It's just. It's just my parents are home and I don't want to get us in trouble" I said, pouting. I sounded like a little scared kid; no wonder we still weren't together.
"That's never stopped you before Star, so why should it now? If you want me to go, I will." He mentioned getting up to leave. He started heading towards the door. "You know, I can go to Anaya's house."
How could he say that? He knew I hated that bitch.
"Please, don't go"
He turned around and grabbed my hand. Leading me up the stairs, I followed him like a little lost puppy to my room. We closed the door, and he followed me to my bed. Finally a night of not sleeping alone.
"You're gonna keep that robe on to sleep in?" He asked, getting undressed, staring at me, smirking.
"I don't want to, but apparently without this robe on, I look like a skank" I told him, which saddened my mood.
He took my hand, pulled me in towards him, untied my robe and took it off. Revealed was all my curves, from my 38 D Cup boobs to my hourglass hips and chunky thighs. He stood up.
"You look beautiful" he whispered in my ear, and his lips lead to my neck. I didn't understand how he was even able to see me in complete darkness, but the fact that he told me I look beautiful won me over already. I moved my hair to the right side, as his lips made contact with my body. His hands started to find my waist and I felt him moving my hips in backwards motion, backing it on him. At last, I felt his penis and it was harder than what I thought it was. I turned around and looked at him, confused on what he wanted and he looked at me. A spark fired in his eyes and he looked as if he was turning into an animal. He lead me to the bed, kissing me, rubbing his hands all over my body, until I bumped into my bed.
"Oops" I giggled and he laughed right along with me.
I got on the bed and he followed, coming on top, kissing me, trying to figure out what to do with his hands. His hands found the top of my shorts, and he started pulling them. He yanked them so hard it felt as if he was going to rip them. The shorts that showed my cheeks started to pass my thighs and fell right off. He stopped kissing me for a second to search his pocket for a Magnesium brand X-Large Condom. My shorts slipped right off and Bryce found the condom. Getting ready to remove my panties, I heard him giggle, again.
"What's so funny now?" I asked him confusingly.
"Cute Spongebob panties" he laughed out loud.
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