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Get your skincare, your happiness, your inner peace, and your me-time, together! A collection of life lessons that talk about real life -ish. From relationships and heartbreaks, to family issues and lack of self love, to cooking and traveling, adulthood is a lot to take in and process. However, adulthood is all about experiencing life: alone, with people, and through people. Every experience, and every memory comes with a lesson that is unforgettable, and sometimes, life changing. Talk a scroll through my world, and maybe, your lens on life will change, too.

Raine Beau
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Adulthood. I can't look at that word, say that word, or even think of that word without catching an attitude and sucking my teeth. Yes, I'm even rolling my eyes to the back of my head, if you was curious as to what I was doing while even conducting that sentence. What was I thinking? This. Was this what I wanted? Tuh. I wasn't prepared. Even though you're not legally considered an adult until you're 18, I became an "adult" pretty early on; more or less around the age of 15. I mean, yes I was still a "kid" in grown folks eyes, but I was dealing with real life Shit.

I'm not sure about y'all, but I come from a strict household and family. And everyone knows the myth of sneaky freaky girls with strict parents. I won't say I was freaky, because I'm an innocent child of God, but I definitely had sneaky links. That's what Gen X is calling it now. Sneaky links. And for those of you who have no idea what that is, it's simply the idea of meeting up with someone: a friend, a friends with benefits, significant other, side piece, or anyone really without people knowing about it. A sneaky meet up. I've had my share of those. And because of my strict family, and their rules and expectations, and most importantly, their judgement, I kept a lot of my life to myself, or confided in my friends, and one of my favorite aunts, not included in the immediate family clan.

A 15 year old girl experiencing heartbreak, betrayal, racism, sexism, anxiety and depression, family issues, hypocrisy, and self depreciating is not normal. It upsets me now thinking back, that I thought adulthood equaled freedom. Boy was I wrong. Sure, there's freedom in adulthood, but there's a lot more that comes with it too. Especially those issues I mentioned before.

Now, you might even say I'm crazy for thinking those issues aren't for teens, because every teen goes through this. The fucked up reality that this should be normal, IS NOT NORMAL. Not saying an adult should have a stressful, pessimistic life. But, adults can handle these issues better. They're more equipped because they have experienced a little more life, is scientifically more mature, and is built biology to take on more challenges. Even though I wanted to be grown so bad (and trust me, I take that back now), I've learned and grown so much from an early age, and early experiences. And I'm still learning, and I'm still growing.

Adulthood is a unique journey, a difficult journey, a scary journey, yet a fun and definitely unforgettable journey. Gen X loves to say: Y.O.L.O, which stands for: You Only Live Once. And after they yell, "Yolo!" Raising spider man fingers in the air, they would say: "Live life to the fullest". So, that's what you do. Adulthood is all about living your life to it's fullest intent. Situations and experiences will come, and some will be life changing. Here's my advice to you: Take it all in: the good and the bad. Process it, remove any excess, and level up.

If that last sentence confused you, keep reading; your lens will become clear.
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