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I was inspired to write this book after I watched the movie 'love, Kennedy'. Though it was nothing special but the positivity of that girl could be easily felt to the watchers also. It was very positive.So I decided to write a story like this. It is about a very innocent girl who gets abandoned by her own parents just due to the fact that she was blind by birth and could not speak.

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Chapter 1: Meet the Johnson's

Though the whole neighbourhood seemed to bequiet, but it was just a dream. Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson lived in a jointfamily along with their parents. They were almost 40 and didn’t have their ownchild even once. When they were 35, they had adopted some brilliant children of the orphanage. They had adopted 2 children from orphanage in the hope of having one child of their own. This was not a special evening, but was a normal one. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson woke up and started doing their daily routines as usual. They had one boy and one girl. Their names were Joseph and Caroline respectively. They were very lively and cute children. Not only were they good at studies but were even good sports players. They were both beautiful and handsome. They were even the most perfect children anyone would have ever met in their whole lives. They were not present in the house when Mr. & Mrs. Johnson woke up because they had already left for their high school. When Mrs. Johnson woke up, she felt very weird. She started to do her daily routines but was feeling suffocating. Then they sat for having their breakfast. That’s when Mrs. Johnson ran to the bathroom to puke. Then there was a sense of happiness that Mrs. Johnson was having. She unknowingly knew that she was pregnant. They rushed to the hospital and after having a body check-up, they went to the doctor’s room to have the result. By the smile of doctor’s face they could already sense the good news. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson were going to have their first baby in their 40′s. They spreaded the good news to everyone in the neighbourhood and gave them sweets too. Those 9 months when the baby was there inside the womb, everyone loved it. But god didn’t wanted it to be in this way. During the 9 months of pregnancy, Mrs. Johnson was treated like a queen. Finally now was the time for the baby to come out and explore the world which was outside. But who would have even thought that the baby won’t be able to see only. One morning Mrs. Johnson started to have a lot of pain as if the baby was going to burst her stomach and come out. Mr. Johnson quickly called for an ambulance. Mrs. Johnson was quickly taken to the emergency room for operation. It didn’t took much longer before the baby was out. When the neighbourhood heard no noise coming from the operation room, they started to panic. Mrs. Johnson was fainted during the process of baby coming out. So she didn’t remember any of the things which had happened. The doctors took the baby girl for having some check-ups. Then they called Mr. Johnson to meet their child and told them the fact that their child was borned blind and dumb from the birth itself. After hearing what the doctor had said, Mr. Johnson had got very angry and had also started to hate the child. When Mrs. Johnson woke up, she was shocked to see her husband in such a terrible mood. She asked him that why was he so angry, at that time the doctor came and told that their daughter could not see and speak because she hadn’t received enough nutrition to develop each and every cell of her body properly. Mrs. Johnson could not help herself and burst into tears. His husband started to blame her for giving birth to such a disabled child. He didn’t wanted that child and decided to leave her at the orphanage. But Mrs. Johnson didn’t agree because that was her first child. And thus she loved her more than her life. After a lot of pleas of her, Mr. Johnson finally agreed to take the child at home. But it was not so easy for him to accept the child. So, he even kept a condition. He said that if she wanted to take the child at home then she was the one who was responsible for taking care of the baby and that it should not affect the life of Mr. Johnson. He also made clear that the child could stay at home only until she was alive.

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